What the Hell Is Wrong With You? A Reader Asks

So I’ve received a couple of angry comments about my post on the upcoming Dr. Phil interview with George and Cindy Anthony.

One anonymous poster asked me, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Well, lots of things, but it’s my right to post a heads up that Dr. Phil will be running the interview with George and Cindy.

The anonymous commenter also told me, “These people raised a freakin’ baby killer for god’s sake! What in the world could they have to say that anyone could “learn” from?!”

Well, probably not much, but I want to give them a chance to explain themselves. I’d love to see what they truly think of their daughter now. Maybe they have come to realize who she really is and what she really did? Maybe they want to let us know that they feel their daughter is a child murderer? Or maybe, they will let the world know that -at the very least- they think Casey accidentally killed Caylee because of something nefarious she was doing to her child.

One would only hope George and Cindy would be honest with themselves.

I would also like to see George Anthony have the chance to defend himself against the allegations made by his daughter. I’d like to know how he truly feels about what Jose Baez has accused him of.

Why do I care so much about these people? Because I care when false sexual abuse allegations are made public. It’s a very serious matter. I intend on staying current with these allegations because every time someone makes false allegations of child sexual abuse, and especially when they use a fake story of dissociation by trauma, it puts another nail in the heart of those who have truly been victimized as kids. It makes every single one of the current victims, and all of the adult survivors, a little less likely to be believed. And it makes some people scoff at those who have experienced dissociative amnesia for incest or other forms of extreme child sexual abuse.

People who have gone through total amnesia and PTSD because of child sexual abuse struggle with being believed, and sometimes, believing themselves. Casey Anthony has made a mockery of victims of sexual abuse. I am still perplexed at survivors of abuse who stick up for her.

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6 Responses to What the Hell Is Wrong With You? A Reader Asks

  1. Alethea says:

    I am no Dr. Phil fan, but I cannot stomach people like Barbara Walters, Lisa Ling, Katie Couric, and Diane Sawyer. They might appear to be more journalistic, more “intelligent” etc. and might be in the sense of education, but I have heard Dr. Phil get on people in a pretty brutal way, where the (I noticed you chose all women) line-up above tend to be people-pleasing, “socially correct” and “non-judgmental” –whatever the hell that means.

    Men tend to be more truthful and more likely to let someone have it. Dr. Phil is not into the “non-judgmental” mind-set and maybe he is more likely to say what should be said, or to at least put them in touch with their shit.

  2. pamela judd says:

    there are a lot of us who would like to hear what cindy and goerge has to say,

  3. little nel says:

    I think that Casey Anthony was born without a conscience and totally void of remorse. She is incapable of loving her daughter. Caylee was just a novelty who’s luster wore off and became a burden who needed to “disappear” one day.

    Casey is a “bad seed” that by “happen chance” was born to George and Cindy.

    There have been others like her in history, she is not the first nor will she be the last.

    I don’t believe any parent or significant other could have stopped Casey.

  4. Andre' says:

    Or her parents were part of the problem.

    • Alethea says:

      Yes, but to what extent? Casey is, in my opinion, a narcissistic sociopath. I don’t know how much her parents are responsible for that. I know child sexual abuse does not create a person with absolutely no regard for their child -no regard for a child’s life. The self is highly involved here –Casey’s ego.

      The dysfunction in that family (whatever it is) contributed to a seed in Casey Anthony, but something in her soul fed that seed evil, not goodness. Casey Anthony has a dark soul in my opinion, a very dark soul.

  5. pamela judd says:

    i would like to hear what Goerge has to say,after all he was acussed of abuse of Casey,only thing can he be trusted to tell the truth

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