Casey Anthony Verdict: The Worst Evil Puts on the Face of Goodness

I saw two alternate jurors, who both agreed with the verdict, being interviewed by NBC news last night.

In my opinion, these two alternate male jurors were unintelligent people with little common sense and no intelligent reasoning skills. The young guy used the ignorant argument that Casey was ‘such a loving mother in the photos and people said what a good mother she was.’ He also said how much he liked Baez. Some attorney’s feel that a conviction or acquittal often depends upon whether or not the jurors like the attorneys. How very sad for victims.

When will people ever learn that the worst evil puts on the face of goodness, that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and that family photos don’t capture the moment when a mother might be chloroforming her child?

People who continue to defend this verdict seem to be of the opinion that if a case is circumstantial, the defendant should not be convicted of a crime. The vast majority of criminal cases are circumstantial.

Thank God the jury in the Scott Peterson case were far more intelligent than the Casey Anthony jurors, and thankfully the Scott Peterson jurors had the ability to reason. Otherwise, Scott and Casey would both be free to live their lives and possibly kill again.

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2 Responses to Casey Anthony Verdict: The Worst Evil Puts on the Face of Goodness

  1. Sonya says:

    When wisdom leaves our nation, more and more of this will transpire. Situational ethics never work, except to destroy justice and freedom for all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This case was a travesty! I hope some good things can come from it. I would like to see boycott’s of ANY books, movies or anything this sicko, psycho path, Casey manages to make.

    I see Hollywood and most celebrity’s are jumping on the boycott Casey Anthony train. Thank you, Hollywood. I am hearing comment’s made by celebrity’s and they are NOT GOOD!!

    Also, there should be a law that prevents juror’s from profiting in anyway after trials they participate in.

    Thank you Alethea for your website and I hope you continue to get the word out! Let’s hit Casey where it will really hurt, her pocketbook! Please don’t buy or watch her book, movies, etc, etc.

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