Teenager Secretly Videotaped Naked By Her Stepdad

I am posting this article only because I hope that some woman out there will think twice before allowing just anyone to move into her home with her children.

“An L.A. man is looking at six months in jail today after he set up an elaborate undercover video system to capture his 16-year-old daughter in the nude in her very own bedroom.

City Attorney’s officials said a “pinhole camera” led to a creeptastic video monitor in the family basement. Bad daddy.

Prosecutors from the L.A. City Attorney’s office also say authorities found three more cameras outside the home that fed the basement entertainment center.

The bedroom camera, they say, was placed in a heater vent. It captured the teen “dressing and showering,” according to a statement from the City Attorney’s office.

And so down goes Sergio Crespo, (age unknown) 41, who also will see one year of counseling, five years of probation, a prohibition on contact with minors, and a ban on “digital photographic equipment.”

Crespo was busted when the girl’s mom “discovered nude photos and videos of her

daughter on Crespo’s cell phone” early last year and called the LAPD, according to the City Attorney’s office.

Now Crespo can get a little taste of his stepdaughter’s nightmare as inmates eyeball him when he showers in jail.”



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2 Responses to Teenager Secretly Videotaped Naked By Her Stepdad

  1. Carol in VA says:

    Thank God this mother loved her daughter enough to report her husband to the police. Most women are afraid to lose the man so they let this continue.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Carol. I know, it’s wonderful isn’t it? How refreshing to hear of a mother who cares more about her child than her man.

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