Update on Missing Teen Hailey Dunn: Bestiality and Child Pornography Found On Computer Linked To Mother’s Boyfriend

“Authorities involved in the case of missing Colorado City, Texas teen Hailey Dunn, announced Thursday that photos and video containing “deviant acts” were found on a computer and a memory stick confiscated during the investigation into her disappearance.

According to ReporterNews.com, a Dell computer was taken from the home of Shawn Adkins mother in Big Spring. It contained “approximately 108,498 pictures depicting deviant acts.”

Adkins was the live-in boyfriend of Hailey’s mother, Billie Dunn, at the time the girl went missing.


Hailey was last seen on December 27. According to police, Adkins claims the girl told him she was walking a short distance to her father’s home and then over to a friend’s to spend the night. She never arrived at either location. Her mother reported her missing on December 28. Adkins has been named the only suspect in the case by police and Billie asked him to move out of the home on Jan. 5. Adkins claims he had nothing to do with Hailey’s disappearance.”

“A memory stick containing “320 images and videos of a pornographic nature,” was found in the master bedroom of the Dunn residence in Colorado City during the investigation. Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said both the computer and memory stick had images depicting bestiality and child pornography. He noted charges could be filed regarding the find.”



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