Forensic Psychiatrist Says Casey Anthony is Merely “Immature”

Dr. Drew on HLN just interviewed the forensic psychiatrist who spent many hours with Casey Anthony, and who diagnosed her for the court.

Dr. Krop stated on the Dr. Drew show that, in his professional opinion, Casey Anthony is merely “immature” and not suffering from any kind of mental health problem, not even from being a sociopath. He said that Casey is merely ‘child-like’ and his diagnosis is that she is immature.


So I feel like there are two alternate universes right now; one with Casey Anthony worshipers and true believers, who have been mesmerized into her web of lies, her selfishness, and her dysfunction….and the other universe is filled with people who have common sense, reasoning skills, and moral ethics.

Dr. Drew even asked Dr. Krop if he meant that Casey Anthony has developmental issues –that her brain has not yet fully matured. No, no, the doctor clearly denied this. He said Casey is very intelligent and fully developed physically and mentally.

Immature women might dress like a teenager, or like to drive a car that fits in with teens. An immature woman might laugh at inappropriate times, or get into verbal confrontations with people, but immaturity is not synonymous with pathological lying to the point of lying to police during a missing child investigation, or lying to cover-up a crime, or lying to the point of seriously and spitefully deceiving everyone you love and care about.

Women who are simply “immature” don’t spend the days following the death of their child, renting videos, shopping with stolen money, partying, and being free, happy and wild.

I don’t know what diagnosis would be appropriate for Casey Anthony, but labeling her as simply “immature” is an insult to our intelligence and it negates Caylee Marie’s life even more.

Oh, and by the way, there was no mention by the doctor of Casey having any ‘trauma-induced dissociative state,’ caused by long-term sexual abuse as well as finding her dead child in her father’s arms.

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One Response to Forensic Psychiatrist Says Casey Anthony is Merely “Immature”

  1. little nel says:

    Alethea, I guess were are now supposed to believe that “immature” means that Casey is allowed to (in my opinion) spitefully kill her child and then blame her father for the mess that she created for everyone?

    I guess that means that OJ, Scott Peterson, and Michael were “immature” also because they lied?

    Is “immature” now a viable excuse to hurt or kill children and women without fear of conviction or consequences?

    Casey’s lies saved her butt from a life behind bars. She must be gloating and basking in her glorious immaturity right now.

    What does and immature female like Casey do when she gets her freedom?

    Goes on TV…tells her story abut how she feels… finds a new stud…gets laid…gets pregnant… and recycles her immaturity?

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