Casey Anthony Trial: Secrets, Lies, and Stupidity

To believe the defense theory, you have to believe that…

  • Instead of calling 911 to do anything to save Caylee after an accidental drowning, George Anthony decided to blame Casey for the accident, and then get involved in a massive cover-up and dump the body of his beloved grandchild, like she was trash.
  • Casey didn’t tell anyone about the drowning so she could keep the secret of the man -WHO MOLESTED HER- and the man who blamed her for Caylee’s death, and the man who disposed of the body –all while she sits trapped behind bars and George is free.
  • Casey suddenly began to recall her father’s sexual molestation while awaiting trial for 1st degree murder.
  • Casey didn’t tell anyone this drowning secret for 3 YEARS, all while moaning and complaining about being locked up in jail…. and yelling at, and deceiving, the two parents who supposedly control her.
  • Roy Kronk stole Caylee’s body and hid it, somewhere in his home maybe??? Under the bed??? Then returned the body to the woods four months later so he could collect a reward –while knowing full well that his DNA would be all over the body, that he could get caught, or that someone else might find the body first and collect the reward.
  • George Anthony, who loved and adored Caylee, wrapped duct tape around Caylee’s lifeless body, and then dumped Caylee like a piece of trash.
  • The cadaver dogs are all wrong. The cadaver experts are all wrong. The impound yard man was wrong about the smell of human decomposition (even though he had smelled it many times before). The detective who smelled human decomposition was wrong. Cindy Anthony did not smell a dead body in the car, and George lied to police about the trunk smelling like a dead body.
  • The medical examiner is wrong. The bug expert is wrong.
  • Casey sat in jail for three years while being demonized, and knowing that she was facing a murder trial and the death penalty, never told anyone that Caylee died in an accidental drowning.
  • And…. George Anthony would rather see his daughter receive the death penalty, instead of admitting that the death of Caylee was just a tragic accident.
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