Casey Anthony Case: Here’s Your Chance To Do Something About the Injustice

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch has just appeared on CNN and he wants the opinion of the public about whether or not to file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony, and or, Jose Baez to get back the 100,000 dollars spent on the search for Caylee Marie.

Tim Miller stated that because Jose Baez admitted that “Caylee was never missing,” he, and or his client, needs to pay for all the time and money spent by his employees looking for Caylee. According to Casey Anthony, Caylee WAS NEVER MISSING, so she wasted everyone’s precious time –time that could have been spent on finding REAL missing children.

Tim Miller said he wants feedback from the public about this. Please call, write, or email Tim Miller and ask him to file that lawsuit. You can leave comments here, BUT THEY WILL NOT BE SEEN BY EQUUSEARCH, so please call, email, or write Tim Miller of Equusearch at the addresses given below.

If Caylee and The People of The State of Florida could not receive justice, then let financial and moral justice be served to Casey Anthony for lying, deceiving, and betraying law enforcement, Texas EquuSearch, and every person that ever helped look for the “missing” Caylee Marie.

The verdict told Casey Anthony that it is okay to lie about serious matters. Tell Tim Miller that he needs to send Casey the message that it is NOT okay to lie about serious matters.

Call, email, or write to:

Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search & Recovery

P.O. Box 395
Dickinson, Texas 77539
Office: (281) 309-9500
Fax: (281) 534-6719
Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

Please visit my homepage:


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37 Responses to Casey Anthony Case: Here’s Your Chance To Do Something About the Injustice

  1. Hope Jeanette says:

    Tim, please go through with the law suit. This miserable woman put you and your team out of money, blood, sweat, and tears to search for a child who was not even missing. She lied to you and law enforcement to save herself from the truth of what happened to Caylee Marie, I think a law suit is in order. You have my support 100 percent.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Tim should sue her…valuable time, money and other resources were spent looking for a missing child. According to Jose Baez’s opening statement, Caylee drowned in the family pool and she was dumped in the woods. If that statement is true (and we all know it’s a lie), there was no missing child. I’m in full support of anyone who has been a victim of CA.

  3. That family knew that she was dead… is disturbing to see the picture of Lee and CASEY laughing and giving a high five while the search was going on….. that alone makes my skin crawl….you are a reputable organization….they wasted your resources that could of, should of brought another child home….PROTECT the name of TEXAS EQUUSEARCH, let them know that it will not be taken for granted, and will not be abused !

  4. Denise says:

    Tim should sue everyone on this case that lied about Caylees where abouts.The Anthonys,lawyers,and Casey herself.They should also have to pay punitive any and all court costs and lawyer fees../Let them give back some of the money they made on profit for murder,blood money.They should be made to help another child because they didn’t help poor Caylee..

  5. Peggy says:

    Go after her…who the hell do these Anthony clan think they are…oh yeah above the law….

  6. sue lawrie says:

    GO GET THE “BITCH”!!!!!

  7. Tori Moore says:

    Just called Tx Equ and gave them tons of support…They have every right to sue this evil evil evil did I say evil person ?!!

  8. Felicia Dewese says:

    She should say locked up until they find out who killed her daughter. I think she had something to do with it and if she didn’t she know what happen. Why would it take a month to report her daughter missing? The law is so crazy, I need to know how can a person just do something like this to a child or anyone and get away with it.

    • Alethea says:

      Felicia, Of course she “had something to do with it.” The defense says she knew what happened to her child, thus, any reasonable person can conclude that there is no murderer roaming the streets.

  9. Letter sent requesting that he file on behave of tax payers everywhere.



  11. Dr. Rao says:

    Dear Mr. Tim Miller – please go ahead with your law suit sir. At least this is the bare minimum justice that we can provide Caylee. Casey and her attorney are a miserable pair of unethical b**rds (sorry for the language), I believe they lied all along and deserve much more. You have the public support required. All I can say – please go for it!!!

  12. Yes! She owes so many people…the state of Florida should get money back for the expenses of her lawyers and trial.

  13. little nel says:

    I think that Casey Anthony has an obligation to make restitution for the time,effort, and money that was wasted on a child that was not missing.

    She should also be made to pay punitive damages for her reckless indifference to the time,effort, and money spent.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think that a lawsuit to recover expenses would be in order in this case. I think that punitive damages should be allowed also.

    The lawsuit should include Cindy and George Anthony because there is evidence that they knew that Caylee was not among missing.

    • Kay89 says:

      Cindy and George didn’t know that Caylee wasn’t missing; because all that Casey would tell her parents was that “Zanny” had Caylee… so No Cindy and George shouldn’t be charged along with Casey….. Casey should be, because she ultimately lied which wasted 100,000 dollars that could have been spent on looking for an actually missing child, not one that was dead already…

  15. Kelly says:

    PLEASE sue the pants off both of them!! [Casey] sat in jail and knew that Caylee was not missing! Why would you let people search day and night for a baby that was not missing??? Easy answer…Casey did not care! She only cared about her sociopathic self sitting in jail..She still does not think she did anything wrong!!!
    Jose knows what she did too..makes this all the more worse!

    I think your company has every right to sue…you deserve to get back what everyone gave out of their hearts!!!! I wish you the best of Luck! I support you 100%

  16. Alethea says:

    “I understand why MJ and OJ got off -they were celebrities, but…”

    Casey Anthony became a celebrity because of this trial.

    • William says:

      You are so right. This shameless woman who killed her child and got away is ready to cash in her crime. Her crime made her famous. How could all this ever be like this???????

      I really doubt if this jurors ever have any brain or any guts. They abused the power that were given to them. Yet the pity is smart and responsible people never get that chance to judge in our jury system.

  17. Nancy says:

    You have my full support, Tim. They need to pay for their lies and deceit which took resources away from good, honest people in crisis. Thanks, Nancy

  18. Tara says:

    You can show support for Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch by liking this FB page:

  19. tanya toppin says:

    I say do it! We need justice

  20. Ann Galleske says:

    Yes I think Tim should file a lawsuit against Casey !

  21. yes I would for sure file a lawsuit!!!!! This is the worse justice I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is worse than oj this was a baby who could not even fight back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God help are justice system!!!!!!!!!


    I say Definately GO FOR IT!!!!!!

  23. Fay Farr says:

    Dear Tim Miller please file that lawsuit.Casey Anthony, and or, Jose Baez to get back the 100,000 dollars spent on the search for Caylee Marie.

  24. Christina says:

    I believe that you have every right to go after her and or Jose for the money..that money can be used now to search for more missing children (actual missing children) I do not believe that casey anthony deserve to walk free but at least getting something out of her would help with the sting of it all…..She deserve to pay in so many ways might as well get her to pay in cash….i support you if you do decide to go through with this.

  25. Tammy Tupay says:


    I do agree with you should file a lawsuit. That family was wrong to take needed time and resources to ask for a search for Caylee knowing that she was not missing.

    Tammy T. Tupay

  26. Liz D says:

    Please deal with the travesty of justice that happened in any way you can.

  27. Debbie says:

    Yes he should sue them.

  28. Lani Trotter says:

    TIM, get your $$$ back. How dare Casey just USE your business for her and Jose’s fun. I am taking the jurors decision badly, but if you can see justice for Caylee, go forth my friend.

  29. MichelleDJS says:

    YES!!!!! Sue that crazy b*tch!!!! Bleed her dry. Take everything she owns and will ever own. Inconvenience that lying twit in every way.

  30. Francine Struss says:

    I think Casey Anthony & her Attorney’s should be sued for the money wasted on the search for poor Caylee since they all knew the child was not “missing” or alive. Justice needs to be served somehow. Casey needs to be made to pay somehow.

  31. Francine S says:

    I think Casey Anthony & here Attorney’s should be sued to recover the money wasted on the seaech for Caylee when they knew she was not “missing” or alive. Justice for Caylee needs to come somehow & her so called mother needs to pay somehow.

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