Casey Anthony Got Away With it Because She is a Woman

If this had been a man on trial for the murder of his little daughter, the jury would have convicted him.

In my opinion, Casey Anthony got away with murder because she is of the female sex –the so-called “nurturing sex,” the “gentler sex,” the gender that is idolized as the compassionate, loving protector.

I have news for these jurors, women are often more evil than men. Women, can and do resent their children and feel they are in the way, and some mothers will do whatever they can to get rid of that child. Women can be cold, calculating child killers and child abusers.

This jury put George Anthony on trial, not Casey Anthony.

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9 Responses to Casey Anthony Got Away With it Because She is a Woman

  1. Siobhan says:

    Althea ..I think it’s more about the prosecution having the burden of tangible proof and it simply being destroyed. You could be right about the woman part and some people think if she were a person of color it would be different. But our criminal justice system is very flawed. Even during the past decade there were some innocent men who were sentenced to death based on incompetent “expert witnesses” whose forensic work was flawed. This case is so complicated no matter how “cut and dry” things appear. I think she did it but this is MY gut and what I think is logical reasoning based on the “facts.” There is alot we don’t know. We know for certain she was a horrible mother..she neglected her child..she was abusive and selfish..she lied about everything and kept changing her story..using substances to knock Cayley is extreme child abuse..I don’t understand why she is only getting four years..don’t think she was abused by her father..but what if it were to be discovered that she was..that he had been so concerned about “what the neighbors would think” that he tried to cover up a drowning and then after a month figured they’d better show some concern to the police if they didn’t want to be caught. There does seem to be a lot of denial in that family..the way Cindy tried to take the blame for the chloroform search..The problem/or good thing..depending on circumstances, about our criminal justice system is that in order to prevent an innocent person from receiving the death penalty, the prosecution has to show tangible evidence..not circumstantial evidence within a shadow of a doubt..That evidence wasn’t strong enough apparently. And the Double Jeopardy protection inherent in our system needs to be completely taken out..If at some later time advances in forensic evidence prove her guilt, they can’t do a thing. The prosecution did bring forth an expert witness who described the type of flies that were in her trunk that indicate a decayed body was there..but it doesn’t prove who put it there..I admit I haven’t followed consistently..I needed breaks and it was just a horrible thing to read about day in and out..I don’t understand why the defense threw out the information about the flies as not relevant..It just seems that the prosecution tried hard but was contantly slapped down and didn’t have a legal leg to stand on in the end..despite all testimony pointing to her guilt. It may even have been involuntary manslaughter..she may have “only” meant to quiet her down..still disgusting and still warrants punishment..I’m frustrated too..I think there is just too much that we’ll never know..and in order to prosecute we cannot specualte..there must be no’s a tragedy from beginning to end..For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t want to be the free Caysey Anthony…I’d be fearing for my life..Prison might actually protect her..I wouldn’t walk outside without a disguise if I were her.

    • Alethea says:


      “…our criminal justice system is that in order to prevent an innocent person from receiving the death penalty,..”

      1. The jury was not supposed to consider penalty. That only comes, if and when, there is a penalty phase.
      2. There were other, lesser counts, that could have been handed down, that would have given her prison time, not death.

  2. Well, she wasn’t an innocent, loving mother…never was. That’s the point! She was a lying thief that may or may not have been a good mother. When forced, she clammed up. Their tactics didn’t work. Talk or you die…what’s the point? Either way…you die.

    • In addition, had Baez not asked about the doggie burial rites, I think the jury would have believed the state’s duct tape theory. That duct tape could have been on the trash bag and animals moved it to the skull somehow. Doubtful, but if she drowned as she claims, then they would have thought that. I don’t think she drowned; I don’t think KC murdered her either.

  3. She “got away” with it because the state had absolutely no evidence other than some photos of her partying. Had the media not stormed the neighborhood demanding immediate justice-like Nancy Grace- and everyone trying to milk out the very last dime of this child’s death, then the body would have been found much sooner.

    No, people had to call the family with sightings because the child is so generic looking I can only imagine they thought they saw her. Others called to harass the family…like leaving a message of a crying baby on the grandmother’s phone.

    Then, to take all those dreams-I can’t imagine!

    They simply had not presented evidence…that’s all. No psychobabble stuff to it.

    • Dechen says:

      No evidence? Do you mean like the imaginary duct tape on that sweet baby’s nose and mouth? Yes I blame the state for assuming they were presenting evidence to intelligent people who actually gave a rats @$$.

      • Where the duct tape was placed was their imagination, and more than likely a hindsight to make money off this child’s demise.

      • Alethea says:

        I don’t think they cared much about truth or justice, but only just to get home after being locked up for two months.

    • Alethea says:

      Thinkerbelle, are you “Michelle from Madison?” Your rantings sound just like him/her.

      The body would have been found much sooner, had Miss Casey told everyone about the so-called drowning incident and disclosed where Caylee was. But no, this so-called “loving mother who suffered trauma” and whose child “accidentally drowned,” decided to instead allow her child’s body to rot and decay and get eaten by animals while she sat in jail complaining about how she wanted out and remarking about money raised for the search for Caylee: “Jesus, that’s half my bond.” No, this loving, innocent mother chose to allow everyone to search for months for her child, and to believe for THREE years -all while she sat in jail- that her child was abducted and that she had no idea where her child was.

      No innocent, loving mother would allow her child’s body to rot and decay in a swamp, and allow hundreds of thousands of people to search for her child, knowing full well where her child was. But a woman who wants evidence to decay and evidence to disappear with time WOULD INDEED not tell anyone where the body was.

      Casey Anthony convicted herself in those jailhouse tapes with her family and friend. The jury was just too stupid to see that.

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