Stop Saying The Jury Did Their Job, Stop Saying The Legal System Works!

How the hell does anyone know they did their job? No one was in that jury room but those 12 people, and as far as I am concerned, they had their minds made up at opening arguments. They hardly took any notes in a very complex trial. They did not ask for one piece of evidence to be reviewed. They deliberated for a very short time, because some of the time in that room was spent electing a jury foreman, signing paperwork, reading the instructions again, and filling out the verdict form. This jury put George Anthony on trial, not Casey Anthony. This jury took the opening arguments by Jose Baez as part of the evidence, when they were not allowed to do that.

Anyone with a small degree of reason and common sense knows that this jury failed everyone, especially Caylee Marie.

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6 Responses to Stop Saying The Jury Did Their Job, Stop Saying The Legal System Works!

  1. Phouston says:

    I just found your blog and read many of your posts. THANK YOU for logically and intelligently not to mention passionately speaking the truth. The jury did not do their job! I believe they deliberated only on the first half day, much of which was taken up by the activites you described. After all, they all came to court on day 2 dressed up for the media, signalling they knew they would return the verdict that very day, meaning their decision had already been made. Day 2 was probably spent mapping out their media strategy. Any responsible person would have at a minimum reviewed the evidence & ask for certain testimony to be read back to them to weigh their memories and impressions against what was actually put before them.

    At the outset of the trial I did not think KC was innocent or guilty-I thought it looked bad for her, but like most thinking adults knew that the media has their own agenda and slants stories in whatever way best meets their needs. Through watching the testimImony I became convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of KC’s guilt, and also that the murder was premeditated.

    After reading the few interviews from the jurors that have spoken publically, that they did not do their jobs is startling clear! None of them can even present a reasoned coherent argument as to why they acquitted her. And, while they say the prosecution did not prove their case (I completely disagree) they can’t even support that ludicrous position with concrete rational examples.

    If the jury had taken time and put forth some effort to review 6 weeks of testimony, and THEN returned not guilty, I would not gave agreed with their verdict or liked it, but I wouldn’t have felt the absolute horror that I experienced. Now I wonder just how often cases are decided – either guilty or not – by juries like this one. How many innocent people are in jail because if this type of jury? How many guilty are free? No, I’m not being dramatic or overreacting when I say my faith that the “system” works is gone. If this jury is an example of how the system is working, then I have to say it doesn’t, and maybe it hasn’t been working for a long time.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you PHouston! I am always so happy to find another voice of reason among the madness.

      I too think the jury only deliberated that first day. I too found the jury members, who have spoken out, to be very incoherent in their thinking and words.

      Check back soon, I am working on a new post.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Stacy says:

    There are so many aspects of this case that hit close to home for me too. The entire family dynamic and seeing them shape-shift (all of them).

  3. Dechen says:

    And now one of them wants money to be interviewed! I am trying so hard to let this go, but I have cared about Caylee for three years. These jurors make me sick. I really do believe they were sold on the opening statement bill of goods and the rest of the trial may as well never have happened. And not a single voice of dissent?
    My porch light is on for Caylee Marie and all the innocents.

    • Alethea says:

      Dechen, I too have tried to let this go… long walks, TV off. But I cannot let it go just yet. I need to express myself because there are so many aspects of this case that hit close to home for me. I don’t even have children, but this case has so many elements of my own life.

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