Teenage Boy Rapes 7 Year-Old Girl; Police and Community Defend Rapist

A sheriff is defending the teenager, community members say it’s sad that the boy was tortured by bullies, the article calls it “sex” with the child, and the report barely mentions the fact that the seven year-old girl is the one who was tortured!

Torture is having your little legs spread open and a penis forced inside you until you bleed. You cry and scream for it to stop but no one helps you, and the perpetrator ignores your suffering. You are so scared because you have no idea what is happening, and you think you are going to die. That is torture, not being called names, or pushed around on a school yard.

“The Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Department said a 13-year-old boy from the Espanola area is facing charges for inappropriately touching and having sex with a 7-year-old girl in his family.”

Having sex with???? Uh, you mean RAPE?

“Officials said the teenager admitted he raped the girl because of peer pressure at school. The teenager is in a detention center, facing a serious crime, but police are jumping to his defense, saying he’s a victim, too.”

He is a victim of his own anger and ego. To put the rapist on the same level as the victim, is outrageous!

“This case is all about bullying, and because of the bullying, now we have two victims,” Sheriff Thomas Rodella said.”

This case is not about bullying. There is one victim and one teenage rapist.

“The sheriff said the boy admitted to his actions, and then explained to police he did it because other kids at school were brutally teasing and tormenting him for being a virgin.”

This kid already had a propensity for violence.

“People in this community, especially parents, said they’re stunned by how powerful bullying can be.”

Well gee, they ought to be more stunned at how powerful rape can be –how seriously it can damage a child. They ought to be stunned at how this teenager was driven with violence, self-motivation, and rage, to RAPE a little girl because he couldn’t psychologically deal with bullies.

These people make it sound like the bullies are the ones who raped the child.

“It’s just sad that a 13-year-old would be tortured that much that they would turn and do something like that to their own family member,” resident Kathryn Martinez said.”

Do “something like that???” Uh, you mean RAPE? What’s sad Ms. Martinez, is that you and those in your community, and apparently police officers, can stand there and call the teenage boy’s problems torture, but IGNORE the fact that the little girl is the one who was tortured. You are ignoring that a RAPE even occurred. Ms. Martinez, you can’t even SAY the word! You and everyone else in your community, who have this mentality, contribute to the RAPE of children. You think that’s a harsh statement? Well welcome to the victim’s world. Because, to the little girl, when adults and authority figures sympathize with the child rapist and call him a victim, she feels as if she is worthless and that rape is justified if the perpetrator couldn’t handle his emotions.

“A judge has until Tuesday to have a hearing and decide whether or not he should stay there or return home.”

The kid raped a family member, does she live in the home? Is he going to be returned to the same home as his victim??? It’s certainly not unheard of.

Why, why, why is this kid being allowed to go home after raping a small child?


“The act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty

This kid took his revenge out on a seven year-old girl. If he had raped one of the bullies, I would have had some sympathy for him.



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19 Responses to Teenage Boy Rapes 7 Year-Old Girl; Police and Community Defend Rapist

  1. lola says:

    this is just sickening to hear, 13 year old raping 7 year old what a disgrace to the human race!

  2. someone with common sense says:

    This is interesting because I happen to know of a similar case, of a 15 year old raping his 5 year old sister. His mother and grandmother helped him get released from Juvenile detention for it. Since when was it “ok” to commit a felony in the first degree because of being teased at school. I got teased at school because I was chubby and wore braces and because I was a virgin, and hell guess what? My younger brother never became attractive to me. I guess I just have some self control, or no, maybe it is because I am NORMAL! This kid is obviously sick in the head and needs to be put in a facility for kids like him. He needs to be labeled as a sex offender for life. What are the cops going to do when this kid goes free without being labeled gets married and possibly has a baby girl and she gets raped? Who are they going to blame then? This is just sick and sad.

    • Alethea says:

      Good points here. If this teenager does not get serious treatment and registered as a sex-offender, he might one day rape his own child when he gets stressed or angry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    marie i understand where your’re coming from, bullying can make you do alot of things, but causing physical, verbal, or emotional harm to someone is not one of them. If you dont know we are currently in the justice model so justice needs to be served. If you dont blame him than who is to blame. You cant blame the bullies because they did not physically put him in the bed with her. You cant blame the people who made the bullies bullies because thats their problem, not that seven year old little girl’s. That seven year old girl will now never have a special first time. She’ll be tomented for the rest of her life.What about their family, their brother sister relationship is completely gone now. she was only 7. he was 13 i’m sure he knew right from wrong. You learn about family life (sex) in 5 grade thats 10 years old. I’m sorry to say but he’s the blame. He shouldnt be killed or anything like that, but he does need to be punished, and then get a therapist.

  4. James says:

    You make it sound like we should just hang the boy. I’ll agree that he needs to go somewhere else to live but a harsh punishment like Juvenile Detention? No. He needs psychological help obviously. Let keep in mind he just became a “teenager.” He isn’t even in high school yet. The fact that a young girl was raped is a tragedy and if the perpetrator had been 16 or a grown man then they should face maximum punishment but in this scenario the assailant is but a child himself. The parents should be the ones questioned. Where the hell were they and how did they not see any signs leading up to this? In many states it is considered negligent to leave young children home alone.

    • Alethea says:

      You are incorrect James. You did not read my words with clarity. My anger is directed at several things:

      Society not calling rape what it is, but instead calling it “having sex with.”

      That the SEVEN year-old rape victim is virtually being ignored in the crime.

      That a rapist would be put back in the same home with his victim.

      …no where in my post did I say the teenager should be in juvenile detention, nor hanged.

  5. Jessica says:

    @ Maria
    are you serious? This “little boy” is a 13 year old who can EASILY control his actions, that is if he wanted to. He knows what he did was EXTREMELY wrong and he knows that if he got caught there would be harsh consequences. This would be true if these people/POLICE officers weren’t such dumbasses. He decided to give a sob story about how he was pressured into doing this, so automatically it’s the bullies faults? He couldn’t have just lied about having sex with someone his OWN age? The fact that it was a family memeber means he should be charged with incest.. Come on, really.

  6. Brokenup says:

    Maria, you’re an idiot. I have no other word for it, because that’s just how ridiculous what was spewing from your mouth was. Forget putting yourself in ‘the little boys’ shoes, put yourself in the little girls. Pigs like you make me absolutely sick, I hope the boy goes to prison as he should and the girl doesn’t suffer depression and low self-esteem like I did.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Brokenup.

      I hope the little girl doesn’t suffer depression, low-self worth, trauma symptoms, headaches, pain in her ears, vaginal pain, stomach aches, nightmares, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, or any other of the countless after-affects of child rape.

  7. Maria says:

    Well no Im not crazy,The bullying needed to be stop by one of the teachers right away, the poor little boy needed to let someone know what was happening to him.The question is: “Did he let anyone know what was happening to him in school?” I think that he shouldnt be the blame, mabe he didnt know what he was doing at the end, you never know, just put your feet in that little boys shoes and try to see how bullying feels and then respone to it.

    • Alethea says:

      “That poor little boy?” He is a teenager. How about “that poor little girl,” his rape victim?

      You don’t think he is to blame? Oh? Then who? The bullies? They didn’t rape the SEVEN year-old child. The teachers? They didn’t terrorize and traumatize a little child.

      The only shoes I care about right now are those of the little seven year-old VICTIM. I HAVE been in her shoes, and let me tell you something Maria, I would rather be teased, pushed around, and called names than to have experienced RAPE at age seven. I was teased as a child, I was called names. I didn’t go rape a little child because of it. In fact, I did not harm anyone because of it.

      This kid did not rape the bullies Maria, he raped a vulnerable and innocent child. He chose to retaliate on a defenseless little creature.

      • Maria says:

        Yes I do feel bad for that little girl, its not his fault, thoes boys in school shouldnt have been bullying him in the first place, and plus their little kids they will learn in the future about their mistakes, that little girl shouldnt have been rape by her brother, dont blame him blame the people around him,You never know if he was trying to get help or trying to tell somebody about what he was going through in school. I really think that he shouldnt be the blame for it, yes he rape her but what he is going through I could feel his pain.

        • Alethea says:

          Maria, if you wish to blame the bullies for the rape of the child, then you need to remove the blame from the bullies too because someone has abused, bullied, or psychologically damaged those kids to the point of making them into bullies.

          With your logic, it’s not the bullie’s fault for being bullies, it is purely the fault of those who caused them to become bullies.

          I understand better than most people how abuse, a lack of love, and psychological torture can cause a person to harm, hurt, or treat others poorly. But where does the blame begin? The cycle of abuse and neglect is endless. It has to stop somewhere. People have to stop abusing others when they are abused or bullied, or harmed in any way. Jesus The Christ tried to teach us that lesson with his very life. He was physically tortured, mentally anguished, and suffered greatly, but he never laid a hand on anyone; even in his own defense.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Maria It wasn’t his fault? Are you serious!?he’s a 13 year old boy, who can EASILY control his actions if he wanted to. He knew this was extremely wrong, and he knew what rape was. The fact that it was a family member, means he could be charged with incest. People are so dumb! Bullies had nothing to do with this whatsoever. He could have gone and found some girl his age who was willing and had sex with her. I don’t think the bullying is going to go away.. They’re now going to tease him about that fact he had sex with a 7 year old.

    • Anonymous says:

      And he should have had some common sense here! He raped a poor little girl because maybe HIS “suffering” would stop. It was just some teasing which happens to EVERYONE. If it really got bad enough he could have told an adult. Now you think because he’s not a virgin anymore, that they’ll stop teasing him? Uh I don’t think so. And they’re obviously gonna Hold having sex with a little girl against him. Things like ohh couldn’t get a girl your own age? Why couldn’t he have just LIED about being a virgin. If being a virgin at 13 was SOOO bad, he could have just found someone who was willing to have sex with him. Not by force.

  8. Alethea says:

    It is now being reported that the little girl was the kid’s little sister.

    True Crime Report

  9. Maria says:

    Its not the boy fault, bullying can really make teens do stuff and they wont relize at the end… Why cant they blame the other kids who were bullying that boy?

    • Alethea says:

      Background: Teenager gets called names and psychologically harassed: Teenager does not hurt bullies, and takes revenge out on an innocent little girl’s vagina, virginity, peace of mind, peace of soul, her very existence.

      Maria says: Not teen’s fault: His victim ought to blame the bullies. Or no one is at fault, because after-all, the bullies were bullied by someone to make them into bullies.

      Conclusion: Teens and adults who rape little girls can’t be blamed for their actions because someone else made them do it.

      What are you Maria, crazy?

    • It was not the bullies that raped the 7-year-old little girl. Yes, bullying should be stopped. When are people going to start to put the blame where it belongs with the rapist? Being angry is not a reason to rape a child or even an adult. Rape is rape is rape. Stop blaming the victim and others. The rapist is to blame for his/her own behavior. No one has the right to hurt someone else.

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