Police: Mother Sexually Abuses Her Child In Order to Gain Custody

Provo Utah–“Police report that a Provo woman was arrested Thursday for sexually abusing her daughter as a tactic in a custody dispute.

According to a police affidavit, Tiffany Marie Petrossi admitted to using a jagged fingernail to injure her daughter in 2009. At the time, she allegedly accused the child’s father, Jesse Huffaker, of committing the sexual abuse. The affidavit states that Petrossi told police she had found injuries on the child immediately after a custody exchange with Huffaker in August 2009.

Petrossi eventually obtained a protective order against Huffaker, the affidavit states, and made a sworn statement about finding blood in her daughter’s diaper. Huffaker reportedly was arrested and held on charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

But when investigators performed an analysis of the evidence in the case, they found no male DNA, the affidavit states, and the case against Huffaker was dismissed. Utah County Prosecutor Chad Grunander explained that Huffaker never was formally charged in the case.”

“The affidavit states that in March the father approached police and expressed his suspicion that the woman had committed the abuse in order to influence their mutual custody dispute. When police questioned the woman about the allegations, she reportedly admitted she had caused the injuries to implicate the father.

Petrossi was then arrested and held on charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and giving false or inconsistent material statements. Grunander said that the case has not yet made its way to his office, but he added that if prosecutors decide to pursue a first degree aggravated sexual abuse of a child charge, Petrossi potentially could face life in prison.”

I am absolutely sick and tired of these kind of people.  If these allegations are true, I hope this woman is prosecuted for child sexual abuse, child abuse, child endangerment, and any other charges they can come up with. If true, THIS WOMAN is one of the reasons why so many sexually abused children ARE NOT BELIEVED, and why so many sexually abused kids are handed over to the abusive fathers. Women like this, make mothers with legitimate claims of abuse, look like hysterical women, falsely claiming abuse to punish the father in divorce cases. Sometimes women do lie, but sometimes there is a real case of sexual abuse, the mother is disbelieved, and the child gets put into the arms of a perpetrator.

This woman is the lowest of the low on my list. She is a child sexual abuser, and she abused the child for reasons other than sex –she did it for self-gain, which is even more disgusting.

If these accusations are true, this woman is a good example of my belief that, women who sexually abuse children, are often worse than men who do. You can read my article on this subject by clicking here



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4 Responses to Police: Mother Sexually Abuses Her Child In Order to Gain Custody

  1. Stacy says:

    Maybe, just maybe, this conviction along with a small handful of others means something is going in the right direction when it comes down to “who is to blame”.


    “She allowed him to inflict unimaginable horror on that sweet baby. … For that, she is responsible,”

  2. Lame says:

    The judge, once it was proven she made up the accusation, shouldn’t have given the children to the ex-husband as punnishment, he should have issued a bench warrent for her arrest on charges of filing a false police report and purjery.

  3. little nel says:

    This is a sad story. It reminds me of one where the grandmother falsely accused her son-in-law of molesting his three year old daughter in order to enable the mother to get custody of the two children in a divorce.

    The son-in-law did not molest his child. The judge gave custody to the father to punish the mother and grandmother for the false accusations which caused the mother who lost custody to become depressed and commit suicide.

    • Alethea says:

      I agree Little Nel, but this is more than false accusations, if true, this is a mother who would actually take those allegations so far that she would sexually abuse her child herself.

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