Tortured, Raped, Enslaved: Alicia Is a True Survivor, A Warrior For Children, A True Inspiration

On Jan. 1st, 2002, Alicia Kozakiewicz was a shy 13 year-old girl from a close-knit, loving family. Like most teenage girls, she had some struggles with a teacher, and her mother had issues about Alicia keeping her room clean.

At 13, Alicia was just a vulnerable child when she was lured into an online friendship with a 38 year-old sexual predator named, Scott Tyree. After a while, she thought he was her “one true friend.” She said he made her feel “loved, beautiful, special, and unique.”

Over a period of time, Scott Tyree convinced Alicia to meet him in person. This is when Alicia discovered that her Internet friend was actually a monster. Scott abducted Alicia, and over four straight days, she was kept in a small cage, tied to her captor’s bed, repeatedly raped, held in sex bondage paraphernalia, tortured with electricity, starved, beaten, and chained to the floor. Alicia does not remember most of what she endured, but says, “it was the first time I ever really prayed.” In addition to Alicia blocking out her trauma, she has lost most of her memory about her life prior to being abducted.

Alicia describes the torture her Tyree put her through.

On the morning Alicia was rescued, Scott Tryee had planned to kill her. Tyree told her something like, ‘I am beginning to like you too much. When I get home, we are going for a ride.’

Miraculously for Alicia, Scott Tyree had bragged too much online about his sex slave, and someone turned him in.

On Jan. 4, 2002, the FBI stormed the Virginia townhouse and rescued Alicia. Tyree was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

When Alicia was first rescued, “she was a shell of herself,” says her mom. She has been through counseling, but Alicia thinks she needs more. Her mom agrees: “I think she’s made remarkable progress in that she’s able to stand up and speak about these things, but she’s going to carry an inner pain forever. I don’t think you can survive that kind of terror and not be scarred.”…

Her mother, Mary Kozakiewicz, was extremely concerned about her daughter putting herself back in the public eye. Media and the public at large were critical of the family in the aftermath of Alicia’s ordeal.

“She’s still very fragile,” her mother says. “You don’t just bounce back from horrific things.”

Alicia, now in her early twenties, speaks in schools across the country, but she won’t speak Tyree’s name, even during her presentations to kids. Alicia says, that if she does, she sees his face.  Alicia, now a psychology major, speaks every Friday to local elementary and middle school students.

Alicia’s recovery was very difficult for her. She says the holidays are still hard on her, and she remains afraid of the dark. In Alicia’s Lesson Plan, she says that, for five years, she suffered nightmares, flashbacks, and “all kinds of unimaginable stuff.”

Alicia has a very supportive family, but part of her healing and strength comes from speaking at schools across the nation, appealing to courts and congress on the passing of Alicia’s Law, and appealing to the National State Legislature to pass the law in all 50 states.

Alicia has appeared on Oprah, as well as other media outlets to promote Alicia’s Law and Internet safety. She has also done numerous educational videos. Alicia recently won the Jefferson Award in Washington, D.C. for community service.

“I want to be a forensic psychologist and work with the same group of people that rescued me,” says Ms. Kozakiewicz, a Point Park University psychology major from Crafton Heights. “I want to rescue the child, then try to recover their soul.”

“He groomed me, and in doing so, he brainwashed me. That sounds crazy, but he did. He took apart the 13-year-old girl that I was and created this creature that he wanted me to be.”

Alicia says, “It’s really hard to sit here and talk about it. That pain will always be there.”

When I first read Alicia’s story, I was immediately struck by her grace, strength, honesty and courage, but I also saw the similarities between her horrific experience, and the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. Like Elizabeth Smart, Alicia was shy when she was abducted as a sex slave, and she too has a very supportive, loving family. They were both very close in age, both girls were raped, tied up, threatened, and starved.

However, unlike Elizabeth, Alicia experienced many years of flashbacks, PTSD symptoms, and nightmares. When she returned home for the first time after being rescued, her mother described Alicia as being “a shell of herself.” By her late teens, Alicia still felt that she needed more therapy. Her mother says she will probably “carry an inner pain forever. I don’t think you can survive that kind of terror and not be scarred.” Alicia’s mother said her daughter was very fragile during her recovery, and as she pointed out, “You don’t just bounce back from horrific things.” She did not say that you cannot heal from it, but that you just don’t bounce right back. How true this is.

Alicia was with her abductor for four days. When she first came home, she was a “big ball of emotions.” She said, “A big problem for me was that I thought I was going to be just fine as soon as I got home again. I didn’t know I was going to keep hurting. I wasn’t all that familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder—not until this happened. The most common things became triggers, reminding me of what I had just been through—tollbooths and Coca-Cola cans for example. I am still learning what triggers me today.”

Alicia has made the decision to make her experience into a positive one, and like Elizabeth Smart has proclaimed, Alicia has not allowed it to define who she is for the rest of her life. Alicia has been a strong advocate for children, finding it extremely cathartic.

Elizabeth Smart, who was with her abductors for nine months, raped up to 1,000 times, tied to a tree, forced to watch sex acts, and threatened with death, says she never experienced any PTSD symptoms, flashbacks, or nightmares. She has stated that she had no need for therapy, and was fine when she came home.

I’m not saying anything in particular; I just find it interesting.

I feel Alicia is a true warrior. She is courageous, a leader, and a true inspiration to victims and survivors of abuse and trauma; because Alicia is real. Alicia is a person who went through living hell and survived it, only to be hit with PTSD symptoms, nightmares, and as she put it, “unimaginable stuff.” This is reality for survivors of rape and torture. This is real life survival. When it comes to trauma, death threats, rape, and torture –half of the courage comes from surviving the hell of the abuser. The other half comes from the aftermath; from courageously experiencing and living through the hell of the after-affects of trauma, rape and mental torture; all without killing yourself.

Elizabeth Smart was recently awarded $50,000 for “having had the courage to fight, the power to survive and the leadership to inspire others.” The money is part of a DVF Award from The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation, “which recognizes and supports women who are using their resources, commitment and visibility to transform the lives of other women.”

I wonder how many lives Elizabeth Smart has transformed?

Ed Smart says Elizabeth, who is serving an LDS Church mission in France, will fly back to the States for the award ceremony. She will be flying back “with her mission companion.”

Ed Smart says his daughter plans on using the award money to start “The Elizabeth Smart Foundation.” The foundation will supposedly be aimed at child abuse prevention, education and promoting “radKIDS.” The foundation is also allegedly going to help with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

We’ll see.

Alicia has worked hard to educate teens on the dangers of socializing online with strangers. She has done her inspirational work while living through the hell of symptoms and triggers. She has continued to strive and survive the after-affects of her living nightmare. I would prefer to have seen Alicia get the $50,000 for the work she has done, and the work she continues to do. That’s how I feel, and I am not going to apologize for it. So don’t write me just to tell me I am being “judgmental” of Elizabeth Smart.


The Alicia Project


“You’re Not Alone: The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment.”
Salt Lake Tribune
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37 Responses to Tortured, Raped, Enslaved: Alicia Is a True Survivor, A Warrior For Children, A True Inspiration

  1. D Lawson says:

    Your hateful mistreatment of Elizabeth Smart makes me believe you, Alethea, are a lying P.o.S., pretending to have been abused in order to garner any attention you can – it is attention you crave. Of course, you won’t have the courage to let this appear… loser. Unfortunately, losers like you are inevitably broke, else we’d sue your a$$ off too. FOAD. No, seriously.

    • Alethea says:

      If Elizabeth is as centered and healed as she says she is, she would just wave her hand at me and not be bothered.

      “FOAD”…I had to look it up because I had no idea what it means…..I will die one day, just like you will, and every other human being.

      Until that day, I will speak my truth, and you can speak yours. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech.

  2. Karen says:

    Exactly who does it help to compare trauma between victims to figure which suffered more, yourself included? Who does it help to snidely doubt Smart or her mission? If Smart said what you claim, it’s a stupid asshole thing to say, but you’re no better by your behavior. And really, her alleged comments are what you should be criticizing in your post, since that’s what you actually seem to have issue with. You provided no reason to doubt her sincerity, only snarky passive-agressive comments. But the fact that you can’t see that comparing these experiences in order to determine who is a real “warrior” is disturbing. I hope, though, you eventually let go of a need to compare yourself to other, more popular rape victims because it’s gross.

    • Alethea says:

      Karen, if you read all of my other articles on Elizabeth Smart, you would understand what exactly my point is, and you would read comments from many other trauma/sexual abuse survivors, who are happy I spoke up against Elizabeth Smart and her family.

      It helped a lot of people for me to say what I did about her in my other articles. It wasn’t about “comparing traumas” or who is “the real warrior.” My criticism of her is valid, important, and was done in defense of child victims and adult survivors who Elizabeth has hurt or angered with her comments and behavior.


      • Karen says:

        Yeah I don’t need to read your other blog posts on Smart to guess what your viewpoint is. I’m glad that your CRITICISM of her alleged comments (the onus is not on me to verify them) helped other victims feel more connected and validated, but that’s not what is in the post above. Above, you’re comparing trauma between victims to juxtapose them in order to doubt one and highlight the differences between the two. In other comments on this post you even include yourself in that conversation claiming you suffered more than one. THAT is gross. It’s dehumanizing because it turns these people and yourself into objects that deserve less or more of our admiration dependant on their abuses. It doesn’t treat these victims like whole people whose story includes more than their abuse and their recovery, whose personality is more than just how true a warrior they are. That is what I don’t see helps, and you still haven’t made clear whom your comparisons help.

        The post should have focused on their post-abuse outreach and the good they’re doing but the most you have is snide derision of Smart’s efforts and glorification of Kozakiewicz. Giving information about their work should have been unbiased, but it wasn’t. Or if you wanted to give real reasons to doubt Smart’s efforts, you should have had substance to back up those doubts.

        • Alethea says:

          Karen, I DO doubt E. Smart’s story. I have never hidden that fact. And I did suffer worse than Elizabeth Smart. Years of incest, perpetrated by both sexes, and incest with one’s parents and sister ARE more emotionally traumatizing than what she says she went through. I was also sick for almost two decades because of the incest after-effects. That’s a fact. The truth is what it is. It’s not about comparing. It’s just facts.

          Elizabeth Smart has done little good to my knowledge. She should go back to her harp lessons and Mormon missionary work and should stay the hell away from trauma victims; especially those who were forced into abortions and miscarriages by their perpetrator. For her to tell them to move on with their life, is re-traumatizing them, ignorant, and minimizing the seriousness of what those women have gone through.

          “Or if you wanted to give real reasons to doubt Smart’s efforts, you should have had substance to back up those doubts.”

          I have written about this in numerous articles, with documented sources.

          If you wish to believe her story and elevate her as a Golden child, that’s your prerogative. But if you want to keep criticizing me about my beliefs, then you are just being a hypocrite.

          • Karen says:

            If your real issue was with Elizabeth Smart, that’s the post you should have written, not this travesty. You are actually comparing trauma to determine who is more worthy of sympathy whether you see it or not, and it’s gross.

            Hahaha, those are some big assumptions that you’re making there. I never said I believed or disbelieved her story and I didn’t anywhere elevate her to a “Golden child” but please, explain how I’m being a hypocrite. Where exactly am I saying I believe one thing and doing another?

            I honestly don’t care about what you went through. That’s how I know I’m not a hypocrite. I don’t care. I’m not invested in your life enough to feel any particular way about it. I can however point out how pretty clearly it’s disgusting that you feel it’s appropriate to TRIVIALIZE someone else’s abuse in order to make yours seem more important. Whether or not you actually post this comment, that gross reality is very clear in this blog post.

            • Alethea says:


              Your personal conclusion about the reason I posted the article and what it conveys is incorrect. My point in the article was that Elizabeth Smart says she is fine and never suffered a day after being rescued. She was gone for nine months. Alicia, was gone for four days and still suffers from PTSD symptoms and other after-effects of her rapes and torture. I also wrote it to say that Alicia is a warrior for children and teens, and Elizabeth is a PR machine for her parents and Mormonism.

              You are a hypocrite because you are criticizing and demeaning to me, yet you accuse me of doing the same to E. Smart.

              Everyone judges and criticizes everyone else. You are no better or worse than me. You judge, I judge, we all criticize and judge, so don’t point your finger at me when you are doing the exact same thing as I did.

              It is clear that you don’t belong on this Blog. Please find somewhere else to voice yourself.

            • Laurette says:

              To all who read these posts:
              I think that its important for us to remember how traumatic it is to be abused violently and how Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome affects these victims in ways that are unimagined by the rest of us. Definitely compassion is in order for ALL.
              I used to suffer from an excess of judgementalism until I learned to come from a heart of love, understanding and compassion not only for others but most of all for myself and my own considerable failings.
              Love and Light

              • Alethea says:

                Dear Laurette,

                What is sometimes labeled as “judgmental” is simply one’s God-given right to discern, to use one’s intelligence to speak out when something is fishy, or when someone so public and influential like E. Smart, is saying things that can seriously harm or really anger a victim.

                I give compassion and understanding and love where it is due –where and to whom it is due.


              • Alethea says:

                and love speaks the truth.

  3. Laurette says:

    I don’t know if you can provide me with some help for my 6 year old grandchild. She appears to have an obsession with bondage and torture. i see no reason for her having this from our side of the family. I don’t know about the other side of the family though. She wraps up little toy animals in rubber bands and has been known to kill chicks. I don’t mean to be funny when I say this, but other than that she has no other problems and gets along well at school and with other kids on the playground. I’m beginning to wonder if she brought this in from another lifetime. Do you believe in reincarnation? Back to the main topic. How can I get help for her

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Laurette,

      Don’t read much into her being seemingly fine otherwise. Any abuse she might be suffering can be expelled through the torture and killing of animals, leaving her with the ability to function somewhat normally otherwise.

      Torture and abuse of animals is STRONGLY associated with child sexual abuse or severe physical and psychological abuse. A professional needs to come into the picture. Someone, somewhere, maybe even a trusted family member or family friend, might be harming her.

      • Laurette says:

        Dear Alethea,
        Thanks so much for your comments. I am praying to be shown divine guidance as to the next step to take on her behalf. Her parents went through a tough divorce with lots of fighting and arguing surrounding her birth and infancy. Her mother and I have taken her to a play therapist but she appears to be able to hide her inner feelings surrounding the torture and abuse issue. Strangely, the therapist says that she is a very normal child. She does not let on that people are hurting her and may be covering for others. She is very socially aware and this actually makes it more difficult to get to the bottom of her problems. That is why I was wondering about the possibility of a past life issue. It is all very confusing to me.

        • Alethea says:


          I have to be honest with you. I get a little irritated and uncomfortable when someone says they are “waiting for Divine guidance.” God gave us arms, legs, sight, hearing, speech, and intellect to take action. Part of God’s will is to use our intelligent discrimination to take action, and to make decisions.

          Stop waiting for a ‘sign from God’ and use your intelligent discrimination. Is there anyone, even if you do not want to see it, in this child’s life whom you might suspect might be hurting her? Maybe you also ought to be taking her to another therapist. Torture and abuse of animals, or even the pretending of such things is NOT normal.

          Children can compartmentalize their suffering and anger, and appear fine to the outside world. It’s called dissociation.

          Whatever you do, don’t take the child to a past life psychic, and don’t consult a past life psychic. Those kind of things can severely harm a child and put all kinds of oddball thoughts into your head. Yes, the soul is eternal, and has lived many lives, but do not assume -based on the child’s seeming “normal”- that a past-life situation is at hand here…. You need more professional guidance.

          If you truly want some good advice, you ought to call my therapist. Email me for her number and will put you in touch with her.

          • Melissa says:

            I’m so glad I read your response here because the first thought I had was sociopath for the girl. Harming animals is the first sign… the bondage, etc. is the first sign of abuse. Laurette hopefully got the child some necessary help… not needed… NECESSARY!!

        • Lynne says:

          Just from a Christian & thus truth standpoint…we are born in this world & live once, Jesus Christ came into the world to save the lost. Their are principalities of wickedness as well as evil people. Psychics are forbidden in Holy Bible b/c of demonic activity! Their are no past lives…just this one & we were originally created to live eternal so yes the soul looks for eternal news. The best thing you can do is to recieve Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior & began reading Holy Bible, praying for you & family esp grandchild. I know this message is not ‘popular’ right now…but it is still true; regardless of culture & age…as truth should & would be.
          Next, It sound like she is being abused or is exposed to something wrong. Please call on Lord Jesus Christ to intervene help & guide you all in wisdom. Their is no ‘past’ life but if you want it to be…yes their are wicked spirtual beings (like their are people) willing to give you that experince. Please LISTEN to your grandaughter, open heart & eyes, let her know if ANYTHING is wrong regardless you will be there for her to help stop it & love her no matter what. That sometimes those we love, mom, dad, siblings, etc hurt us yet still ‘are family’ that shes not alone but that you can provide a safe place for help. Please be consistent & willing to listen, & be genuine. Focusing on a false ‘past life’ when she is hurting animals, acting out bondage, etc in all due respect is NOT listening! Do not give up on finding out why she is doing this, look for another ‘expert’ & my heartfelt prayers are lifted for God’s grace & intervention in your lives.

          • Alethea says:

            Dear Lynne,

            Jesus, God Incarnate, came into the world to show us how to save ourselves.

            He gave His life to show us how we too can obtain Eternal Life. He gave us the formula, but each soul is responsible for their actions, and cannot unite with God in Heaven unless and until they become like God –Jesus told us this with His very Words. It is heresy to believe that Jesus suffered and died so “Christians” can go around behaving as they wish, and then say to Jesus, “oops, my bad. Thank you for dying for that sin I just committed Jesus.”

            Their are principalities of wickedness as well as good in ALL people. Every person on this planet has good and evil inside themselves. Ego, is evil, the self, and Satan is the father of the ego. Our challenge as human beings is to rise above the ego-self and become God-like. THAT is what Jesus taught…for us to become sons and daughters of God, not by what we believe, but by our actions/thoughts/words.

            FAITH is an action word, and if people do not expel the evil inside themselves (read: our evil thoughts, evil actions, evil words), then they will merge with darkness……….NO MATTER WHAT THEY CALL THEMSELVES……..”CHRISTIAN” “BORN AGAIN”…OR CATHOLIC.

            • Alethea says:

              One more thing………….this goes for actions against animals too.

              If someone calls themselves a “Christian” but poisons little chipmunks in their garden for their home to be protected against pack rats, then they had better watch out and clean up their soul.

              If someone who calls themselves “Christian” drives right by a stray dog on the street, and does not stop and try to help it, and keeps driving because they are “too busy,” then they had better re-align themselves with The Love of God because they are driving down the wrong path if they drive right by that stray dog.

              and if people who call themselves “Christian” support wars in Arab nations, just to keep themselves “safe” in the United States, then they had better prepare themselves to unite with Satan, not Jesus, on the other side.

  4. Suzy says:

    I enjoyed your blog post, but I disagree with your attitude towards Elizabeth. I’d never heard about Alicia. It’s possible I just happened to never be around when the news broke out with it. I agree that it sounds like Alicia went through a GREAT deal. I can’t imagine having gone through something like that, as well as PTSD. No one would wish that on anyone I’d think….except for maybe psychos out there. My mind is just boggled by the evil that is out there and the many children that are still missing, and it’s heartbreaking. Those women or survivors who have come back and are driven to help others are definitely warriors. It doesn’t matter how much they suffered. If they went through it and are fighting back, they are warriors. You don’t have to have PTSD to be called a true warrior. I’m just appreciative of their zeal and their strength to push past the hurt they had to endure. Whether Elizabeth Smart had therapy or not, she went through something that unless you’ve been there, you couldn’t possibly understand. I know you don’t want to have comments that are disagreeable to you, but these are my opinions. Take them or leave them.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Suzy. Lots of people disagree with my posts from time to time, and they comment frequently. You are welcome to your opinion.

      “Whether Elizabeth Smart had therapy or not, she went through something that unless you’ve been there, you couldn’t possibly understand. I know you don’t want to have comments that are disagreeable to you, but these are my opinions. Take them or leave them.”

      Actually, I think that what I went through was a hell of a lot worse than what Elizabeth endured. Long-term incest by more than one perpetrator, and trauma by family members, is often much more painful, traumatizing, and fear-inducing.

      That said, my issue with Elizabeth is when she essentially told victims of sexual abuse to just ‘move on with their lives, to not allow it to affect them.’ That was irresponsible of her. She angered a lot of us when she said that.

      • ki says:

        Great blog but far to examining of everyones words or conversation. This is what happens to everyone who goes into therapy for a problem. Most of us on earth are just human and doing the best we can. If we lived with someone correcting our every word, we would go nuts. Human is fine and it is not necessary to correct each and everything said by people. I can see myself and I plan to cease any of this, as it has been rising up in me to correct others conversation. I think unless they ask me for advice, I can just let it go or let it slide if it is not a big error that effects me or others negatively. i know…you are entitled to your own opinion and to do as you will. i heard it a million times on this blog……

        • Alethea says:

          The case of E. Smart is not just a matter of “correcting someone’s every word,” it is about expressing what she has done that can be harmful to many people, and children. It is about defending those who have been hurt by her comments, and about showing support for those who have been angered by her ignorance, but who are too afraid to say it because it is Elizabeth Smart they would be criticizing.

          “Most of us on earth are just human and doing the best we can.”

          Human, with Divine potential, but most humans do their so-called “best” and never strive for their Divinity. This is exactly what is wrong with the human race.

  5. Andre' says:

    Id like to focus on those who are in power, around the world who have the power, money and dungeons to hide their deeds. A man named Jeffery Epstein who was running a sex slave ring with very young girls. Epstein is friends with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew along with actors and actresses. My question to you is – If you knew someone was a pedophile, pimp for a sex slave ring would you be friends with them ? This scumbag who is paying very young girls $200 for services training them to be prostitutes, flying them around the world for the worlds leaders predlection for children, got a cushy 18 months sentence, with work release every weekend. According to Virginia Roberts who has come out and told her story to warn others quotes Epstein said, “The younger the better” – Is easy to get focused on the lower and middle class “trailer park trash” we lose sight that world leader sre engaged in sex slavery with pedophile prostitution rings, on an ongoing basis.

    • Alethea says:

      Good morning Andre’

      I received your emails back-channel on this guy, but I simply don’t have the time to include those in power on my Blog site. I do have one post on Cathy O’brien, but besides that, I have to predominately stick to the type of cases that I have, which by the way, are NOT mostly “trailer trash” types. My Blog is about the evil that resides in seemingly normal mainstream, lower to upper class ‘nice’ looking families. Maybe you should think about starting a Blog about those in power who sexually abuse children? Blogs at are free.

      It’s an important topic, that’s for sure. People need to be aware of the amount of child sexual abusers there are at the highest level of Govt. Like those accused by Cathy O’Brien; which include George Bush senior, Hilary Clinton, Dick Cheney, and Senator Bird.

      I absolutely believe Cathy O’Brien. The fact that none of those accused in her book have filed a lawsuit against her, or the man who rescued her, speaks volumes. The fact that she went to congress with her accusations and was shot down with ‘we can’t investigate this for reasons of national security’ also speaks volumes.

      But my Blog needs to focus on subjects and people that allow me to personally help others. I have experience with what I Blog about. I have done years of research on it, and this is what I know. I don’t have time to investigate every area of child sexual abuse. There are too many to Blog about. I have to focus my energies in one area.

      Thanks for the post.

      • Andre' says:

        Im not sure I understand why the rich and powerful don’t take precedents, but its your blog. I do have a blog but cant seem to hyper link the links, so people have to cut and paste.
        I know its seems to be rampant in the church, middle class and poor, but people need to know that their elect are doing these things and are worse because they have the resources to engage in such evil, and when the people of the world see that their leaders are doing this, they may look into their communities. But I guess its everywhere. We live in a Catholic Hell.
        God Bless

        • Alethea says:

          They don’t take precedence on my Blog because the rich and powerful did not sexually abuse me. My parents did. I have to concentrate on my mission, and what I KNOW.

          “We live in a Catholic Hell.”

          If you look at the professed religion of all those people in power that you speak of, you find that it is predominately Protestants, not Catholics.

          • Andre' says:

            I’m not sure what people in power you speak of, most of the politicians, that I see and know of are either jewish/catholic/zionist/fake Christian controlled. The catholic and protestant religions are as far from Christianity as you can get. They are satanic. Nothing Christian about them. The catholic church is basically jewish run, and talmud repackaged. They are just another talmudic invention. Just like islam. In other words, ALL religions have been infiltrated by whats called Mystery Babylon. The catholic church is responsible for the torture and death of 50 million Christians. Im sorry, I didn’t know your blog was just about you.

            • Alethea says:

              “Im sorry, I didn’t know your blog was just about you.”

              I did not say it was about me. I said it was about my mission –what I know personally; which is abuse by those who come from seemingly normal suburban, mainstream families.

              “The catholic church is responsible for the torture and death of 50 million Christians.”

              Please go post your religious history lessons on your own blog.

              • Alethea says:

                Andre’ I am putting your comments in moderation mode. If you continue down this path, they will be permanently blacklisted.


    • Alethea says:

      “One does not need money or power to be involved in child sexual torture or adolescent sexual slavery.”

      Amen to that.

    • Your right it isn’t about religion. Its about how religion is used as pedophile fronts. Why do YOU belong to a institution that uses children ? Why do you support the rich and famous by saying nothing ? Why do you support a church that has rampant pedophilia ? How dare you ! You aren’t a Christian. You are being disingenuous and aren’t helping. Just like Elizabeth Smart, you are falling short. You can block me, YOU are now part of the problem. It isnt just about you and lower middle class child rapists. Good Luck.
      Im out.

      • Alethea says:

        Andre’ I have approved this message because you need to know something:

        This is not your Blog. This is my Blog. I earned the right to post, write about, comment in any way I choose. I earned it by beginning this Blog to fight my fears of speaking out against my parents. I went through some heavy physical symptoms when I first began this Blog because I was daring to tell family secrets.

        I earned it because I suffered for years as a child, and have been through hell and back as an adult healing from things that many people commit suicide over.

        How dare I support the religion that Jesus founded? I do so with joy! But the religion that I support is not the so-called modern day Catholic Church. That Church is a lie. The Vatican Two Church is a new religion; formed by John the 23rd. It is NOT the Catholic Church that I support. I have told you this numerous time, but you don’t comprehend well.

        You say I am not Christian, and I am happy to say that I am not, because the term “Christian” has been defiled by people like you, who think they can create their own religion in their own mind, and then condemn Catholics. You call them all pedophiles, and still think you are in line with God almighty.

        You ought to straighten your own house before condemning me and the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. We won’t know which one of us was right until we die will we? So until then, I shall live my life in line with the Church that Jesus founded, and The Mass that He instigated at The Last Supper. That is my will, and you have your own will to believe what you want.

        Now please go post at your own Blog, and post whatever you will, because that is your right. Stop trying to impose your will on me.

      • Lynne says:

        What is wrong with you? wow…sad & a littlle pissed at the mean heart…

  6. Lacee says:

    Elizabeth’s parents stated in their book “Bringing Elizabeth Home” that she’d gotten therapy. So either Elizabeth eventually decided to get therapy or her parents lied, & I can’t see why they would lie. It’s not as though anyone could actually find out if she was or wasn’t getting therapy(privacy laws). As for the reward, maybe it could have been split among all the abuse/abduction survivors who strive to make the world a safer place for kids. Elizabeth & Alicia are not the only ones who’ve tried to do that, after all.

    • Lynne says:

      If it was a fund set up for cases that were of course substaniated we could all donate to…I would love to do that!

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