One Million Dollars Awared To Parents Accused of Incest: Did the Human Denial System Prevail?

In 1991, Charlotte Johnson accused her father, Charles Johnson, of raping her when she was a child. Two years later, Charlotte said her mother, Karen Johnson, facilitated the incest and physically abused Charlotte, but Charlotte did not remember the alleged abuse until she was an adult, and both parents deny their daughter’s accusations.

Due to the allegations, a lawsuit was filed by Charlotte’s parents, naming a hospital, a counseling service center, and two of their daughter’s therapists. Charlotte’s parents claimed that their daughter’s memory was false, and that her counselors and therapists had somehow implanted the memories into her mind.

Prior to the accusations, and before being treated by the defendants in the case, Charlotte Johnson had been suicidal and even contacted a Rape Crisis Center. She received five months of psychiatric care, experienced flashbacks, and says she remembered being abused by her mother so severely that she went “screaming under a desk.”

Charles and Karen Johnson claim that those who treated their daughter, long after these incidents, encouraged and promoted her “false” memories of incest and physical abuse, and that the therapists used “recovered memory therapy.”

Charlotte Johnson has not retracted her memories, she opposed the lawsuit, and continues to maintain that she was abused by her parents. She and her attorney also tried to stop the release of her medical records. The issue went to the state Supreme Court, and in 2005, her parents were granted limited access to the records.

Charlotte’s parents say her therapists and the staff at her treatment center committed professional negligence for “suggesting” and “encouraging implausible childhood memories.” Charlotte’s memories include her father raping her when she was three, that her mother had once tried to drown her and came after her with a knife, and that there was infanticide within the family.

Why do human beings feel these memories are so “implausible?” Infants and toddlers are raped, women come after their children with knives, women try to kill their children and some succeed, and recently we have heard of more than one case in the news about infanticide going on behind closed doors for years. Just because the Johnson case wasn’t a family who lived in a trailer, and the Johnsons were a middle class family, doesn’t make Charlotte’s memories untrue. Do people actually think that only parents with a low-income, who live in unconventional ways, are capable of having sex with their daughters and murdering or aborting the children that are a product of that incest?

Sadly, yes, many Americans believe that their nicely dressed, church-going neighbors, who have good jobs, aren’t capable of rape, abuse and incest. This denial system is a blanket of protection for every sexual perpetrator who is married and has an upscale home or high paying job. Charlotte’s father was a physician, and his wife was a psychiatric nurse. Repressed memory of incest is often found in people who came from well-respected, educated parents. There are many reasons for this, which I discuss in my book. (available soon online)

It took fourteen years, and two pleas to the state Supreme Court, to get the Johnson’s civil lawsuit to trial. After ten hours of deliberation, a jury has awarded Charlotte’s parents with one million dollars. The jury believed that the therapists somehow “implanted” memories of incest and psychological torture into their daughter’s mind —even though Charlotte does not agree with the lawsuit and has not retracted her memories.

The Johnsons had also been accused of being “Satanists” by their daughter. The rape, abuse, and satanic abuse memories have all been called “outrageous” by the parent’s attorney. Why? Because mainstream Americans do not believe that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists, or that “normal” looking people are capable of such things. This is exactly why Satanic Ritual Abuse continues to exist, and does so in the highest levels of society and government.

Neil Brick, founder and editor of SMART (Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse) is a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control. He has researched trauma and child abuse crimes for nearly two decades, and written many articles on trauma, dissociation, and child abuse. Neil Brick points out that it is erroneous to suggest that so many therapists are implanting memories of abuse into their patients, when it is usually something in the client’s current adult life that triggers the memories to begin to come forth. In fact, the majority of memories of child abuse that surface later in life, are recalled outside of the therapy setting, or predate the therapy. Most people who have remembered previously repressed child abuse, sought professional help when they already had numerous problems and several symptoms of having been abused.

Even Pamela Freyd, the executive director of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation agrees that “repressed memory therapy” is not taught to professional therapists. However, she is correct in saying that there are some therapists who do in fact use different methods of treating patients, and that one of those is hypnosis. But this fact does not equate with a wide-spread “epidemic” of false memories, or that the methods used in treating clients are inappropriate or unprofessional. Yes, there are some very unethical therapists out there who do suggest and encourage that a person was sexually or physically abused in childhood when they were not. But there is no evidence to suggest that there are a high number of these kind of cases. In addition, conventional therapy often does nothing to help people, can make them worse, and the drugs prescribed to patients can kill them (or cause the client to kill someone else).

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and the false memory movement, have created an atmosphere over the past decade that has caused many therapists, out of fear of being sued, to turn away clients who were traumatized as children, and who avoid any discussion of incest or child sexual abuse with patients who display symptoms of having amnesia for child abuse. The “false memory syndrome” proponents, the mainstream journalists who readily accept this unproven and unscientific “syndrome,” and many uninformed people in the general public, have successfully caused victims of trauma and abuse to disbelieve their own experiences, to ignore serious warning signs of having been abused, and to not be able to get proper treatment for their numerous symptoms and suffering.

A troubling part of this case though, is that Charlotte did not testify and that her therapy records were made available for her parents to see. Charlotte’s attorney was successful against a subpoena that would have required Charlotte to testify at the trial, so she obviously did not want to. I don’t want to judge Charlotte for that, and we don’t know the reason for her not wanting to testify, but it would have been good for her to have supported her therapists in court. She should have told her side of the story. It is very possible that she did not feel strong enough, and could not face the people who she says abused her. It’s possible that she did not feel emotionally ready to undertake such a difficult experience, but I wish she had been able to. I think her therapists deserved that support.

According to Professor Ross E. Cheit, of the Taubman Center for Public Policy & American Institutions, Charlotte’s case did not even involve hypnosis, but her parents were allowed to use the subject of hypnosis in their argument to gain access to Charlotte’s confidential medical records. Hollida Wakefield was the main expert in the case against Charlotte’s therapists. Even Wakefield said that Charlotte’s therapists did not actively attempt to get her to recover buried memories. Wakefield also said they did not use hypnosis, that there was “no digging for memories,” and there was no evidence that Charlotte’s therapists implanted any memories of abuse! *

Wakefield did blame the book, The Courage to Heal, by Bass and Davis. She said the book was one of the factors in Charlotte’s memory. However, Wakefield admitted under oath, that no evidence existed that The Courage to Heal was even involved in Charlotte’s therapy or that her treatment providers had ever asked her to read the book. Apparently, Charlotte owned the book, and by her own will, she recommended to her mother that she should read it.

Charlotte’s parents felt that the therapists were negligent because they did not discourage Charlotte from believing her own memory –even the memories that did not involve a Satanic cult or infanticide. The parents also say that Charlotte’s therapists should have investigated Charlotte’s allegations. If therapists becoming private investigators is to be supported, then every case of rape, child abuse, or incest that is ever spoken of in a therapy session, should be investigated by the therapist. This is saying that every person who claims they were abused by their parent, or anyone else  for that matter, whether they have always remembered it or not, should have their claims corroborated by some outside source before the person is ever treated by the professional. People sometimes lie and make up stories of always-remembered child abuse or rape. So if delayed memories of incest or child sexual abuse are to be questioned and investigated by therapists, then all allegations of child abuse or even adult rape should be investigated by the therapist. This, of course, is ridiculous.

It is not the duty of a therapist or treatment facility to go around poking into the lives of their client’s family –as if the truth would ever be spoken anyway! The last people who are ever going to corroborate memories of child abuse, are the very people who may have abused the child, or the family members, who usually deny any abuse ever happened –even if it did happen right under their own nose.

The fact that Charlotte’s therapy records were made available to the plaintiffs in the case is outrageous. Is nothing sacred? The most intimate and shame-filled details of a person’s life and thoughts can be in those treatment notes. But this is just another reason for Charlotte to have testified. If my therapy notes were made public, I certainly would want to openly defend and explain them. Therapy notes and logs can be taken completely out of context and misunderstood by anyone who is not the client or the therapist.

If this verdict stands, it is unclear how therapists can provide treatment to someone with memories of childhood sexual abuse without fear of an intrusive and inappropriate third-party lawsuit. That is why Mertz and Bowman argued, in an important 1996 Harvard Law Review article, that such lawsuits should not be allowed. It is also why Justice Ann Walsh Bradely, in a dissenting opinion at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, concluded that the Johnson case represents an unwarranted expansion to modalities of therapeutic treatment far beyond issues of recovered-memory therapy, and that it ”undermines the confidentiality that is essential to the patient-therapist relationship.” ~Ross Cheit

I have no way of knowing if Charlotte’s memories are true or not, but neither did the jury. It seems the human denial system has prevailed in this case. When no evidence shows that the therapists were suggesting, encouraging, or implanting memories of incest, and the fact that Charlotte’s memory predated treatment, means that the denial system of the jury most likely won this case for the plaintiffs. It is easier to believe that several therapists, and a professional treatment center, implanted or facilitated false memories of incest, child murder, and Satanic Ritual Abuse, than to believe these things happened in a middle-class “normal looking” family.

Former Miss America, Marilyn Van Derbur remembered as an adult that her father sexually abused her, including rape, from ages 5-18, and one of her sisters had always remembered being sexually abused by him. Marilyn’s father was a well-respected, well-to-do man. He was also a 33rd degree Freemason.

**Wakefield was married to Ralph Underwager when he stated in an interview with Paidika, a European pro-pedophile publication: “Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. . . . Paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness they can say, “I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.”


The Recovered Memory Project

Miss America by Day

Betrayal Trauma

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19 Responses to One Million Dollars Awared To Parents Accused of Incest: Did the Human Denial System Prevail?

  1. It has been stated that some false memory proponents harass ideological opponents and manipulate the media so that only their point of view is in the public view.

    Salter, A. (June 1998) Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Learned Ethics & Behavior 8(2) p.115 – 124 DOI: 10.1207/s15327019eb0802_2 Abstract – In 1988 I began a report on the accuracy of expert testimony in child sexual abuse cases utilizing Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield as a case study (Wakefield & Underwager, 1988). In response, Underwager and Wakefield began a campaign of harassment and intimidation, which included multiple lawsuits; an ethics charge; phony (and secretly taped) phone calls; and ad hominem attacks, including one that I was laundering federal grant monies. The harassment and intimidation failed as the author refused demands to retract. In addition, the lawsuits and ethics charges were dismissed. Lessons learned from the experience are discussed.

    Calof, D.L. (1998). Notes from a practice under siege: Harassment, defamation, and intimidation in the name of science Ethics and Behavior, 8(2) p. 161-187. “For over three years, however, a group of proponents of the false memory syndrome (FMS) hypothesis, including members, officials, and supporters of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Inc., have waged a multi-modal campaign of harassment and defamation directed against me, my clinical clients, my staff, my family, and others connected to me. I have neither treated these harassers or their families, nor had any professional or personal dealings with any of them; I am not related in any way to the disclosures of memories of sexual abuse in these families. Nonetheless, this group disrupts my professional and personal life and threatens to drive me out of business. In this article, I describe practicing psychotherapy under a state of siege and places the campaign against me in the context of a much broader effort in the FMS movement to denigrate, defame, and harass clinicians, lecturers, writers, and researchers identified with the abuse and trauma treatment communities.

    Hoult, J. (June 1998) The Politics of Discrediting Child Abuse Survivors Ethics & Behavior, 8(2), p. 125 – 140 “As a victim of child abuse who proved my claims in a landmark civil suit, there have been many attempts to silence and discredit me. This article provides an overview of my court case and its effects….I believe that published documents demonstrate how some members and supporters of false memory groups publish false statements that defame and intimidate victims of proven violence and their supporters. Such altered accounts are used to discredit others in court and in the press.”

    Stanton, M. (July/August 1997) U-Turn on Memory Lane Columbia Journalism Review “Rarely has such a strange and little-understood organization had such a profound effect on media coverage of such a controversial matter. The foundation is an aggressive, well-financed p.r. machine adept at manipulating the press, harassing its critics, and mobilizing a diverse army of psychiatrists, outspoken academics, expert defense witnesses, litigious lawyers, Freud bashers, critics of psychotherapy, and devastated parents. With a budget of $750,000 a year from members and outside supporters, the foundation’s reach far exceeds its actual membership of about 3,000.” “As controversial memory cases arose around the country, FMSF boosters contacted journalists to pitch the false-memory argument, more and more reporters picked up on the issue, and the foundation became an overnight media darling. The story line that had dominated the press since the 1980s — an underreported toll of sexual abuse, including sympathetic stories of adult survivors resurrecting long-lost memories of it — was quickly turned around. The focus shifted to new tearful victims — respectable, elderly parents who could no longer see their children and grandchildren because of bad therapists who implanted memories.”

    Packard, N. (April, 2004) Battle Tactics of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation New School for Social Research, N.Y. History Matters Conference “Kondora’s and Beckett’s studies indicate that the Foundation has been successful in many of its efforts to manage public perception of child abuse victims, therapists and the people accused of child abuse. Kondora and Beckett show that not only has public perception of victimized children become skeptical, but in fact, the press often goes beyond the Victorian custom of neutrality on all fronts of the issue, to out-right sympathy for accused molesters.”

  2. Memory disturbances and dissociative amnesia in Holocaust survivors

    The following articles provide compelling scientific evidence in support of the phenomena of dissociation and recovered memory in Holocaust survivors. In addition to supporting the phenomenon in general, these articles also counter the argument that recovered memory is (a) no more than a recent cultural “fad” and (b) specific to false accusers of sexual abuse.

    DeWind, E. (1968). The confrontation with death. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 49, 302-305. Excerpt: “Most former inmates of Nazi concentration camps could not remember anything of the first days of imprisonment because perception of reality was so overwhelming that it would lead to a mental chaos which implies a certain death.”….

    Yehuda, R., Schmeidler, J., Siever, L. J., Binder-Brynes, K., & Elkin, A. (1997). Individual differences in posttraumatic stress disorder symptom profiles in Holocaust survivors in concentration camps or in hiding. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 10, 453-465.
    46% of 100 survivors report amnesia on PTSD measures…..

    Jaffe, R. (1968). Dissociative phenomena in former concentration camp inmates. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 49(2), 310-312. Case descriptions include amnesia for traumatic events and subsequent twilight states in which events would be relived without conscious awareness. Excerpt: “The dissociative phenomena described here turn out not to be rare, once one is on the look out for them.”

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you for posting these websites. I had meant to do this for some time now in this thread but couldn’t find the time. I have some of these websites on my main Blog page but you added some that I do not have. Thank you.

  3. Pooh Bear says:

    There is noting wrong with therapists treating people who indeed do have memories of childhood abuse. The problem comes in when you have therapists who are practicing RMT or using other suggestive hypnotic techniques to help their patients. These therapists should be found guilty of murder because they took someone’s life from them and they took someone’s daughter from them. It is a tragedy how many of these cases sprung up out of nowhere because all these therapists had to jump on the band wagon and be up on the latest therapy. They ruined so many lives it is unbelievable. It reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials.

    It doesn’t matter if some of these people suffered symptoms before they went for treatment. The problems could be caused from many things. It could be a mental problem, problems from medication, a hormonal problem, schizophrenia, or even problems from demons.

    • Alethea says:

      “Pooh Bear,” or should we call you “Ms. Understood?”


      You sound pretty angry here. Murder? really? Actually, the Salem Witch Hunt was a bunch of authority figure men who accused young women of being witches. The Salem With Hunt was more like the current-day FMS crowd accusing young women of being hysterical with “false memories.”

      “It doesn’t matter if some of these people suffered symptoms before they went for treatment. The problems could be caused from many things. It could be a mental problem, problems from medication, a hormonal problem, schizophrenia, or even problems from demons.”

      Yes, a mental problem, and where exactly do they get their mental problem from in the first place –if not from the very incest or child sexual abuse they have remembered? Show me one study or any research that shows that medication has caused a person to think they are a victim of child sexual abuse when they were not.

      Hormones? Hormones and chemistry in the brain can be altered by abuse. And the vast majority of people who have recalled child abuse in adulthood don’t display symptoms of schizophrenia. Problems from demons? LOL!

      • Pooh Bear says:

        I didn’t mean that that medication could cause someone to say that they were sexually abused. I was referring to the health problems they experience in general before they make the statement that they were sexually abused. The health problems could be caused by other things than abuse is what I was saying. The majority of the people who underwent RMT suffered from health problems before they came up with their memories of abuse. This is why they sought treatment to begin with. There are also people who delve into the occult and this can cause mental and physical health problems. Look at Jeffrey Daumer. He ate people.

        The only problem I have is with people who claim they retrieved memories during RMT because too many experts have stated that this is very unlikely.

        Of course I am be angry about situations such as these. There are so many people who have gotten away with destroying people’s lives. It is an outrage. I am angry on behalf of all the people who lost loved ones to bad therapy and to the victims whose lives will never be the same. The epidemic that went on was very much like the Salem Witch trials. Many people were falsely accused based on the testimony of a handful of disturbed young women and and one middle aged woman. It was am atrocity what went on. People were murdered and families were left without loved ones.

        The Salem Witch trials WERE NOT about a bunch of authority figure men who accused young women of being witches.This is an historically inaccurate statement. The YOUNG WOMEN were the ones who were doing the accusing! The accused and murdered involved young women, old women, one four year old girl, young men and old men. The Salem Witch Trials were all about land and human greed. If you don’t believe me then here is a list of the men who were murdered and accused falsely.


        George Burroughs
        John Proctor
        John Willard
        George Jacobs, Sr.
        Wilmott Reed,
        Samuel Wardwell

        Pressed to DEath: Giles Corey- an old man.


        Nehemiah Abbot
        Nehemiah Abbot, Jr.
        John Alden
        Daniel Andrew
        William Barker, Sr.
        William Barker, Jr.
        Edward Bishop, Jr.
        George Burroughs
        Richard Carrier
        Thomas Carrier, Jr.
        Giles Corey
        Joseph Draper
        Philip English
        Thomas Farrer, Sr.
        Edward Farrington
        John Flood
        John Howard
        William Hobbs
        Francis Hutchens
        John Jackson, Sr.
        John Jackson, Jr.
        George Jacobs, Sr
        George Jacobs, Jr.
        Stephen Johnson
        John Lee
        Benjamin Proctor
        John Proctor
        William Proctor
        Wilmot Reed
        Henry Salter
        John Sawdy
        Job Tookey
        Roger Toothacker
        Samuel Wardwell
        John Willard
        There is a very good documentary on the Salem Witch Trials in Netflix.

        Why do you think people are “angry” who do not agree with RMT?

        • Alethea says:

          “I didn’t mean that that medication could cause someone to say that they were sexually abused. I was referring to the health problems they experience in general before they make the statement that they were sexually abused.”

          B.S. You said the medication can cause it.

          My point about the Salem witch trials was that, in the beginning, it was young women displaying symptoms of something being wrong with them, and those who were in charge of the punishments were Puritan MEN in positions of authority.

          If you want to put a therapist on trial for murder, then your anger is an over-reaction. Was someone in your family accused of abuse? Someone you know? Or were you? I don’t know your motive to be posting on my Blog “pooh Bear” or “Ms. Understood” whatever you want to call yourself, but if you, as “Pooh Bear” continue down the same path as “Ms. Understood” in your comments, you will be cut off. This Blog is not a place for pro-FMS rantings. There are plenty of other Blogs and forums for you to express yourself in, and to “help” others in. You are not helping anyone here.

        • Alethea says:

          “It doesn’t matter if some of these people suffered symptoms before they went for treatment. The problems could be caused from many things. It could be a mental problem, problems from medication, a hormonal problem, schizophrenia, or even problems from demons.”

          The way in which you worded this made it read as though you were saying that all of these things can cause a person to falsely remember child sexual abuse. If you meant that their previous symptoms might have been caused by these things, then I am sorry I misunderstood your thought.

          I won’t be approving anymore of your comments, your last one (unapproved) was too much like Ms. Understood. Don’t waste your time here anymore.

          • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

            I mean this nicely…

            And Alethea gets a blocking/banning backbone urge. Yeah!!!

            • Alethea says:

              Hey Serieve. I’m glad I made you happy.

              I know you weren’t being derogatory towards me, but it wasn’t a lack of courage or strength that stopped me from banning/blocking before; it was a matter of not wanting to silence people because I was silenced most of my life so I don’t like to do it to others. I just finally realized that Ms. Understood, or Pooh Bear, or both, were never going to listen with anything other than their agenda and anger, as well as their bitterness towards me. I also realized how damaging the pro-FMS rhetoric is to some survivors of abuse. It was all just too much.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Darrell,

    So sorry about your childhood. You really seem to have learned from your parents what NOT to do and became a Great father despite their terrible example.

    “If the young lady remembered being molested with out therapy or a shrink then I would say she was. But if someone took her and made her believe she was when she wasn’t then it’s on them not her.”

    This statement makes so much sense. There is such a difference between a victim coming to terms with what happened to them and finally being able to verbalize it ON THEIR OWN, as opposed to some poor soul who is the victim of some misguided therapist who brain washes them into believing there parents were part of a Satanic cult and were molested. Sadly,many of these therapist probably had good intentions and did not necessarily mean to put suggestions into their clients minds. They were just poorly trained and uninformed during the time period in history in which the majority of these cases took place- late 80’s to early 90’s. However, those who continue to practice doing this, despite the evidence, are really going to be held accountable in the end.

    You make a lot of good very sensible points.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear “Annonymous”

      “There is such a difference between a victim coming to terms with what happened to them and finally being able to verbalize it ON THEIR OWN, as opposed to some poor soul who is the victim of some misguided therapist who brain washes them…”

      In most cases of repression/dissociation for extreme abuse and trauma, when the person remembers what happened to them, it is in fact that the person has finally come to terms with what happened to them, and finally being able to verbalize it ON THEIR OWN. This is the process of remembering.

      yes, some unethical therapists have suggested, coerced, or outright told a client they were a victim of abuse when they were not. Some have done this to true victims and caused a serious problem for the victim of abuse, a problem where the victim may never know the truth because they will always wonder if they were abused (which they were), or if the therapist “implanted” something.

      As far as Satanic Ritual Abuse, to a small child, infanticide can seem as though there is some kind of bloody sacrifice going on, especially if it is an abortion. This can be remembered by the adult mind as “Stanic Ritual Abuse” or, there could have been some kind of SRA. Contrary to the opinion and ignorance of most Americasns, SRA exists.

  5. Darrell Williams says:

    Personally I think anyone who wants to remember will remember being sexually abused as a child. It is not trendy either. I remember a case in California where the theropist used dolls to convince all the children they had been abused by all the day care workers. Turns out when the defence got access to the taped interviews of the children with the theropist it was a crock of crap. They would badger the children for hours untill the child said something untrue to get some rest. The people of the day care center who had been locked up for over a year never recovered, They were never able to get anyone to trust them with a child again when they had done nothing to the children. This along with a rash of other lies put the so called trendy crap to rest. People your responsiable for your childs life 24/7 just because they are in school during part of the day does not give you a mini vacation. Talking about the birds and the bee’s to your children all through their lifes untill they are adults is very important. Some parents never talk to their children so they don’t know it’s not all rightfor joe smith next door to have them take their cloths off etc. Children must be taught from an early age what is and is not ok. It is your responsiablility as a parent to also teach your children how to and who to report bad things to you as soon as it happens and it isn’t the schools fault if you allow your child to do as they wish at home and then raise cane with the school when the child doesn’t behave in school.

    How many people read the articals like this from and actually make commet on how they feel about child abuse?

    • Alethea says:

      Hello Darrell,

      “Personally I think anyone who wants to remember will remember being sexually abused as a child.”

      I don’t know what you mean by this, but many people who have always remembered being sexually abused as a child don’t want to remember it, and most of those who dissociated from child sexual abuse, and recalled it in adulthood didn’t consciously “want” to remember it. They blocked it out as a child because they didn’t want to feel it as a reality, didn’t want to deal with the shame and betrayal, had to do so in order to maintain a bond or relationship with those who abused them, and in many cases –in order to keep the secret in the most powerful way. We can’t tell what we don’t remember. Those who were threatened with death, like myself, found repression very useful. It kept us alive.

      I didn’t “want” to remember anything. I was forced to remember by getting so sick. My subconscious mind made my body literally sick so that my conscious mind would be forced to face it. My body held every emotion, fear, and all the trauma that my conscious mind was not strong enough to deal with. But my physical and mental suffering forced me to deal with it. Contrary to the opinion of ignorance like Ms. Understood, THAT is how the subconscious and repression/dissociation works.

      If you are speaking of McMartin, those tapes are not indicative of the children NOT being abused. They might have been re-abused by the therapist, but there is an abundance of evidence that many of those kids were in fact sexually abused.

      There have been other day care cases where real abuse took place, so let’s not start down the road of day care facilities all being ‘innocent victims of mass hysteria.’

      People can teach their kids all they want, but time and again, the child will ignore everything the parent tells them about abuse and will even deny it to the parent’s face when they ask the child if anyone is abusing them.

      “How many people read the articals like this from and actually make commet on how they feel about child abuse?”

      Not many, but that does not mean they don’t have an opinion. This Blog gets anywhere from 400-800 hits a day, sometimes more. Most people read articles and choose not to comment.

      • Ms. Understood says:

        Or else they choose to comment and have their comments removed because they contradict Alethea’s opinions.

        • Alethea says:


          I haven’t approved your last two comments because I have not had time to read them in full, I am busy working on other things. I allow all comments, but only after reading them. I do not allow long religious comments though.

          As you recall, I posted your nasty and ridiculous comment on my main Blog page, and your other comments have been approved and posted as well. So, given this fact, your accusation of censorship is silly. But I caught a glimpse of your two messages waiting for approval. Based on all of your comments so far, I think that there is something wrong with you and that you are mentally unbalanced. I have compassion for you because you will never see that in yourself and will never find balance and peace in your life.

          I’ll approve your messages when I get the chance.

  6. Darrell Williams says:

    Lie detector test are pretty accrate in most cases and the law may say they don’t use them against anyone but they do. On all the cheap talk shows like Jerry Springer and others I’ve seen while flipping through the channels they use lie detector test and dna test all the time. So give the girl, doctors, theropy, parents lie detector test.

  7. Darrell Williams says:

    First of all it is the well dressed church going community minded person who usually is the abuser. They tend to head, assist,helpout, and etc. Where they can be in contact with the children. Fact is no one can tell who is a child abuser unless they admit it or have been caught at it. Rich , Middle Class, poor.

    I will use myself as an example. I can remember being 2 years of age. I can remember never being sexually abused. But I was verbally abused and beaten as well as my mom was by my dad. My mom and dad didn’t sexually abuse me because. 1. They knew better, 2. They had never been sexually abused, 3. They had been sexually abused but knew it was wrong and they were not going to do it to their children. They never spoke much at all about their childhood I know my dad could not read or write and my mom only had an 8th grade education. I also remember having some mental problems too which could have been worked out without my being placed in a mental facility. I wasn’t violent verbally abuseive or anything but the state I lived in had a 75.00 reward they gave shrinks for refereing people to the looney bend. So off I went for a week. My first evaluation ended with the facility doctor telling me I didn’t belong in a mental hospital. That was the first day during my first hour being detained and it took 4 more days and a review board of 10 doctors to release me. The shrink that put me there retired before I went back for another visit. So I am saying that just because someone has Phd after their name does not mean they are fit for the profession Doctors call their business a practice anyway. They practace at being correct 100 % of the time and If the young lady remembered being molested with out theropy or a shrink then I would say she was. But if someone took her and made her believe she was when she wasn’t then it’s on them not her. Money Money Money drives the criminal justice system, greed and politics among other things drive D.A. and judges. Prehaps the da or judge is a molester no one can tell. Thats why I say look up responsiable parents and beware. It could be a boy scout leader or member. It could be a teacher, policeman, preacher, church lady, banker. Guard your children well just because they have to just walk next door don’t assume they made it you watch and make sure. WE MUST KEEP TRACK OF OUR CHILDREN 24/7. If you don’t your child may be counted as one of the more than 200,000 children that go missing every year and another 50,000 abducted by a parent each year. Wake up it’s happing NOW, HERE, EVERYWHERE. I live in a small town with a population of less than 1000 well 100 of them are regestered sex offenders. This young woman who was abducted some 22 years ago from her mom by another woman and raised the girl as her own is an example of the failure of the justice system. The FBI and child services knew 6 years ago that the girlhad been stolen but never did anything about it. The rest is on the news makes me sick the whole lot of lax goverment agencys, law, law enforcement etc. Why is it that way? I have a possiable answer. The good old boy system. Oh we can’t put this child protection thing in to law it will hurt my buddy joe and he’s a member of the lodge, congress, police department you name it. My dad would beat me and my mom bloody and the two times over a 12 year period the law did get involved they took dad outside and they stood around telling jokes and laughing. I’m 58 years old time has done little to change abuse laws. I’m not sorry but in my mind I don’t care who it is that abused a child a childs life and their lives untill adulthood should be paraimount in the minds of ever responsiable person and in the eyes of the law. Children are not personal property a parent or anyone else can not do as they wish with a child. Children are human beings they deserve the right to grow up to be an adult with out having their lives or innocents taken away. If you ask me are things going to change ? I say no because there are not that many people who actually pay attention to the news, communitys etc untill it happens to their child. It is going to takea million person march on washington DC with reform written and ready to sign. Then we might get a jesture. My boys were in t5he scouts I was there with them. My boys wanted to walk to a friends house I walked with them. My boys ask me questions and I answered them. Thats how serious we must be. I even went as far as to have background checks done on all my son’s teachers, principal, anyone who came in contact with them on a regular basis and I never allowed them to go anywhere with anyone I didn’t know like a brother. MY son’s grew up to be men real men they didn’t run out and get little girls pregnet, they didn’t become criminals, and they sure as hell don’t abuse children.

    Sorry for my intrusion
    but I had to try and make a point.

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