Was Caylee Killed Because Casey Got Her Into Child Pornography? -NO!


“There has never been a more reviled criminal defendant than Casey Anthony,…

Her lawyer claims she acted weird because she was sexually abused as a child.

Maybe she was, which would help explain evidence uncovered during the murder investigation that showed Casey may have been working as a prostitute at the time Caylee was killed. Studies show that well over 90 percent of prostituted women were sexually abused as children.

But the idea that abuse made her get a tattoo rather than emote sadness about her child is absurd.”

That’s right, incest does not create a person with an absolutely dead heart for their own daughter. If Casey was sexually abused as a child, it makes no difference to me because, in my opinion, she murdered Caylee Marie. No amount of child sexual abuse justifies or exempts child murder.

“If she had the guts to take the stand, we’d learn more – but that day will never come because she’d have to answer questions like this one: On May 30, you were sleeping with your boyfriend Ricardo Morales, at Ricardo’s apartment. Caylee was in the bed, too. In the middle of the night, you woke Caylee up and took her somewhere. Then you returned to Ricardo’s bed alone and went back to sleep. In the morning, Ricardo asked you where Caylee was, and you said you brought her home to your mother, an hour away. Your mother told cops that was a lie and that you never brought Caylee to her in the middle of the night.”

This is the first time I have heard this. If true, was she pimping out her child?

Or was Casey merely using chloroform or Zanax (Zanny the Nanny) on Caylee and putting her in the trunk of the car, enabling Casey and her man to have uninterrupted sex?

“Law enforcement may have discovered “sexualized” images of Caylee on the Anthony family computers which were placed under seal to avoid prejudicing the jury. Murphy believes that “The style of Caylee’s death was more mob hit than parental homicide.

Murphy’s most powerful argument for the Caylee Anthony child-sex-ring-victim theory is:

In fact, while a child might die after having her mouth taped shut, the most rational view of the duct tape evidence suggests the child died before the duct tape was applied and that the tape was meant only to hold in decomposition fluids. When a dead body beings to decompose, fluids emanate from places like the nose and mouth, and they emit putrid odors. The best way for a killer to delay detection is to seal the nose and mouth.”

I have always disagreed with the duct tape theories out there. I believe that, after Casey killed Caylee, she put duct tape around Caylee’s mouth to make it look like Caylee had been kidnapped. I have thought this from the day I heard about the duct tape around Caylee’s mouth.

“It’s certainly possible that at age 19, a high school dropout like Casey with no experience as a killer, nonetheless knew how to seal a dead body like a master murderer. And it’s true that her failure to report Caylee missing for more than a month is powerful evidence of her consciousness of guilt. The question is – guilt about what? It’s just as possible Casey did not kill her child; that she was afraid to call the cops – and that her fear was related to those sealed photographs.

As Casey’s brother Lee testified at trial, Casey was told that Caylee was taken from Casey to “teach her a lesson”. If, as I wrote in an earlier column, Casey knew the people who had Caylee, and stayed quiet in the hope they would give her child back, her failure to report Caylee missing makes sense.”

Lee testified that Casey told him Zanny took Caylee in the park to “teach Casey a lesson because she was a bad mother.” Lee also testified that this is what Cindy used to tell Casey. What Casey told Lee about Caylee being taken in the park was a psychological transference, or a Freudian slip. Casey was essentially telling Lee, “I hate our mother, she thinks I am a bad mother to Caylee, and one of the reasons I killed Caylee was to get back at mom.”

“Child pornography can be a big business which is much cheaper and safer than drug smuggling or human trafficking. A vulnerable mother with a drug debt and a small child is the perfect target for child pornography producers. There are hundreds of cases in which parents “sell” their children for drugs or cash. The children of prostitutes often end up involved in prostitution and child pornography. It’s tragically easy to dispose of the “evidence” in a country where hundreds of thousands of children go missing each year.”

I do not believe that some pedophile mob ring killed Caylee.

Why do people still insist on trying to find some killer other than Casey Anthony? –Answer: because she is a young, attractive woman seen in photos and video smiling and laughing with Caylee. If Casey Anthony had been a man, she would have been convicted.

Even if Wendy Murphy’s theory is true, Casey would still be responsible for the murder of her child. Pimping out your daughter for child prostitution, which leads to the death of your child, makes you 100% guilty of the murder of your child –and the murder of their soul.




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5 Responses to Was Caylee Killed Because Casey Got Her Into Child Pornography? -NO!

  1. Shelly says:

    It makes more sense to me that Casey herself was the Prostitute, with a Pimp supplying a Nanny for the “working mothers”.
    The children of said working mothers make great collateral for girls who don’t want to pay their dues. And if the Pimp House got busted while Caylee was there, & Casey was working, its a possibility that the Nanny was able to leave with Caylee

    But noone would possibly believe that because it doesn’t make Casey a murderous monster then, just a girl in a situation that “snowballed out of control.”

    • Alethea says:

      Great theory! I agree, except, I think that by now, one of those Johns, or their wives, or girlfriends would have spoken out by now.

  2. little nel says:

    I would like to say that my father was caught and prosecuted for child molestation but it never happened.

    He was caught with a 13-year-old seventh grader and her mother did not press charges because she did not want her daughter “dragged through the mud” and labeled a slut by a public trial.

    He was also caught in the act with my step-sister. Her mother had a an emotional breakdown when she caught them together and had to be committed to a mental health care facility.

    He was never caught with the others which included 12-year-old identical twin sisters. He always picked pubescent girls that did not have a father living in the home and he always promised them college tuition money, so he could accuse them of prostitution if he was ever caught.

  3. little nel says:

    If Casey was abused as a child why hasn’t her father been charged?

    Good question.

    If Casey killed Caylee why wasn’t she convicted?

    Good question.

    My father did not believe that he was a child molester because he was never charged. He made sure there were no witnesses to the crime, so it was his word against the victim. He always bragged that he was smarter than his victims. He was right. He always picked victims that were younger and unaware of his agenda. Also, he knew he had supporters who would believe him in his denial of committing a crime.

    Answer to both questions: no witnesses in either crime other than perpetrator and victim.

  4. pamela judd says:

    if casey abused as child,why hasnt her father been charged?i think caylee was in her way.no way would you wait month to report missing then say she was with babysitter,why would you be out haveing good time,you would be home sick with worry,i think casey guilty,the jury got it wrong

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