Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Kidnappers/Rapist Plead Guilty

Court TV has just announced that Phillip and Nancy Garrido have pleaded guilty in the kidnapping and rape case of Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Child kidnapper and lover of a child rapist, Nancy Garrido, faces 36 years to life. The D.A. says they will fight against her ever being released from prison. Her child rapist husband will receive life.


(Phillip and Nancy Garrido in 1988, just after he was released from prison for rape)

Court TV is reporting that Nancy Garrido plead guilty in part because she didn’t want the children of Jaycee Lee, who were products of rape by Phillip Garrido, to not have to testify in court.

My eyes are dry, because if Nancy Garrido had any degree of compassion twenty years ago, she never would have kidnapped Jaycee Lee, or allowed her husband to repeatedly rape the girl for years.

Sentencing to be announced.

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