The Jury Threw Caylee Right Back in That Swamp

I am so tired of hearing that “the jury system worked.” The system failed. It failed in the Casey Anthony case, it failed in the O.J. Simpson case, and it failed in the Michael Jackson case.

I watched Jennifer Ford, juror number three, who was interviewed on ABC news last night. In my opinion, she was very flippant about the whole thing. She even said, (paraphrasing) ‘I couldn’t convict her of something that might have put her to death; if I had, then I would have been a murderer, and no better than her.’

Then what the hell was she doing on this jury? First of all, punishment was not the jury’s job to worry about. Punishment comes, if and when, there is a penalty phase. Secondly, if this juror did not think she could have convicted Casey because she worried that she might make the wrong decision, then she should not have been on this jury in the first place. To me, her statement sounded very self-protective, not one that was about justice.

Then she said, “they didn’t show us a motive.” Did she even listen to the jury instructions, or read them in the jury room? The prosecution did not have to prove motive.

The ABC interviewer asked the juror about justice for Caylee. In my opinion, her attitude and answer was kind of  like, ‘oh well, no big deal, not my problem.’ That’s how I perceived her.

The United States judicial system was designed to have jurors with intelligent discrimination and moral ethics. But we now live in an age of morally corrupt human beings with little conscience, and few moral values. Society is riddled with ignorant, indifferent, self-protective, and self-driven people.

The juror from the interview last night said that many of them cried after they made their decision. I bet you they cried because they were so happy to be going home, and the juror who was due to go on a cruise must have been especially elated.

In my opinion, when these 12 people decided, in just a few hours, to exonerate Casey Anthony of any culpability in the death of Calyee Marie, they metaphorically placed the duct tape right back over little Caylee’s mouth, wrapped her in a garbage bag, and threw her body right back in that swamp.

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10 Responses to The Jury Threw Caylee Right Back in That Swamp

  1. Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

    With the exception of Jennifer Ford’s comments, at this time, given the information I know of, I am disagreeing with Alethea. Even though I wish Casey would have been found guilty, until I gather further information, in my opinion, the jury was correct in their verdict. Did Casey murder her child? It is more than likely. Right now, I agree with the jury’s decision. That being said, I could change my opinion at some time.

    What is Popular is not always Right, What is Right is Not always Popular — Anonymous.

    • Alethea says:

      Serieve, I watched nearly every single minute of this trial. You can disagree if you like, but did you watch every person testify in full? Did you see every piece of evidence? Every photograph? Did you hear both opening and closing arguments in full?

  2. Cengiz Temi says:

    actually the system worked with michael jackson
    the prosecution bought in one witness after the other who crumbled under cross examination, who were caught in the own lies. The family had a history of falsely accusing others of the same thing had a history of scamming others out of money by using their son’s cancer
    there was the prosecution falsifying evidence in that case. The jury said they saw no evidence that he molested the kid (they did what the judge said base the verdicts on the evidence)
    for example the family claimed they were being kept prisoners at neverland but what was proven in court was that during these times of being captive they were out doing shopping sprees and the mother of the accuser was getting waxes done all charged to michael
    the accusers were constantly contradicting themselves changing stories even some of their testimony caused the jury to laugh. you dont have to believe wat i say. Any research done on the trial will show this is true eg court transcripts. The only witness they bought in other than gavin was a kid named jason who sed he was molested. However he admitted he wanted money, his mother wanted money and his mother sold the story to a tabloid. William wagner also said that this kid told him nothin had happened

    however this woman should have been locked up hiding a dead kid and lieing about it doesnt make u look innocent

    • Alethea says:

      Sorry, but seasoned attorneys, who sat in on all the testimony, said the victims in the M.J. case were very believable.

      “The family had a history of falsely accusing others of the same thing had a history of scamming others out of money by using their son’s cancer.”

      I don’t recall ANY evidence of this presented at trial.

      “there was the prosecution falsifying evidence in that case.”

      Like what? I don’t recall this at all.

      “The jury said they saw no evidence that he molested the kid”

      Well guess what? The jury instructions specifically said that Jackson did not even have to touch the boys. All that had to be proven was that Jackson got some sexual gratification -even just in his own mind- by sleeping in the same bed with little boys. So, if not for sexual gratification, then what exactly was the motive for a 44 year-old man to sleep in the same bed with little boys?

      In addition, those jurors said they “did not even look at the picture books of naked boys found in Jackson’s home” and two months after the verdict, two jurors came out and said that they knew Jackson was guilty, but that the other jurors bullied them into voting not guilty.

      And lastly, during deliberations, the jury could HEAR Michael Jackson fans chanting “not guilty” outside the deliberation room window. How is that justice????????????????????

      • SurvivorSunshine says:

        I’m sorry, this thread should be focused on Casey Anthony, not on O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson. Have any of you forgotten the acquittal of the LAPD officer’s brutal and vicious beating of Rodney King? The one that was caught on videotape and CLEARLY showed them beating an unarmed man CLOSE TO HIS DEATH??? The one that sparked an riot of an entire city??? Funny how no one ever mentions that case anymore. In my opinion, that was the most obvious example of the justice system failing the people of the United States, not to mention the countless other cases we never hear about because people focus on what’s important to them- not on how many lives are destroyed by “ignorant, indifferent…self-driven” jurors every single day!

        Casey Anthony got off because people in this country are starting to relate and admire Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths at an alarming rate given the incessant media coverage of these sickos, reality tv filled to the brim with them and the need to themselves become a celebrity or notable attached to the flavor of the month. They love the smooth-talking, charming Defense Attorney and ignore the focused, hard-working prosecutors because they can’t relate to them. They don’t want to think about the young mom who smiles big and wide for the cameras doing anything other than loving her beautiful 2-year-old daughter. It’s called DENIAL!!!

        I speak from firsthand experience, as a prosecution witness in the murder trials of my father and a hit man for killing my mother, brother and his nurse. Thankfully, the FBI worked alongside our state’s top-notch prosecutors and helped acquire hordes of circumstantial evidence against them over a period of almost 2 years. My dad nor the hit man hid out because they mistakenly didn’t think they’d get caught or tried successfully. The juries were mostly made up of professional, educated, white males who had no problem handing over the death sentence to the hit man and life without parole for my father. We were nervous about my dad’s sentencing because they made a big deal about how likable, educated and “family-oriented” he was (based on friends testimonies), his music celebrity connections in business and his clean-cut appearance. They bypassed the death penalty because the female foreman juror said they wanted him to have a chance to connect with his remaining daughters, yet conveniently forgot how we would never be able to connect with our brother or mother again. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because death penalty cases allow for appeals that can last for many years. The hit man’s dp conviction was eventually overturned on appeal (he even had a new trial) but he died in jail a few years ago. The whole ordeal of 3 trials was exhausting and something I don’t think I’ve healed from yet. At least I can truly say the system worked for my family. But it’s like rolling dice, you really don’t know what the result will be.

        • Alethea says:

          “I’m sorry, this thread should be focused on Casey Anthony, not on O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson.”

          Dear SS, thanks for your opinion, but my point needed to have other examples, so I mentioned those two cases. I have not forgotten about Rodney King. I was there when that all came down. I had to leave work early that day in order to get home to safety. The entire L.A. area was dangerous and I lived in a suburb right outside of L.A. I also watched most of the trial and saw the verdict in that case.

          I did not include the Rodney King case because I needed to make my post as short as possible. I could have included Robert Blake and the first Phil Spector jury too, but I did not want to go on and on.

          I’m sorry you don’t like the way the thread went, but that’s how comments go sometimes.

          • SurvivorSunshine says:

            I understand but it’s very frustrating to hear about OJ and MJ all the time in connection with the CA trial when, IMO, those weren’t the worst acquittals. Borders on a racist mindset for people (some who weren’t even alive when the trials happened) to constantly bring up these two FAMOUS, RICH black men accused of crimes-
            and I don’t normally call out racism unless it’s founded. In MJ’s case, NO ONE was murdered so it’s really not relevant to the CA trial. I always believed he was culpable in some way but the man is dead, so time to leave that case alone. The Lord will judge him accordingly for his crimes. It’s my opinion and I do tend to agree with Cengiz that there were integrity issues with the victim’s families that interfered with the credibility of those witnesses.

            Back to topic at hand, Casey Anthony should’ve been convicted of, at least, child endangerment/neglect in connection with the murder of Caylee. Jury has proven by their own accounts to be selfish, bored and just plain inept for a complicated circumstantial murder trial.

            • Alethea says:

              I believe that this acquittal was THE worst in modern history, but I feel that the M.J. acquittal was pretty bad. Who dictates that someone should stop speaking the truth about someone,just because they are dead?

              If people stop referring to cases, people, experiences, events, etc just because the person is dead, or the event is from another era, then we will never get anywhere in life. We often learn from history and people who are long dead.

              And sometimes, child sexual abuse is just as bad as being murdered.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Just got done watching the big mouth, juror # 3, Jennifer Ford say in her interview to Fox news, ” I didn’t want to have to make a decision like that.” Talking about whether to charge Casey Anthony with murder.

    Really, Jennifer Ford? Then why were you on the jury? Ask yourself that? This is a travesty! Where is justice? She had no business being on the jury. I guess she just did it for fame! This is sickening!

    And there is nothing that can be done now!

  4. Jan says:

    The verdict was rushed….How can such a serious descision be made in 11 hours?! #2 def. seems to feel did than #3.. From beginning they reporters said #3 would be the most likely to be problem…​ourts/article1179177.ece

    Anthony juror: Evidence ‘wasn’t there’ – St. Petersburg Times In an exclusive interview, Juror No. 2 says jury wanted to put Anthony away. Juror No. 2 remembers when he sat down with his fellow jurors on Monday. Finally, they could talk about the trial that had consumed six weeks of their lives. Finally, those in the jury room could ask themselves the question

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