I Guess Casey Has Come Out Of Her Dissociative Trance

Casey Anthony looks, and is behaving, like a totally different person this morning. I guess she has come out of her dissociative trauma-induced fugue.

A female protester, who is standing outside the courthouse, where Casey Anthony is about to be sentenced for lying, has just stated to reporters that the jury in this case are guilty, because 31 days without reporting your child gone is child neglect and child abuse. The jury should have at least convicted her on those charges.

This woman is absolutely correct. Caylee Marie’s little body was laying (in my opinion) in the trunk of Casey’s car, and then tossed into a swamp like trash. That is abuse and neglect of the dignity of a human being.

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4 Responses to I Guess Casey Has Come Out Of Her Dissociative Trance

  1. cengiz says:

    its about time some1 was locked up for lieing in court. I couldnt believe she was set free. Lieing to police and supposed friends/family should have raised eyebrows. She doesnt report her kid missing for over a month (correct me if im wrong) and lies saying she’s at a friends place who is sick. Turns out that friend doesnt exist. What happened? From what i read online her kid drowned in a pool she hid the body and dumped it in a swamp. Then has the nerve to say it was because she was molested as a child while denying she killed the kid and she feel in the pool. Whether or not she killed her baby or not hiding the body and dumping it in a swamp shows she doesnt care sounds more like a killer
    lets hope she does some time
    and id like to know how the jury said not guilty in only 11 hours these things usually take days or weeks

  2. little nel says:

    I agree that not reporting your child missing for 31 days is abuse and neglect. Shame on the jury.

    I am glad that Casey is not going to be set free right now.

  3. Alethea says:

    No, wait…..The judge just sentenced Casey to 4 years for lying to police. She is going back to jail. She has just gone back into her dissociative fugue.

    • Dechen says:

      Good for Judge Belvin. What a statement that sentence makes. She will have to wait a whole year to go on the talk show circuit. By then the media frenzy will have made some other awful person famous and Casey s release will just be like an after thought.

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