Cult Leader Convicted for Satanic Ritual Abuse Involving Children

People have been duped into believing that Satanic Ritual Abuse is a myth. This is just one case of many where convictions have been obtained:

“A man has been found guilty of leading a “satanic” sex cult from his home in a small Welsh town. Colin Batley, 48, of Kidwelly, west Wales, presided over a group that preyed on young children and held occult rites.

He was found guilty at Swansea crown court of rape and carrying out perverted sexual acts on children and adults.

Batley was the self-styled high priest of the group, which operated from a series of homes in a cul-de-sac in the seaside town.

He and five other alleged members insisted throughout the five-week trial that no cult had ever existed. But the jury dismissed that, finding him guilty of more than two dozen acts of sexual perversion linked to his activities in the cult.

They included 11 separate rapes, three indecent assaults, causing prostitution for personal gain, causing a child to have sex and inciting a child to have sex.

The jury also found him guilty of six counts of buggery and four counts of possessing indecent images of a child.

His wife, Elaine Batley, 47, was convicted of sex-related charges after the trial, as were Jacqueline Marling, 42, and Shelly Millar, 35. All lived in Kidwelly.

The jury has returned to its deliberations in the case of Sandra Iveson, 45, who faced a single charge of indecency with a child, and has yet to give verdicts on eight charges against Batley of possessing indecent images of children.

Vincent Barden, 70, of Kempston, Bedfordshire, who was not a cult member, has already admitted two counts of sexual assault on an underage girl. The jury is still deliberating over one count of rape, which he denies.

Colin Batley is said to have forced a number of his victims into prostitution and claimed 25% of their earnings.

In one instance, the trial heard, Batley tried to force a pregnant schoolgirl to give birth. The girl, who had been raped by a cult member, was told all children conceived within the cult belonged to it.

New cult members, often deeply troubled children, were forced to go through an elaborate initiation ceremony. At its heart would be sex with an adult, with anyone unwilling to take part warned they risked being killed by a cult assassin.

News of what had been going on was greeted by many in Kidwelly with shock and disbelief.”


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4 Responses to Cult Leader Convicted for Satanic Ritual Abuse Involving Children

  1. nick says:

    for real though, real satanists dont mess with children. it is against the rules of the earth.

    • Alethea says:

      This claim is an oxymoron. Satan is the sole director of those who sexually abuse children. It is Satan himself who drives them to do it. Anyone who worships Satan worships the same entity that causes child sexual abuse in the first place.

  2. Thank you for this article. Satanic ritual abuse is very real. Here’s more articles on this case.

    Five found guilty in sex cult trial By Robin Turner, WalesOnline Mar 9 2011 The jury in the trial of five people accused of using a black magic influenced cult to sexually abuse children and young adults in Carmarthenshire has found five defendents guilty of 39 serious sex offences. At Swansea Crown Court, alleged cult leader Colin Batley, 48, was found guilty of 27 offences – including rape, buggery, indecency wih children and causing prostitution. His wife, Elaine Batley, 47, was  convicted of 5 offences, incuding indececy with a child and indecent assault. Shelly Millar, 35, was convicted of two counts of indecency with children. Jackie Marling, Batley’s lover, was convicted of five offences – including aiding and abeiting rape and indecency with a child. Peter Murphy QC, prosecuting, has alleged the four established their own religion – which preached free sex and was influenced by notorious English occultist Aleister Crowley.

    The prosecution case is that the sex was established in members’ homes in the tranquil Cararthenshire town of Kidwelly and children and young adults brought there were abused.

    Kidwelly sex cult: Town unaware of ‘evil paedophile’     9 March 2011
    ….As residents went about their daily life, they could not have imagined that Colin Batley, described as an “evil paedophile”, was running a satanic sex cult from his home. The self-styled high priest of the group, headed a paedophile ring run like a “quasi-religion”.

    One victim, who was repeatedly abused by Batley, told how he treated women like slaves. Batley would wear a hood to abuse his victims.
    Once in their grasp, he would call the children to his service by clicking his fingers….”It boils down to two words, shock and dismay,” says Geraint Thomas, Kidwelly Town Council town clerk.

    “We didn’t realise anything untoward was happening in Kidwelly at the time. “It wasn’t until we read it in the paper that this unfortunate incident was occurring and the publicity we’re getting isn’t helping Kidwelly at the moment.”

    My ‘cult sex’ at 15 By JOHN COLES
    09 Feb 2011 A WOMAN yesterday told a court she was forced to have sex with the leader of a cult when she was just 15. The alleged victim said “evil” Colin Batley told her she would be killed if she didn’t take part in the sickening initiation ceremony.
    She claimed she was then ordered to perform sex acts on Batley’s wife Elaine – and was taken to meetings where she had to have sex with men and women. The alleged victim, now an adult, said: “I was told I’d be killed if I didn’t become part of the cult. Colin Batley had a gun and took it to meetings. I was so scared I just did what I was told. I was in the living room at his home and he told me there would be an initiation.

    Guilty: Paedo cult’s demon ‘Lord’ By JOHN COLES
    10 Mar 2011 THE self-styled “Lord” of a black magic sex cult was facing jail last night – after being convicted of sexually abusing young children. Colin Batley, 48, ran a group whose members wore hooded robes for group sex and paedophile crimes over 15 years.
    The scruffy Svengali surrounded himself with four “disciples” – wife Elaine, 47, and three other women – who helped him abuse youngsters.
    All four women were tattooed on Batley’s orders with an Egyptian symbol, the Eye of Horus. At meetings, Batley read from an occult “bible” and told youngsters they would go to Hell if they did not agree to his sexual demands. Their “temple” was the Batleys’ semi-detached home on a sleepy cul-de-sac in Kidwelly, west Wales.
    Jobless Batley, who charged members a quarter of their income, was exposed when a woman groomed for sex from age six went to cops.

    ‘Tattooed child sex cult in cul-de-sac’ By JOHN COLES
    03 Feb 2011 THREE couples and a woman pal moved from London to a cul-de-sac in rural Wales to set up a sick sex cult, a jury heard yesterday. They relocated over four years and were led by “evil and manipulative” Colin Batley, it was said. He allegedly persuaded the women to get identical tattoos and find youngsters for three-in-a-bed sex. He raped boys and girls, forced children to have sex with each other and ordered the women to join in, it was claimed.
    Batley, 48, preached from a text known as The Book of The Law – while living off the earnings of women he forced into prostitution in Bristol, Swansea Crown Court was told.
    Prosecutor Peter Murphy described Batley as a sexual predator who corrupted others to do his bidding through coercion and control. He added: “He is the principal.
    “The four families became closely intertwined. It became much more than that – a cult. The usual restraints went out of the window.”

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you so much for helping to lift the cover that has blanketed society about SRA. People’s denial protects those who perform SRA on children (and adults).

      I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

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