Mother of Three, Who Had Sex With Her Daughter’s Boyfriend, Tries to Blame Teen

ABC was able to interview the so-called “hummer mom,” Christine Shreeve Hubbs, who allowed a sexual relationship with two 14-year-old boys, one being her daughter’s boyfriend.

Christine granted an interview with reporter Dan Noyes, because she hoped to reduce her image as a sexual predator. It’s a little late for that. She should have thought about that before she crawled into bed with her daughter’s boyfriend.

Hubbs, the Mormon wife of a dentist, met with reporter Dan Noyes at the county jail, where she is serving five years. Hubbs was convicted last month of having sex with underage boys.

The first sexual contact with a teenage boy took place in 2008 while the family was on a trip to Lake Tahoe. Hubbs says she had fallen asleep in a bed that occupied her two daughters and her daughter’s boyfriend. She says that at some point, there was some “feeling around.”

Hubbs says she ‘just went with it.’

Oh, okay.

Hubbs told the reporter that ‘she tried to get the boy to stop, but then she was worried her kids would wake up.’ So instead of leaving the room, she decided the best way to get the sexual contact to stop would be to lead the teenage boy into another bedroom. Amazingly, her brilliant plan to stop the sexual contact didn’t work, and “sexual encounters” began in the bedroom.

In light of my posts on the women who have caught their boyfriend or husband having sex with children and blame the child; and given the fact that I am still dealing with having been blamed by my own mother, I thought this story was important.

“I didn’t start it; I didn’t touch anything back. It was him — he started it.”

Oh, okay.

Look, in no way do I think these boys were traumatized. There is a vast difference between a man or woman who sexually abuses a small child or a pre-pubescent. Teenage boys, engaging in sex with attractive older women, don’t go through trauma. They might experience some guilt or fear of being caught, but it is not the same level of fear, emotional trauma, and shame that a small child experiences from being over-powered, forced, or tricked into sexual acts with an adult.

The detectives in this case say the boys claim Hubbs was the one who began the sexual contact, and that she went into her daughter’s boyfriend’s room, where he was sleeping alone, wearing nothing but an overcoat.

Being that the boy is not guilty of anything, morally or criminally, I take his word over hers.

Hubbs claims that the reason she continued having a sexual relationship with the teen is because she feared he would tell someone. She said, “He could flip at any time and say something, and then I’m where I’m at today.” Fair enough, but don’t you dare blame the teenager for the sexual abuse because it is the adult who is solely responsible for controlling their behavior.

Authorities say Hubbs sent text messages to the teen, including one saying “you are mine, mine, mine so tell all the other girls to fuck off.” In another text message, she allegedly wrote, “I miss your touch.” Sounds like we know who exactly was the sexual aggressor here. This was a teenage boy, who undoubtedly could have had any young teen girl he wanted. These days, teenage boys have no problem finding girls their age, or even younger, to have some kind of sex with them, and I am sure the teens their age would be a lot more visually stimulating to the boys than a 42 year-old mother of three. This woman was the sexual aggressor. There is no doubt in my mind that she got off by a young, healthy, visually appealing teenage boy.

Detectives say that the boy tried to stop seeing Hubbs, but that she lured him back with gifts and money. Sounds true enough to me!

Authorities say that the boy finally broke off the relationship and when he did, a second victim came out with his story.

It was her first victim’s friend. Hubbs apparently gave the second teen a ride home. They parked at a baseball field and had sex. Hubbs says, “We just had sex in the back of the car.” “It just happened, I don’t know — it’s my fault.” Well, thank goodness. Here she takes responsibility.

Allegedly, Hubbs was given her nickname, “Hummer mom” when she let the two boys fire water-pellet guns out the window of her Hummer as she drove them around the neighborhood. Reports say that Hubbs then took the teens to another location and “exchanged in sex acts,” with them.

Hubbs was finally caught when the mother of the first teen found a topless photo of Hubbs which she had sent to him. The boy’s mother was the one who called police.

“So what possessed Hubbs to have sex with teenage boys? She tells Noyes that she had a lot of stress in her marriage as well as financial issues, both of which impaired her judgment at the time.”

Yes, chances are that Hubbs was sexually abused as a child, was emotionally needy, and mentally immature. But the chances are also good that she enjoyed the attention being give to her by two young guys. When the ego gets involved in people’s emotional and psychological dysfunction, they can do really stupid things.

However, I would have more respect for these women if they would admit to their total responsibility and stop blaming the sexually wild hormones of a teen. I especially take issue with mothers who blame a young child for having a need to please, or to be accepted and loved by an adult they trust.

These teenagers will probably be just fine, but in regards to the female children in my previous articles (click here and here) who were punished for being raped, those two little girls will grow with the horrible problem of having guilt every time they do or experience something fun, pleasurable, or good. This can create very serious psychosomatic problems in survivors of sexual abuse. I speak from experience on this subject, and I will be writing an entire post on it soon.


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3 Responses to Mother of Three, Who Had Sex With Her Daughter’s Boyfriend, Tries to Blame Teen

  1. Stacy says:

    “This woman is extremely insecure, self-centered, and possibly has control issues, and she cared NOTHING about her own child in that moment.”

    SPOT ON!

    I have a feeling this woman has spent all 14 years of her daughters life trying to one-up the poor child. And I know what THAT behavior did to ME. It makes that old anger come bubbling up and I want to scratch her eyes out.

  2. Alethea says:

    Good morning Carol.

    For the sake of victims, we can’t make the mistake of assuming that this woman just needed sex. Everything in this world is not about sex.

    She chose to be with her daughter’s 14 year-old boyfriend. In order to fulfill a sexual need, she could have gone to a bar and gotten into bed or a relationship with practically any man she wanted. She instead chose HER OWN DAUGHTER’S 14 year-old boyfriend, while her daughter was in the same bed.

    This woman is extremely insecure, self-centered, and possibly has control issues, and she cared NOTHING about her own child in that moment.

    She is disgusting. Her husband has nothing to do with it.

    In peace,

  3. Carol in VA says:

    Good afternoon. It would have been much better had this nut told her husband to get some VIAGRA.

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