Memory Disturbances and Dissociative Amnesia in Holocaust Survivors

Thank you to the anonymous source who sent me this information:

Memory Disturbances and Dissociative Amnesia in Holocaust Survivors

“The following articles provide compelling scientific evidence in support of the phenomena of dissociation and recovered memory in Holocaust survivors. In addition to supporting the phenomenon in general, these articles also counter the argument that recovered memory is (a) no more than a recent cultural “fad” and (b) specific to false accusers of sexual abuse.

DeWind, E. (1968). The confrontation with death. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 49, 302-305. Excerpt: “Most former inmates of Nazi concentration camps could not remember anything of the first days of imprisonment because perception of reality was so overwhelming that it would lead to a mental chaos which implies a certain death.”….

Yehuda, R., Schmeidler, J., Siever, L. J., Binder-Brynes, K., & Elkin, A. (1997). Individual differences in posttraumatic stress disorder symptom profiles in Holocaust survivors in concentration camps or in hiding. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 10, 453-465.
46% of 100 survivors report amnesia on PTSD measures…..

Jaffe, R. (1968). Dissociative phenomena in former concentration camp inmates. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 49(2), 310-312. Case descriptions include amnesia for traumatic events and subsequent twilight states in which events would be relived without conscious awareness. Excerpt: “The dissociative phenomena described here turn out not to be rare, once one is on the look out for them.”

I have some other research in my forthcoming book, in which the experience of Holocaust survivors substantiates repression/dissociation in cases of child sexual abuse.

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  1. talkingbook says:

    Just thank you, because I also am tired of it when people think they can dismiss other people’s serious problems.

  2. I’m not old enough to have been witness to this tragic course of history the Jewish people suffered so much for so long. All I can do is watch old ww2 footage and watch first hand what happened in Germany, Poland, Russa and other countrys to the jewish people. All I know is what is on filmand what I have read and that is enough.

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