Woman Writes Condemning Letter to Judge in Casey Anthony Civil Case

Three Cheers to 77-year-old Dolores McGuire.

Dolores is pretty upset that Casey got away with murder, and that Jose Baez is such a sleaze. So Dolores wrote to Judge Lisa Munyon, who is overseeing the civil case against Casey Anthony for defamation of character against Zeneida Gonzalez.


In her letter, Dolores McGuire says Casey got away with murder, and accuses Judge Munyon of also helping Casey get away with the civil lawsuit. apparently, Judge Munyon allowed the delay in Casey’s civil deposition. Baez filed a motion of appeal against Anthony’s four convictions for lying (the snake) and said Casey was ‘too traumatized from her ordeal’ to be deposed so soon. Baez’ lack of moral ethics and Casey’s whining about being a victim, have resulted in a delay in the civil suit against Casey Anthony.

Dear Judge Munyon:

I have a very important question that needs answering. Why did Judge Rodriguez step down from a hearing on the Casey Anthony/Gonzalez hearing? Casey and her defense team got away with murder and now the two of you are helping her get away with civil lawsuits brought against her. At the age of 77 I consider myself very intelligent and observant, so don’t try to get explanations that won’t fly.

Since the trial began and ended I have written to all parties criticizing their incompetence. Why are all of you protecting a child killer? As I have said even if she did not kill Caylee, she should have come forward day one instead of letting that baby rot in the swamp. That conduct deserves life in prison. Her parents perjuring themselves deserve life in prison. Better yet they should suffer the same way Caylee suffered. In the swamp.

I sure hope you are not a parent. If you are I hope your family is ashamed of you.

Here is my take on the hearing. Rodriguez was assigned to the hearing. Baez needed time to file a notice of appeal on behalf of Casey’s upcoming deposition. She needs time to learn her lies. She is very good. I lived with a compulsive liar for 13 years and believe me, very little gets by me when it’s not the truth. The judge had a 20 minute sidebar and lo and behold steps down. Sticking it to Caylee again, Baez had enough time to file before another judge was appointed. How convenient was that.

Rest with the angels little Caylee. Someday all Florida judges will have to answer to God who I hope will show no mercy.


Dolores McGuire



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3 Responses to Woman Writes Condemning Letter to Judge in Casey Anthony Civil Case

  1. sandykay says:

    I so agree with everything Dolores wrote, way to go Dolores!

  2. ladystclaire says:

    Good Job Delores, I feel that the state of Florida’s justice system is allowing the entire Anthony family to get away with murder. there is no way that Cindy should have been allowed to get away with perjury but, she did because the state attorney made a dumb decision not to charge her. what is so special about this family that they are allowed to get away with all they have done concerning this case? they all knew before july 15,08 that Caylee was dead. they waited for 31 days to report her as a missing child knowing the truth that she was never a missing child. they waited those number of days in order to give her body time to decompose to nothing but bones, so that the cause of death could never be determined. Casey Anthony IMO is being treated with kid gloves by the State of Florida as if she is a victim here. and, George should have been arrested for the sex abuse he is said to have committed on his own daughter. why in the H is he not in jail awaiting his own trial? THE STATE OF FLORIDA’S JUSTICE IS NOTHING BUT A BIG FAT JOKE!

  3. little nel says:

    Go, Delores!

    Caylee’s blood cries out for justice.

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