Mother Kills Her 12 Year-Old Daughter After Boyfriend Tells Her ‘It’s The Girl Or Me.’

I know this is an outdated case, but I want to keep reminding people that women are very capabale of having homicidal tendancies towards their children, especially their daughters.

“A mother murdered her only child after being told by her boyfriend: ‘It’s her or me.’

Penny Boudreau strangled 12-year-old daughter Karissa after Vernon MacCumber threatened to end their affair because he did not get [along] with the girl.

Boudreau drove her daughter to a deserted wooded area, knocked her to the ground and strangled her, a Canadian court heard.

The heartless mother ignored her terrified daughter’s cries of ‘Mummy, don’t!’ as she pinned her down and wrapped a rope around her neck, prosecutor Paul Scovi said.

She then drove to a nearby river and pulled her daughter’s trousers partly off to make it look as if she was the victim of a sex attack, before rolling her into the water.”

Boudreau was charged with murder in June 2008 and pled guilty to second degree murder. She received 20 years without parole…

Wow, only twenty years for willfully and brutally murdering your child because she is in the way. That’s almost as good as getting off completely for murdering your child because she is in your way.

“Police always suspected Boudreau but had no evidence to charge her after Karissa’s body was found in February 2008.”

(the victim, Karissa Boudreau)

“The judge Justice Margaret Stewart, looking directly at  Boudreau, told her: “You can never call yourself mother.”


Oh if only Judge Perry had said this to Casey Anthony.


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