Two Sisters, Brutally Raped By Their Brothers and Father: Why They Will Always Remember, and Why Some Victims Don’t

Oprah recently ran the story of Kellie and Kathie Henderson, two twin girls, whose two brothers and father, molested and raped them. One of the reasons that I wanted to write this article is because this case could have involved repression/dissociation by the victims. However, there are factors that will prevent that. I think it’s important for people to understand why these girls will remember and some victims do not.

This will be discussed later in the article…

The molestations began with one brother, Andrew, when the girls were age three or four. Andrew was four years older than his sisters. Andrew began to rape them when they reached the fifth grade.The rapes, sodomy, oral sex, physical abuse, and mental torture of the twin girls took place in what was described as a ‘two-story house in a nice neighborhood.’ The abuse did not stop until the girls reached age thirteen.

Kellie and Kathie are now nineteen and are telling their story in order to help other victims. Every time a survivor of sexual abuse tells their story, it opens a door for other survivors and victims to speak.

The twins told how they were forced to have sex with Andrew. The girls were often dragged down stairs to the basement for the rapes. The violent sexual assaults often took place before school, and it happened almost every day –sometimes, three or four times a day.

Kathie says, “It was very disturbing to get raped before school because you feel just disgusting. … Andrew was just this big, strong, angry person.” “He wasn’t a brother at all. He was a monster.”

Following the morning rapes, the twins would go to school, enabling a brief escape, but the attacks always resumed when the girls returned home.

Andrew had initiated the rapes, but, one day, while Andrew was raping Kellie in the basement of the family home, Matthew walked in. Kellie said, “His first instinct was to get [Andrew] off of me, but soon after, he started doing the same thing.”

Matthew began to rape Kellie and Kathie, even in the middle of the night. Both brothers took turns raping their sisters. The rapes were so frequent that the sisters sometimes begged their brothers to rape the other sister instead.  Sometimes one sister had to watch the door so the brother could rape the other sister without interruption. Sometimes, one of the girls would be raped in front of the other, with the sisters having to look into each other’s eyes.

The girls told their mother, and kept trying to tell her for years. Their mother, Lisa, says she didn’t believe them –even though she once walked in on her son raping one of the girls. What did mother Lisa do? She turned around and walked out of the room. She believed it, she just didn’t want to believe it.

Finally, after many attempts to get help from their mother, Lisa finally decided to “believe” her daughters and she called a family meeting, which included the girl’s 40 year-old father, Brad. Their father did nothing except tell the boys to stop doing it, and he hit them in their groin area. Immediately following the meeting, Brad separately asked the twin girls to his bedroom and told them to show him what their brothers had done to them. This was when their father began to rape them.

Eventually, the father walked out on the family, and after a suspicious relative created a series of events where the girls confided in their trusted neighbors, the girl’s father and brothers were arrested.

The girl’s mother, who still lives in the home where the abuse took place, said she was sick and horrified when her sons and husband were caught. She certainly did not feel sick and horrified when her daughters told her about the rapes, or when she walked in on them.

Andrew was convicted of rape and sodomy, and is eligible for parole in 2028. Matthew was convicted on “aggravated indecent liberties” and is serving a six year sentence. Matthew did not sodomize the girls, or beat them “as much” as Andrew did so he is eligible for parole in 2012. I guess rape “isn’t as bad” as sodomy and severe beatings.

The father was convicted on three counts of rape and one count of aggravated sodomy. He is eligible for parole in 2028.

The mother was convicted on three counts of endangering a child. She spent nine days in jail.

One of the first things that struck me was the producers of the Oprah Show ran home movies of the girls at an age in which the sexual abuse was taking place. The girls were smiling, playing, and looked very happy. The proponents of “False Memory Syndrome” often use the argument that the adult accuser could not have been sexually abused because family photos show a smiling and happy child. Family photos have been allowed as “evidence” for the accused abuser in repressed memory cases.

But what I really wanted to point out in this article is the reason why these girls will always remember most of their experiences –and why victims in repressed memory cases, who had the same type of experiences, do not.

The main factors that will stop the Henderson twins from repressing/dissociating from the rapes and trauma are as follows:

  • They were rescued. The abuse stopped, but not because they grew too old and moved out of the house, but because someone stopped it and got them out. There are also court records, newspapers, family members, and the neighbors who rescued them to constantly validate the girl’s experiences. The girls have been able to talk about what happened and how it made them feel. They have been able to express their anger and confusion. They have been able to cry and mourn their loss of childhood, and feel their pain. People who repress/dissociate, are not able to do this until the day they remember the child sexual abuse. Until that day, people who repress their trauma often experience things like, unexplained negative emotions, problems with relationships, sexual confusion, panic or anxiety disorders, eating disorders, fears,  physical symptoms, a severe reaction to small stresses, anger issues, frequent crying, etc. but will not connect it to abuse because they are still blocking the sexual abuse for “X” reasons.
  • What normally happens in repression cases is that the mother (or other authority figures), ignore the abuse, tell the child that the sexual abuse is their imagination, or that they must keep the secret. These girls had a mother who ignored the abuse and pretended nothing was happening, but there were many other people who did not do that to these girls. The silence and the continued denial system among family members that a person lives with are what contribute greatly to repression and dissociation. These girls got out of there at age thirteen and were nurtured by loving people who validated that the rapes happened. They did not have to continue denying the abuse, or carry the secret into adulthood.
  • These girls had each other to validate their experiences. Their mother was telling them in one way or another that the abuse wasn’t happening, but no one could convince the girls that the rapes weren’t taking place because each girl had the other sister to corroborate the rapes. The twins might not have been able to grieve with each other at the time of the rapes, but they were able to as soon as the rapes stopped. Most of those who have Dissociative Amnesia for having been sexually abused, had no one to share with and were never allowed to grieve, that is, until the day they remember the sexual abuse.
  • The other major factor here is that these girls did not have to continue to maintain a bond with their rapists or the mother. They were not forced to retain a relationship with the abusers after the abuse stopped. Most of the victims in repressed memory cases had to continue to live with their abusers, torturers, and rapists (and those who protected their perpetrators), until they reached eighteen or older. They had to live in the same home and retain a self-survival bond with those who could offer them food, clothing, and a roof over their head. When the perpetrator and his wife are the very people who also offer the child some kind of affection and “love” (as pitiful as that love can be), the child accepts it, and is willing to force any unwanted and non-useful experiences deep into their unconscious in order to live with the abusers. This continues until the child is old enough to marry or move out on their own. By then, the repression/dissociation has embedded itself. Sometimes the abuser dies, but the same denial system can be retained in the home by the surviving family members. They continue to keep and demand the secret remain hidden, they continue to act as if nothing happened, or they might even spend a lot of time making the dead perpetrator out to be an upstanding citizen who ‘loved his family every much.’ The child says to her or himself, “No one talks about it, no one acknowledges the incest, everyone acts as though he was a good man and that nothing happened. “Maybe it didn’t happen at all.” The denial system of the victim is reinforced by the family members.
  • Another important note here is that these girls also did not mention any enjoyment in the sexual acts with their brothers or their father. These girls seemed more brutalized, forced, and just plain tired of being raped every day. They said they hated it and Kathie sometimes felt that dying “would be a relief.” The twins seemed to be much more tortured than anything. Shame and guilt about having felt pleasure with one’s abuser is strongly associated with repression and dissociation, especially when combined with other aspects, like not being rescued, denial and terror.
Twins Kellie and Kathie Henderson

These girls were broken as a children. You can see it in their eyes and in their words. They need time to mourn, to find their power, and to transform their trauma. Because, like an admitted child sexual abuser once said, “I killed who she could have been”…. “Basically I murdered a person.” He wisely stated that his victim getting her life on track, and going to school etc. did not take away from what he did to her. People think that it’s so easy to just go to school, get a good job, get married, have a family, play a musical instrument, ride a horse, go on a nice vacation and ‘you will be all better.’ Healing from trauma doesn’t work that way.

Oprah commented in the program that,  “This is a horrific story,” when she should have said, “this is a common story.” Because it is rare that these cases are made so public, but they happen all the time, and are happening right now in America’s ‘nice neighborhoods.’ Some of the children will be rescued. Most will not be. Some will want to talk about it. Most will not want to talk about it, or their experience will be so overwhelming and unbearable, that they will deal with it by repressing/dissociating from the entire thing –or like me, from their entire childhood. They will push all their trauma, pain, and shame, into the deepest –most secluded part of their unconscious mind. Some will remember one day, many more will not.


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To view photos of the girls, as well as their brother Andrew in prison: Click Here

Letter written to a reporter by Andrew from prison: Click Here


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23 Responses to Two Sisters, Brutally Raped By Their Brothers and Father: Why They Will Always Remember, and Why Some Victims Don’t

  1. SOS says:

    I always wonder why people who can have children treat them so brutally. And to think from the outside this would be a normal looking family.

  2. Unknown says:

    Its good to know that some good people rescued them.But when i got raped by my brother also,none was beside me to rescue me.and my mother did the same thing.she said that it was my fault.when im 18.i fought for myself and one day i said “no,i can’t do it anymore.” then he tortured me many times. My mother did nothing.after my marriage,i told my husband everything.He helped me to get out of all these. . . So i know how painful this is. 😥

  3. idrinkblueblood says:

    I cannot fathom how a brother could rape his sister(s) just like that.
    Their father was clearly a pervert; a man with no moral values at all.

    It’s a pity that there are many out there, getting molested, raped and what not, but still they do not have the courage to reach out and speak out.
    Quite a well written article with true and general content.

  4. nancykern says:

    I’d like to know more about the neighbors who helped them; I’d like to know the story of how that went; what they said, what they did. I’d like to know more about how to help.

    I was helped by the woman who cleaned our house. Early one morning when I was 9, she found me in my bedroom curled in a ball, trying to press myself into the corner of the room and fly away, after a horrific night of sadistic abuse and sodomy. No one in my family checked on me or wondered why I didn’t come downstairs to go to school that morning.
    She held me all day long. She did not do any housework that day. She did not know what had happened to me, and I did not have words to tell her. But she held me, rocked me and told me God loved me, and that my Daddy was wrong when he told me God didn’t love me.
    I remember the sensation of coming back into my body. I believe without her being there for me, I would have split from my body and never come back. I believe I would have developed schizophrenia without her helping me stabilize and consolidate my mind with my body. It was 30 years before I started therapy….

    • Alethea says:

      You are right on Nancy. I think you would be mess today had you not had that love from the housekeeper. But isn’t there a part of you that is angry that she didn’t tell someone outside the family? Or tell your mother?

  5. Rhonda says:

    Wow!!! I’m beyond words. What an excellent story. I think God for the people who rescued these babies. I’m totally disgusted with the mother, who should have been the hero. People like her make it hard to be a Christian.

    • Alethea says:

      People like her make it hard to be a Christian.

      Hi Rhonda. Just curious…… What do you mean by this?


  6. haleema says:

    didnt these girls have a third sister? what about her?

    • Alethea says:

      They do have a younger sister and I think they said she too was raped or abused by the brothers. I think that, because she was younger, they did not want to speak much about her. I think they are protecting her from the public.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow,that was really horrible!!!Now,how come the mother didn’t believe them?STUPID!!!The brothers and the father are all sickos.

  8. sara says:

    THANK YOU so very much for posting this.

    Please continue providing your insight on the various coping mechanisms we survivors use and why some of us repressed and some didn’t how some of us have been able to ‘cope’ through life instead of becoming drug addicts, abusers, or mentally unstable etc.

    It is such a LIE that I tell to myself (part of the denial I was trained in) as well as other ignorant people :”well you aren’t that screwed up, so how could it be true”.

    Basically THANK YOU.

    • Alethea says:

      Sara! Thank you for putting into words something I had long thought of but never knew how to feel about or express. Part of my denial has always been that, because I was relatively okay in high school and pretty damn good in my twenties, it somehow meant my memories could not have been true. But when we are in our teens and twenties, our hormones are raging and we feel free and are experiencing life. I did have some issues at that time of my life but it was not until I hit age 32 that I became sick and dysfunctional.

      I look at my childhood and wonder how I did not become a drug addict or end up in a mental institution, but I had opportunities, a Catholic upbringing, and financial support. I think that those who were sexually abused as children, and who did not have certain opportunities, like coming from a different income etc., might be more prone to drug and alcohol addiction, life on the streets, prostitution, mental breakdowns, etc.

      But it is also those who had a somewhat “normal” looking middle class family who more often repress the memories of child sexual abuse. They learn as kids to function in life, even in the midst of hell. Then they grow with that conditioning and go to college and get married. They have careers and “function” to an extent. But they are never at peace inside themselves and the abuse will one day catch up with them.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  9. whatsaysyou says:

    This is just horrible.

    • ramnik says:

      hi i m from india. the rape of own ones are not common in our country….but rapes are happening. my thinking was crime against women is by illiterate…but sucu things happening in america….unbelievable….our india much better than america….atleast our fathers and brothers can sacrifice their lives to save d daughter or sister. friends….we need to come out of the religions and allover world musr create a environment so that everyone can speak freely…..a better earth…for coming generations

      • Alethea says:

        They believe in Krishna there right? I find Hindus to be much better human beings than many people in the United States who call themselves Christian.

        • River Tam says:

          Hi Althea,
          “I find Hindus to be much better human beings than many people in the United States who call themselves Christian.”
          Just curious…what do you mean by that?


          • Alethea says:

            Hindus follow Krishna, who is The Christ in their religion..and Hinduism holds to most of the same principles as Jesus The Christ taught –the same teachings as true Christianity.

            The United States harbors some of the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in my life…this is a country of hypocrites, run by hypocrites.

            –people who profess Christianity yet they lie, cheat, steal, have adulterous affairs, kill their unborn children in the form of abortion, poison innocent animals just because they happen to inhabit the area near their home. They focus their lives on selfishness/self-centeredness/greed/competition….they practice envy and jealousy, and have unloving ugly thoughts about others while condemning and pointing fingers at people who happen to practice a different religion. They protect their own and kill, and support the killing, of innocents merely for living in Arab countries targeted for war by the U.S. Govt….

            I could go on and on and on…

            • shanakd9 says:

              I so completely agree with you ! That mother should be in prison for life. I don’t understand how it can be justified to let her get away with it. She knew what was going on and did nothing to protect her kids.

      • quenbee9 says:

        Please. It happens EVERYWHERE there are men and little boys and girls. EVERYWHERE. I knew a little girl from India who confided in me that she was in the states because her “grandfather did bad things to her” when I asked her to elaborate she said he “touched her and had her touch him then put his thing to her mouth” she said it happened several times –he got caught raping her. and the family had a big meeting about whether to kill HER or not. They were going to stone her for what her grandfather did–at that point, the parents (who were in the states) decided to bring her to the US instead of killing her. This entire conversation happened because we were talking about going to India and she said she could never go back and was not allowed–when I asked her why, she told this story.

        She also asked me not to tell anyone (she was 5 when her grandfather abused her and she was 15 when she told me the story. She said when she was little she was told that if she told the story, she could never get a husband and other Indians might even try to kill her.

        I was married to a man from Pakistan and he said it is common (and still is common) for people to sell their sons and daughters at very young age for sex in the old country. So I am thinking it is NOT that evil does not happen in India and Pakistan –but if telling about a rape punishes the victim, I am guessing that a lot of those who are raped conveniently never tell anyone.

        Don’t say it is not uncommon for women to be stoned or killed in Pakistan and India as honor killings–because them no longer being virgins is seen as a disgrace–and it does not matter HOW they lost the virginity, in the “old country” women still pay for the abuse they suffer.

        • Alethea says:


          90% of children who are being raped or molested never disclose the abuse.

          It sounds like Pakistan and India need strong people to defend children there.

          I am certain that in the United States, there are also many cases of children being killed in order for child sexual abuse to not be revealed outside the family. I was threatened with death a few times as a child, millions of children in the United States have been threatened with death to keep the secrets. We will never know how many children were actually killed.

          In the United States, millions of unborn children are murdered by their mothers, and now, the growing trend is for fathers to kill children already born so they do not have to pay child support.

          Pakistan and India do not hold the monopoly on child murder, nor incest. But thank you for bringing awareness about this.

  10. Shana Dines says:

    I would like to know who molested the brother who first started raping the sisters! Nothing was said about who got him. I don’t think that he would have been able to do that without having at least witnessed it through porn or he was molested too. It is a horrible and way too common story. I also think that there being 2 of them to validate each other’s abuse made it easier to not repress it. Also getting rescued and getting out of the hellhole. I think that the mother’s ass should be in prison for life and that the brother’s and dad’s should be too. It sickens me that they get away with this so easily.

    • Alethea says:

      Good point Shana. The boys made their sisters watch porn while they assaulted them, and made them imitate the acts on the TV. Hard core porn CAN lead to sexual violence if the person already has a propensity towards violence because they were being abused, or psychologically corrupted. I’m sure the brothers were watching porn before they first began to rape the girls.

      The boys say their father abused them physically, and remember that when the “family meeting” took place, the boy’s were beaten in their groin area by the father.

      • Rhonda says:

        I wondered the same thing…. they had to get the idea from some where. Also, the way the mother walked out of the room makes me think she too was accustomed to abuse.

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