Another Mother Caught Molesting Her Daughter For a Guy in Chat Room

This time, the mother sexually abused her two year-old daughter for a teenager in England.

Julie Carr (above) was told by the judge, “What you have done, Ms. Carr, is violate the most basic bond of society — the bond between a mother and her child, the bond between a mother and her daughter.” “I’ll tell you, unequivocally, that yours is the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

In 2009, the 33-year-old mother of four, sexually abused her youngest daughter during a video-chat with a teenager in England named Nicholas Wilde.

The youngest daughter was molested because Wilde said she was, “the cutest.” She was still in diapers.

Carr was caught after authorities followed a trail from Wilde’s computer memory disc containing recordings of Carr abusing her child. Wilde pleaded guilty to making and distributing child porn. He received five years in prison.

Carr’s lawyer argued the woman was “conned” into performing the acts online, court documents state.

That’s like saying she was conned by a computer to molest her child. This guy was nothing but an image of a stranger on her computer and she willingly sexually abused her daughter because the image told her to. This woman was degenerate long before some teenager online told her to violate her child.  She was probably turned on by a teenage boy and molested her daughter to get him off, and then got off on it herself.

Carr has been sentenced to twenty years in prison.



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One Response to Another Mother Caught Molesting Her Daughter For a Guy in Chat Room

  1. I do not understand the mentality of a woman who would do this to their children.

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