Father of Famous Musical Group Pleads Guilty To Sexually Abusing His Daughters

PROVO, Utah — The distraught father of The 5 Browns musical group pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually abusing his daughters when they were children in a deal that will send him to prison for at least 10 years.

With scratches and bruises on his face from a crash in which his Porsche plunged 300 feet into a canyon, Keith Brown, 55, entered his plea to three felony counts in Fourth District Court.”

“He is terribly remorseful for what has happened and for what he has put his family through,” defense attorney Steven Shapiro said after the hearing. “He recognizes that this is the next step in the long road to trying to accept responsibility for something terrible that he did a long time ago.”

Ah yes, child sexual abusers, and those who protect or defend them, always make sure that everyone knows that ”what they did was a long time ago.’

1. Most child sexual predators have many other victims that never come forth.

2. What ‘they did a long time ago’ is still being lived inside the mind and body of their victims. Rape, sodomy, and incest often inflict life-long problems in the victim, and often do not show up in full-force until the victim is in their thirties or forties. The Brown girls might look fine on the outside, much like Jaycee Lee Dugard did when she was first rescued from 18 years of rape and kidnapping, but unless the girls have truly worked on themselves in some kind of deep therapy, they are still affected and will be always be affected by their father’s betrayal, and being sodomized by him. And where was their mother when the sexual assaults were happening? Same old story I suppose.

“His response to the judge when asked for his plea on each charge was a barely audible, “guilty.”

“Brown chose to enter the plea to bring a quick resolution to the case and did not want to “exacerbate the harm” by dragging out the proceedings, Shapiro said. Utah County prosecutors charged Brown with one first-degree felony count of sodomy on a child and two second-degree felony counts of sexual abuse of a child.”

“Shapiro couldn’t say exactly when Brown first spoke to police, but said the father first went to his Mormon church leader to confess. Sturgill wouldn’t comment further on the remarks.”

Under the plea deal, Brown faces at least ten years in prison. Prior to the plea bargain, he faced life in prison on the first-degree felony and up to 15 years each on the second-degree felonies.

None of the victims were in court on Thursday, but have stated that they are satisfied with the plea agreement.

With the exception of the guilty pleas, Brown did not speak in court. He remains free on bail until his sentencing March 31. Prosecutors say they do not consider him a threat.

Not a threat? This is a man who, shortly after being charged with these crimes, consciously or subconsciously plunged his car 300 feet into a canyon. The crash hospitalized himself and his wife, the mother of the girls he sexually abused.

A man who sodomized his own children is not a threat?

I hope his children are under protection. This man has the psychology of someone who is capable of extreme violence.




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5 Responses to Father of Famous Musical Group Pleads Guilty To Sexually Abusing His Daughters

  1. Alethea says:

    “Mormons hated the catholic church. But they do the same thing as catholics.”

    Please refrain from calling all Catholics child sexual abusers. Please refrain from combining all Catholics with the 2 to 6% percent of priests that have been accused of sexually abusing children in the Novus Ordo church; which is not Catholic.

    “All churches are used as satanic pedophile fronts. There also seems to have a pattern of masons being involved.”

    You will find that, historically, when the Masons began to get their tentacles into the Catholic Church, and then infiltrated it completely with John 23rd, you will find the connection between child sexual abusing priests and the Novus Ordo Church.

    The Novus Ordo church is being run by Satanists, Masons, and Jews. The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church remains alive in the faithful, and in the Tridentine Masses. The Faith of the Catholic Church is The Mass. It is not who and what sits on a throne in Rome, nor is it the Bishops, or the fake Novus Ordo “mass” where parishioners are getting nothing more than a cookie.

    We get it, you hate the Catholic Church. We get it, you don’t like what Catholics believe, and might even not like Catholics very much. But if you are going to speak of Catholicism, please get your facts correct.

    • EH says:

      There are also a lot of sexual abusers and enablers of sexual abusers among Roman Catholics in general, from what I have seen. And many nuns who sexually abused. Many of these were probably sexually abused themselves. I have 13 years of Catholic schooling and many years of abuse behind me. This is what I see.

      In the movie Deliver Us From Evil, it was said that from the Los Angeles archdiocese seminaries, 10 percent of the priests became pedophiles.

      I think the problem is that sometimes peopel condemn the way the church is run, but are not involved in any efforts to do anything other than criticize.

      Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart loved to slam Catholic doctrine, but when he got caught visiting a hooker, the hooker reported that he had proposed a threesome with the hooker and her 8 year old daughter. Ho declined the proposition.

      Anyway, as far as I’m concerned mudslinging is at least somewhat in order since abuse thrives in silence, but what is your life like? Don’t be so busy with them that you learn nothing about what the church is supposed to teach.

      • Alethea says:

        Dear E.H.

        Yes, there are a number of sexual abusers and enablers of sexual abusers among people who call themselves Catholics. As there are many Jews, Protestants, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, and many non-religious people who abuse or enable abuse. Yes, there were a number of nuns who sexually abused kids.

        But you have to understand that there is a Church history that is complex and requires months of research and an understanding of the history of the church –a history that must be acknowledged and accepted as historical fact. Vatican Two began its own church, it is not a Catholic Church, it is a new religion, and the atmosphere of a den of wolves in the seminaries was DELIBERATELY planned and accomplishhed via Vatican Two –a plan to try and destroy the church by allowing satanists, pedophiles, child sexual abusers, rampant homosexual behavior, freemasonry, and communism into the Novus Ordo (Vatican Two church) church and priesthood. This plan began decades, even centuries ago, and was brought to fruition with John 23rd and Vatican Two.

        Prior to Vatican Two, the universal law and the common practice of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, was to deal with priests who molested a child by putting them in a civil prison or in a quarantined building. The priest paid restitution to the child’s family and was made to offer a sincere apology. Most importantly, before Vatican Two, the practiced rule was to remove the priest from being able to perform Mass, and to keep him away from children. This is quite different from the manner in which Vatican Two has handled abusive priests.

        Not only have I condemned the Vatican Two Church, but I have taken action to do something about it…and many times!

        I don’t know what you mean by “mudslinging”

        “…but what is your life like? Don’t be so busy with them that you learn nothing about what the church is supposed to teach.”

        Who are you referring to? Me? If so, please be more specific by ‘what my life is like’ and ‘don’t be so busy with them.’ Who is “them?” You need to be more clear.


    • Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

      No internet at home currently, Alethea. Otherwise, I’d be posting more often. I know, I know – some here are thinking ‘darn! I’m hoping she never gets internet at home!’

      Your blog isn’t about religion mainly, from what I can tell. I agree with your reasoning.

  2. Andre' says:

    Mormons hated the catholic church. But they do the same thing as catholics. All churches are used as satanic pedophile fronts. There also seems to have a pattern of masons being involved.

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