Police: Mother Discovers Videos of Her Boyfriend Raping Her Daughter

I simply do not understand how any good mother can allow a man to be alone with her children, without knowing him for a few years, without doing a background check, and without inquiring about any history of violence in past relationships.

Not that any of those things are full proof; but I am pretty sure that this is yet another case of a mother who was more than happy to have a man around to help with the household upkeep, to be a part time babysitter, and a guy to make her feel good about herself.

“A 23-year-old Port Penn man was arrested Thursday on rape charges after evidence was discovered that he performed sex acts on a young girl, police said today.

The suspect, Joshua Jones, of S. Congress Street, was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree unlawful sexual contact, said state police spokesman Master Cpl. Jeffrey Hale.

The victim’s mother called police Wednesday after finding videos on a desktop computer depicting her daughter engaging in sex acts with Jones

When the woman confronted Jones about the videos, he fled.”

“Troopers were in the area of U.S. 13 on Thursday near Drawyer’s Creek just north of Odessa investigating a suspicious person when they found Jones.

Hale said he was taken into custody and taken to Wilmington Hospital for evaluation before being charged with the offenses. He is being held in the Young Correctional Institution after failing to post $55,000 secured bail.”



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3 Responses to Police: Mother Discovers Videos of Her Boyfriend Raping Her Daughter

  1. Andre' says:

    we are witnessing the complete moral breakdown of society OR this has always gone on but we never read about it. My guess, he was 23, she was probably 20ish, her daughter probably around 3-5 years of age. On video tape. The guy is a psychopath. When my girlfriend went to work as a bartender, her daughter didn’t always like me, but she was always safe. Her mother was the flake, and she would tell her mother, “Andre’ is right” about alot of things, we are talking about an 8 year old.

    • Alethea says:

      Yep. Many women just need a babysitter and these guys fullfill that role, and with benefits. The woman doesn’t have to pay him, he helps with the household upkeep, and brings in a paycheck. He gives her a warm bed and someone to keep her company in life. Self self self.

      • Andre' says:

        well I was self employed, if we were both working day jobs, we would have to hire a baby sitter. But I definitely held down the fort. I also suspect her being a “closet prostitute” servicing the Public defender, who misrepresented her, got her the worst rap for a first time offense, then approached her for paid sex. He had designs from the beginning of her legal representation, but that’s what scumbag jewish lawyers do. I also believe her probation officer was screwing her too. I had to turn him away at the front door. But her daughter was safe with me at all times.

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