Casey Anthony Playing Victim Again

The latest news is that Casey says she wants to enter “rehab therapy.” In this case, “rehab” is Casey and her attorney’s plan to rehabilitate her image so that she can make big bucks on interviews and books.

CNN is reporting that Casey says she has three reasons for wanting to enter therapy:

1. She now realizes she did not ‘respond appropriately’ to her daughter’s “disappearance.”

Gee, didn’t Casey already have this revelation a long time ago when she told her attorney the bullshit story about a so-called drowning?

2.  She wants help dealing with having been in jail for three years.

Whose fault is that Casey? Cause and effect. You put yourself in prison for three years by your own actions. First you committed child neglect, child endangerment, child abuse, and reckless abandonment by not reporting Caylee missing, and then you LIED to every person who ever cared about your daughter, so that no one would know where she was and what happened to her.  If you “suffered” from being incarcerated for three years, then you had better just blame yourself for that one. And you could have released yourself from jail at any moment by telling everyone about the so-called “drowning accident.”

3. She wants help to ‘heal the trauma of losing her daughter.’

What trauma? She has been perfectly FINE since the day she “saw her daughter’s lifeless body in her father’s arms.”

Casey, you had a blast immediately after your daughter died, and would have continued in your partying and “beautiful life” if your mother had not figured things out. During the three years you were in jail, you showed NO sign of having suffered trauma. During your trial, the only time you shed a tear was when it was convenient for the jury to see. When your trial ended in a miscarriage of justice, and you were released, you looked and behaved perfectly fine. You have never displayed any sign of having been traumatized or having suffered an ounce of pain from the death of Caylee.

Casey Anthony, you were not traumatized for one second. You are not a victim. Here is a reminder of who the victim is:

Caylee Marie, victim of murder, June 16, 2008

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6 Responses to Casey Anthony Playing Victim Again

  1. little nel says:

    You are so right Alethea! How is Casey going to support herself when good people protest that she is a child abuser/murderer?

    A public image enhancement and rehab will give her another chance at the big bucks.

  2. Andre' says:

    people need to head this girl off at the pass and protest ever media event possible, book offer etc including her GD lawyer who is whooping this all up to make a buck himself, he is just as guilty. They are all narcissist, criminally insane.

  3. Um, do you think she will continue that “treatment so I can clean up my image to make big bucks off the death of my daugher therapy” while she is in Florida taking care of that little probation issue? Bella Vita baby!!! Hope it was all worth it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Time for another comment that will no doubt be lambasted, criticized and not taken very well, I think.

      As a woman once told me – ”truth hurts…you know that.” Just because it’s a less popular truth maybe may not make it any less true.

      I am slightly surprised you have not written posts on children such as Ame Deal, Celina Cass, Leiby Kletzky, Kyron Horman or Amber Dubois – to name a few, lately. Ame died from parental child abuse apparently; Celina Cass, 11, was found murdered on Monday – many believe her parents – or the stepfather mainly, were involved; Leiby was tortured and murdered by a stranger after a broad-daylight abduction; Kyron’s stepmother likely murdered him, and Amber Dubois was raped and killed by a known sex offenderb- though if memory serves, you did, Alethea, write a post on her killer murdering another young women, Chelsea King.

      Nobody asked me, but the obsession with casey has gone too far. A verdict has been handed down, like it or not, accept it or not, agree with it or not – just like in the o.j simpson, michael jackson, and Rodney King attacker trials.

      I wonder if this public energy and rage could be used to educate people in regards to the ”Jaycee Dugards” that suffer and live with their own parents and extended family; the signs and symptoms and effects that non-verbally announce ”hey, I’m a child/adolescent being hurt!’, for the children watching one of their parents hurt the other, or experiencing sibling abuse and incest or online sexual predators.

      In the latest issue of PEOPLE, which has Amy Winehouse on the cover, a reader writes in the mailbag something to the effect of ”a verdict has been handed down and a little child is dead…now what are we going to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I encourage people to read this reader’s short comment.

      I can understand at least some of the sentiment of anger around this verdict, but telling jurors they are not welcome in certain restauraunts or threatening to kill them – how does that precisely contribute to Caylee’s life or her memory? How does that help Alicia Kozakiewicz’s amazing work? Will all the energy used for rage and anger and pain and threats assist in getting children and adolescents in permanent foster care adopted? No.

      Rge is understandable, but it will only dupe people into thinking they are doing something for so long. After all, I find it is usually when a child or teenager is dead, society raises their voices. Many people right now – as I write this – are refusing to help other Caylee Maries that they know are being abused, tortured, tormented and having their self-esteem, their sense of self, their souls – murdered. Ah, but as long as abused children are breathing…it’s all okay.

      I’m not thrilled that a person who likely knows what really happened to her child is free completely or that her neglect of her child was basically condoned, but it has happened. Most people in the United States as individuals cannot reverse the verdict. It’s been nearly three years of obsession. The defendent isn’t worth caring about. Caylee is. The Celinas and Kyrons and Serieves are. ;

      I ask, then — what do we do FOR other abused children and adolescents now?

      Hating a woman who likely doesn’t care about anything or anyone besides a mirror’s reflection when she looks into it, won’t do any good, except perhaps make people feel like they are ”doing something”. she is considered legally not responsible. Perhaps it is time to wonder what can be done now for the Caylee Maries that live now – that bleed and bruise today.

      — Serieve, Ontario, Canada.

      • Alethea says:

        Serieve, I don’t know what “a comment not taken very well” means exactly. You have your opinions, I have mine.

        I have no idea who Ame Deal, Celina Cass, or Leiby Kletzky are. I am aware of Kyron Horman and Amber Dubois but I have to pick and choose what motivates me personally. Particular cases need to move me in some way. I also don’t have time to write about every case under the sun.

        You call it an “obsession with Casey” and maybe it is for some people. My deep interest in the case stems from a number of reasons, each is very personal and meaningful to me.

        “I wonder if this public energy and rage could be used to educate people in regards to the ”Jaycee Dugards” that suffer and live with their own parents and extended family; the signs and symptoms and effects that non-verbally announce ”hey, I’m a child/adolescent being hurt!’, for the children watching one of their parents hurt the other, or experiencing sibling abuse and incest or online sexual predators.”

        I don’t know what Casey Anthony has to do with the above scenarios, and my entire Blog has virtually been geared towards the above situations.

        I feel business owners have the right to turn away anyone they choose, but I certainly have never encouraged or supported death threats. I was threatened with death more than once as a child, I sure as hell don’t want to see it happen to anyone else; not even C.A.

        Would I be sorry if someone did it? No. Karma is what it is.

        But I am frankly happy that so many Americans ARE enraged over the C.A. verdict and what she did. Thank God people are awake, alive, and actually CARE for a change. I have seen so much selfish complacency by Americans in the past ten years that I am quite happy that so many people are pissed off.


        • Alethea says:

          Serieve, I too posted to you only in commentary. I did not really think you were saying I was obsessed or condoning threats etc. I just thought I would address those issues in case anyone did think that of me.

          “I wonder if people care so much only because Caylee is dead.”

          It has been my experience and observation that people care so much for many reasons:

          1. Watching a sociopath have absolute disregard for her child: The partying, the shopping trips, the tattoo, the total joy of life while her child was rotting in a swamp.
          2. The intricate, detailed, pathological lying was jaw-dropping.
          3. Caylee Marie’s angelic photos captured the hearts of Americans.
          4. The media pushed it on everyone, whether they originally had an interest or not.
          5. Once the case began to unfold, it was clear that it was compelling in many ways: legally, morally, psychologically.
          6. Her family began to show themselves as abusive at worst, dysfunctional and unhealthy at best.
          7. Many more reasons. Anyone can feel free to add.

          On another note, I personally feel that sometimes, incest and ongoing child sexual abuse is worse for the victim than child murder. Morally, child murder is heinous and must be punished as such. But victims of extreme sexual abuse and incest often suffer a lifetime of physical pain and psychological misery. To many victims, death would have been preferable.

          I personally feel that some cases of child sexual abuse and incest should be punished with life in prison. Maybe even death.

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