Casey Anthony Is a Genius! She’s Smarter Than the Jury, That’s For Sure

The jury foreman in the The Casey Anthony trial says the jury was so suspicious of George Anthony, they felt he could be “covering up a crime or even potentially could be a killer himself..”~Fox News

Well jury folks, given the fact that you were not allowed to consider opening statements as evidence, then what exactly do you base yourself on? And what evidence was there that George could have killed Caylee??????

What could it be?

  • That George was asked if he ever sexually abused his daughter? He said no. Legally speaking, case closed. In addition, what does alleged sexual abuse of Casey as a child have to do with Casey Anthony’s PROVEN non-stop lies, cover-ups, failure to report her child missing, and having a dead body in the trunk of her car? (remember, opening statements are NOT allowed to be considered as evidence).
  • Many jurors stated George was combative with Jose Baez on the stand. Well gee, did you jury folk ever consider that this was based in the fact that George was accused of having oral sex with his 8 year-old daughter, and of covering up an accident and throwing his beloved granddaughter in a swamp like trash?
  • That George lied about having an extramarital affair? So what? Most men do. His affair had ZERO to do with this case.
  • That he made an excited utterance to his mistress about it ‘being an accident?’ Didn’t you get the fact that he meant ‘I truly believe that she killed Caylee by accident, but that she panicked and tried to cover it up.’ Did you not get that George could not wrap his head around the fact that his own child could have murdered his granddaughter, and that he might have raised a child murderer? He WANTED to believe it was an accident.
  • That George didn’t call police when he picked up his daughter’s car? If you will recall, once the tow-yard employee found the garbage bags, he told George “here’s your smell.” Now see my notes in the paragraph above…. George’s DENIAL system kicked in. George Anthony was so relieved that the garbage bags (in his mind) were causing the smell, that he ignored his own experience with the odor of dead bodies. The human denial system is one of the most powerful influences on the planet.

“We don’t know the cause of death,” the juror said. “Everything was speculation.”

Cause of death is not required for conviction.

Last week, Jennifer Ford, juror #3, told ABC News that she believed prosecutors could have won a guilty verdict if they had brought a lesser charge than first-degree murder, which carried the possibility of the death penalty.

What? Huh??? Well Miss Ford, did you not hear, or read about, these charges?:

Lesser Included of Count One, Second Degree Murder: (depraved mind murder, not premeditated) The maximum penalty for Second Degree Murder is a life sentence. The minimum sentence is based on the Criminal Punishment Code. The estimated minimum sentence for this charge and other charges which might result in conviction along with this count would be 24 years, 6 months.

Count Two, Aggravated Child Abuse: The maximum penalty for aggravated child is 15 years in prison. The estimated minimum sentence for this charge and other charges which might result in conviction along with this count would be 12 years, 1 month.

Count Three, Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child: If Casey Anthony was convicted of causing the death of Caylee by culpable negligence the maximum sentence is 30 years in prison. The estimated minimum sentence for this charge and other charges which might result in conviction along with this count would be 16 years and 6 months.

Ford said jurors were crying and “sick to their stomachs” over the verdict, which has prompted angry demonstrations and fear that the safety of Casey Anthony and others involved in the trial might be in jeopardy.

They were “sick to their stomachs” because they did not do their job. If they had done their job, done it well, and reached a verdict based on reason, common sense, the facts, the law, and the jury instructions…. then they would have walked out of there with their heads held high and with no regrets or any problem with their decision…and their verdict would have been GUILTY of at least one of the counts listed above.

… they thought it plausible that Caylee could have drowned accidentally, as the defense suggested, and didn’t think it was proven that Caylee’s decomposing body was in the trunk of the Anthony family car or, if it was, who put it there.

Okay, if she drowned, then why the hell would Casey Anthony have made an accident look like a murder, lied endlessly to everyone, set herself up for murder charges and the death penalty, party and act as if she did not have a care in the world or one ounce of concern for her dead child, leave her child to rot for months in the swamp, and continue on in her story for THREE years –all so she could sit on trial for MURDER and possibly be put to death?

No evidence there was a decomposing body in Casey’s car? Is this jury that stupid? Yes.

Though jurors were suspicious of George Anthony, he added, they did not put much stock in defense claims he may have been a molester. “There was no evidence to back that, so I really couldn’t take that into consideration,” the juror said. “That was not a discussion of ours when we got into the deliberations, as far as the sexual abuse.

Okay, then if you don’t feel he was proven to be a child molester, or that there was any weight in that claim at all, and because you were not allowed to consider opening arguments as evidence….then what evidence was there that Casey Anthony could have dissociated and blocked out her child’s drowning and was able to go out and party, shop, act perfectly fine, and to lie, lie, lie about everything without one ounce of remorse or sign or trauma? Remember, no child sexual abuse equals no link to trauma-induced dissociative fugue.

This jury could not handle the fact that this cute young mom could murder her child, or accidentally kill her child with too much chloroform. Jurors, who have spoken out, stated that there were ‘no previous known acts of abuse, and because the photos portrayed a “loving” mom.’ They didn’t see photos of a bruised and bleeding Caylee, so they couldn’t, and did not want to accept that Casey could have deliberately and heinously hurt her daughter, so they latched onto any theory that would stop them from having to believe that mothers can be so evil.

I am also certain that if Casey Anthony had been a man, there would have been a conviction. Oh, because, didn’t you know? Fathers and men abuse, molest, and kill their children, but mothers don’t.

The defense theory, as far-fetched and ridiculous as it could possibly have been -even in the face of all the evidence and common sense- was accepted by these 12 people.

Of course George Anthony is not innocent. He had an affair. Anyone can see that, and given the circumstances, and his matriarchal wife, maybe I can even say…who can blame him? However, the only other thing he is proven guilty of…. is having an incredible denial system that did not want to believe his own child killed Caylee. What parent wants to believe that they raised a child murderer?

The fact that the jury accepted the tale of a PROVEN pathological liar, instead of the facts and evidence which disproved her web of lies, makes Casey Anthony a genius! She’s smarter than the jury, that’s for sure. Especially since she pulled this off without even taking the stand.


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4 Responses to Casey Anthony Is a Genius! She’s Smarter Than the Jury, That’s For Sure

  1. little nel says:

    Alethea, this is the best article that you have done yet! You pulled the covers off this case.

    The cost of legal representation is a moot point as workers deserve to get paid. The jury is to blame for this miscarriage of justice and they now have innocent blood on their hands.

    It’s too bad that George made a good scapegoat for Casey and that the jury ran with it, but I’m not surprised that they believed Casey’s defense.

    Denial is a wonderful thing.

  2. Andre' says:

    I dont think the jury failed, it was the lawyers who blew it. Both sides. If the prosecution couldnt persuade the jury, they failed miserably at $350 an hour. If Baez is going to libel Mr Anthony on record and not make his case relevant, he should be sued for libel and defamation etc. They dont care if they win or lose, its how much time they can milk out of the case.

    • Alethea says:

      The prosecution could have done things a little differently and put other evidence in the trial, but they didn’t because they never thought that any jury could be so unethical and unintelligent, that they would ever let her go.

      So what if they make $350.00 per hour? They deserve it. They gave up their lives for three years and worked damn hard.

      But you are right that Baez and Company did not care about anything but winning. I saw Cheney Mason being interviewed about the charges against George of molestation and making an accident look like murder. Mason’s attitude was like, ‘It’s not really my concern if George Anthony’s life is ruined.’

      if you have a defense team with no morals or ethics, and you have a jury who believes them, then you have a system that does not protect society.

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