Roseanne’s Accusations and Retraction Hurt Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Well, it didn’t take long for the media to incorrectly imply that Roseanne’s original incest accusations were encouraged or implanted by a therapist.

Several news agencies, websites, and Blogs are erroneously reporting that Roseanne said on Oprah that her memories were “brought on by therapy.” Roseanne did not say that her memories were brought on by therapy in either the Oprah interview, or in her original interview to People magazine. This is just one more example of the media reporting in a bias lean towards “false memory syndrome.”

What Roseanne did say was that she wished she had waited until her therapy was over before making the accusations. Roseanne’s account of her memories returning had nothing to do with therapy. The way in which she described how they came about was by a specific trigger, outside of therapy. The memories were spontaneous and came in a natural and common way. She did mention that she told a therapist after the memories surfaced, and that prescription drugs probably affected her judgment, but this is quite different from a therapist causing so-called ‘false memories’ to surface.

There is strong indication that Roseanne Barr was indeed a victim of incest but that she has gone back into a state of denial, which includes a need to see her deceased father as a ‘good man.’

Roseanne said in the interview with Oprah that, when she first came out with her memories twenty-years ago, it was because she “wanted to drop a bomb” on her family. With that self-centered motive, and now that she has gone public again –and without being certain of anything– Roseanne has created an extremely difficult situation for many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and trauma.

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