Casey Anthony Case: The Human Denial System Has Prevailed

This jury threw their common sense and reason out the jury deliberation room window.

They could not get past their human denial system. They could not believe, comprehend, or understand how a good-looking mother, who is seen smiling in all those photos with Caylee, could possibly murder her own beautiful child for self-gain.

I am not shocked, I already prepared myself for this verdict because I know how powerful the human denial system is.

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  1. little nel says:

    I did not see anything in this case that indicated that it was about justice for Caylee Anthony.

    It was about “damage control” and who had the best presentation and experts.

    Lying has always been a viable way to avoid criminal consequences. It works especially well for those with celebrity status and who are physically attractive. Winona Ryder is an example one who got caught stealing and got off like many others before her.

    We as a culture seem to give permission to “special ones” to commit crimes that “common folk” would be jailed for.

    There seems to be two sets of laws in America, those for the rich/beautiful and those for the poor.

    Caylee Anthony’s justice has only been thwarted temporarily. Casey will self-destruct sooner or later, just like OJ and Michael.

  2. little nel says:

    This trial was about George versus Casey and her legal team. Who did the jury believe?

    In my opinion, George lost credibility when his mistress stated that George told her that Caylee’s death was an accident that got “out of control” and that she gave George a hefty loan of cash in addition to sexual favors because she was sympathetic to his pain.

    It makes George look like a controlling abuser who exploits women for sex and money, then denies it, so that gives Casey some valuable credibility in spite of her continual lies and destructive behavior.

    Hence, “reasonable doubt” is now a reality that exists in the minds of the jury because George was seeking out sexual gratification just like Casey did after the loss of Caylee.

    It’s the behavior that is seen in both Casey and George as “avoidance of pain” motivated in my opinion.

    • Dechen says:

      So that alleged “mistress”, the woman with a brain tumor and two names, a proven liar herself, is more credible and believable for this jury than 400 pieces of evidence? Even Casey’s ex-boyfriend believes she killed Caley. No wonder Ashton is retiring on Friday.

    • Alethea says:

      I’m sorry, but anyone who would disbelieve a grieving grandfather, who was caught in an affair….disbelieve him more than the pathological lying, manipulative, self-centered, ego-driven woman who sat at the defense table, is either bias, stupid, or in denial that a good-looking young mother would deliberately, or during an act of child abuse, kill her daughter.

  3. Stacy says:

    The entire family dynamic hit too close to home for me. I even got to watch a bit of the closing arguments. George Anthony was my reasonable doubt. And I’ve explained before why.

    I’m not typically a stalker… but I’m going to keep my eyes on Casey et al.

    • Alethea says:

      So Casey Anthony, who knew all along that it was an accident, sat in jail for THREE LONG years -while FACING DEATH or LIFE IN PRISON- without letting anyone know that it was an accident.

  4. “The sequestered jury of seven women and five men was chosen from the Tampa Bay area because of exhaustive pretrial media coverage in the Orlando area and have been sequestered in an Orlando hotel. ”

    I hate to say it but maybe they just wanted to go home.

  5. I am shocked. I guess I put too much trust in our judicial system.
    I am so curious to hear from the jury. I really want to know why they found her not guilty.
    I am glad that I did not bet with you on your last post.

    • Alethea says:


      In my opinion, the title of your blog name is so appropriate. I feel as though we have all been watching a psycho named Casey Anthony for the last three years.

      How dare Baez and his team have a champagne celebration lunch after the verdict? How dare they, I ask? –Because they are the same people who dared to (in my opinion) lie to the world and try to pin child murder on everyone but their client.

      Caylee Anthony is dead, and now no one will pay for the crime. A beautiful little angel is dead and these goons went out to celebrate with cocktails.

      • I did not even see that they went out afterwards. I was disgusted and turned it off.
        I am glad that they celebrated the death of Caylee.
        They all lied, I agree.

  6. Dechen says:

    I keep telling myself in the midst of my utter shock and disbelief, that the jury was not really judging Casey’s guilt or innocence. Their ultimate job was to determine whether or not the state proved their case without any reasonable doubt. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But the sheer statistical odds are that at least 25% of the women and men on that jury have a sexual abuse history of their own. They might be just like all those you have been hearing from who believe in Casey and Baez silly theory, having made up their minds during the opening statements.

    • Alethea says:

      I agree Dechen about the number of abuse victims there may have been on the jury, but if that is what they based themselves on, then they did not do their job because they were not supposed to consider opening or closing statements as evidence.

      I want to hear from this jury, but so far, I know that they did not even go over any evidence, or ask for any read-backs of testimony, or to review any video etc. That was their job to do! This was a complex, long case that needed to be examined and thoroughly reviewed. I feel they made a rush verdict because they were tired of being locked up for two months and wanted to go home.

      • SurvivorSunshine says:

        I agree, Alethea. I used to live in Orlando and would visit Clearwater frequently. Many of the people I encountered, frankly, were under-educated and only interested in bar-hopping on one hand or going to church every day on the other. Not much diversity. It’s summer, it’s hot and people across the country are so narcissistic (and sociopathic) nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a deal with one another to keep deliberations short in order to be done with it all. A guilty verdict would mean a sentencing trial and they didn’t have time for all that. SMH

        Well, we know mothers kill their kids all the time and get away with it. But God sees all and Casey will ultimately be judged by Him.

      • Dechen says:

        So I take back my above statement that gave the jury the benefit of the doubt that they had one iota of an idea of what they were doing there. One of the jurors was talking about how they didn’t know what the motive was, though their instructions should have indicated that the prosecution does not need to show motive. That is only if you watch Perry Mason or something. They also thought George Anthony “knew something”. Yeah, this guy is going to frame his own daughter for 1st degree murder???? This jury had NO idea what their job was supposed to be in this trial. The laziness and stupidity of this jury will go down in history. Now they are no longer sequestered, they will be able to see what we have all been seeing. In my opinion, the prosecution blew it big time with all their fancy forensics that went completely over this retarded jury’s head. There would have been justice for Caylee if they had presented some of the more emotional evidence, like the huge fight Casey and her mother had, which was overheard by the neighbor, right before Caylee went “missing”. Motive, this would give them motive. They should never have stretched for the death penalty, even though the jurors were not supposed to consider the penalty phase. Oh and the jury found Baez likable. Unbelievable. They found her guilty of lying. Period. Did they not even consider what she was lying to law enforcement about??? Thanks for the forum. Thanks for letting me vent. Such a sad day.

        • Alethea says:

          You’re right Dechen, the alternate juror said no motive proven. Well, didn’t he hear the judge, or read the jury instructions???? Motive is NOT necessary. Cause of death, not necessary. Reason and common sense…necessary!

          And George Anthony was not on trial! Sure, he lied about the affair, but that does not prove a DAMN thing.

          Of course George Anthony is not going to frame his own daughter for 1st degree murder! This jury had their mind made up at Jose Baez’s opening statement, and yet the opening statement cannot be accepted as evidence.

          This jury ONLY wanted to see and hear evidence that supported their belief that no good-looking, mother with smiling photos of her and her child, would deliberately kill her. They did not want to hear or believe anything that did not fit into their belief that IT HAD TO BE AN ACCIDENT.

          • I also want to add. George Anthony is an ex cop. I am sure that he, if he had wanted to, would have found a better way to cover up a death.
            I am also sure that he would have known a better way to hide a body. (Not trying to get to morbid here.) Wrapping a body in multiple layers of plastic would make dumping it in the swamps stupid. IF he had went route (which he would not with even a basic understanding of investigation procedure) he would have dumped a body in a way that the elements (and animals) could destroy and wash away almost all evidence.

            It is hard to think of it that way when you know that it was a beautiful little baby girl that we’re talking about but it’s true.
            That is why I do not believe at all that he had anything to do with it.

            Common sense. There are 12 people in Florida that do not have any…

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