Evil Takes Many Forms: It’s Not Always a Sexual Predator Father. In this, Case It’s a Sociopathic Ego-Driven Mother

In response to a comment by a reader, Stacy:

I find it an injustice to all victims of incest and child sexual abuse, and to child victims of murder committed by their parents, that Casey Anthony and her attorney have, in my opinion, convinced -with lies- some survivors of child sexual abuse that Casey is an innocent, grieving, traumatized mother.

Stacy, no one is basing their belief of Casey’s guilt on one rage-filled look on her face. God knows that I, as a survivor of incest, have expressed rage many times.

Yes, there are many clips of George’s “angry” face. Who the hell can blame him? How would you like it if your granddaughter was murdered, your daughter was likely guilty, and there were cameras and protesters in your face and in front of your home every day of your life?

There is ZERO evidence that George Anthony raped or molested Casey. Miss Anthony has not even taken the stand to accuse her father herself. Casey is so much of a narcissistic coward that she allows Baez to do her dirty work for her. Do you know what is almost as bad as child sexual abusers? Those who knowingly falsley claim child sexual abuse!

Stacy, the evil that sits at the dinner table in this case is Casey Anthony, not George. Evil takes many forms. It is not always a sexual predator father who is the evil one. Sometimes it is an ego-driven mother. Not all men are evil, and not all women are good, loving mothers. In fact, I find men to be less evil than women.

There is absolutely NO LINK between incest in the Anthony family and some alleged drowning incident that caused Casey trauma to the point of total dissociation, pathological lying, and treachery. The evidence in this case speaks volumes that Casey Anthony murdered Caylee. Common sense and reason must be applied to this case, not emotion.

I don’t care anymore if she was molested or not, because if she was, then she is using child molestation to excuse herself of, in my opinion, murder. Anyone who believes she was sexually abused, must separate any incest from Caylee’s murder. Make no mistake, this child was thrown like garbage into the woods. She was murdered.

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