Hey Casey Anthony: Accusing Someone of Child Sexual Abuse is a Very Serious Matter

I am still receiving backlash and negative comments from survivors of child sexual abuse, who feel that people need to believe all accusations of abuse.

Not all allegations of abuse are true, and this isn’t someone just claiming abuse to their circle of friends, or to their sympathetic husband…or even just privately to their abuser, or their mother for not protecting them.

This is a capital murder trial. When accusations of child sexual abuse are made public, one needs to have the guts to stand up and outright accuse the person. Casey Anthony did not. She hid behind her attorney.

Accusing someone of child sexual abuse is a very serious matter. The fact that Casey did not take the stand and accuse her father and brother herself, is indicative that she lied about the incest, and thus, about her child’s “drowning accident.”

When an adult makes public accusations of her father having forced her to perform oral sex on him when she was eight years-old, then she had better be ready to stand up and speak those accusations, not hide behind an attorney who just throws it out there. When a person makes those accusations in a COURT OF LAW, they had better be ready to prove those accusations, and they damn well better testify to them.

The fact that Casey Anthony did not get up and accuse her father herself, or tell the world about the so-called accidental drowning, is strong evidence of Casey being guilty, not her father.

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