Those Who Want Justice for Caylee, Prepare Yourselves To Be Shocked

In light of all the comments I have received in favor of Casey Anthony, and by those who think Casey might have killed Caylee, but are still unconvinced that she did…. I have an admonition for those who are hoping for a conviction: You had better not expect that this jury will use their common sense and reason, or will be able to get past their own human denial system.

I fear that this case could end up to be another O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson type of acquittal.

I am hoping for a Scott Peterson type of jury. The jury in that case had no method of death to work with, and it was a highly circumstantial case; yet Scott Peterson, the sociopathic, compulsive liar, who murdered his wife Lacey in order to be free with Amber Frey, is now sitting on death row.

An interesting note though, O.J. Simpson is now in prison for other crimes, and M.J is dead.

But I just don’t want people to be devastated if this jury is hornswoggled into believing the detailed lies put forth by a defense attorney, who is speaking for a woman who has used intricate, detailed lies to cover up the death of her child –a woman who doesn’t even have the guts to stand up for herself and accuse her father of sexual abuse, or for framing her for murder, or to explain to everyone how her daughter died in a terrible tragic drowning accident.

Those who can see past their denial system, past the bullshit from Baez and his client, and past their hatred for George Anthony…..I say to you, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best…

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