Source Says Julie Schenecker “Was Abusive, Paranoid, and Scary Long Before the Killings”

The is reporting that a close family source states, “Julie is not emotionally stable,” “she has been depressed for over 10 or 11 years. The fact that she snapped was not a sudden thing. Her recent behavior toward her children over the past months has been abusive, paranoid and scary.”

Why didn’t anyone do anything???

The source also said Julie had “become increasingly violent toward both kids,” “she took most of her anger and paranoia out on Calyx. She thought the girl was turning into a problem child, which was far from the truth. Julie was paranoid and, from what I noticed in the last few months — delusional.”


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3 Responses to Source Says Julie Schenecker “Was Abusive, Paranoid, and Scary Long Before the Killings”

  1. Ron says:

    Of course the only person to reply is a f’n jesus thumper. So because I’m an atheist and dont beleive in god I think its ok to kill someone? This is the logic that jesus thumpers subscribe to. Nice job representing your faith, Andre. Says a lot about religion. Thank you for another perfect example.

  2. Andre' says:

    Obviously you reject the Christ, so you wouldnt understand. You perhaps like to view humans as “stupid goyim” correct ? I am ON topic more than you know. If you are not Christian YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. So I am not talking to YOU. Instead of criticizing me, you tell me why nobody did anything.

  3. Andre' says:

    “Why didn’t anyone do anything???” Because humanity lacks Christ conscientiousness. In many ways it has been bred out of us, drummed out of us by socialisms of many colors from religion to government schooling, college to mass media, sports, horrible food to medicine. Christ awareness has been destroyed. Socialism is satanism of a different mask, to surrender your righteous free will to do good. So nobody gets “involved” and helps, like a fellow sheep watching another sheep go to slaughter. This is also the same mentality that life is expendable like abortion as a form of birth control, their is no sanctity of human life anymore. That’s why.

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