Maybe the Homeless Should Have Sat On The Casey Anthony Jury?

From an interview with People Magazine and a male juror:

“The Casey Anthony jurors have been barred from restaurants, shunned by family members, and vilified online. One even quit her job and moved out of Florida, for fear of the backlash.”

I don’t feel sorry for them. Cause and effect.

“One male juror consented to speak with PEOPLE under the condition of complete anonymity.

“We tried very hard to separate our emotions from the evidence,” he says. “Generally, none of us liked Casey Anthony at all. She seems like a horrible person. But the prosecutors did not give us enough evidence to convict. They gave us a lot of stuff that makes us think that she probably did something wrong, but not beyond a reasonable doubt.”

No, you 12 people felt that it had to be beyond ALL doubt under the sun!

“I live in fear that someone will find me. I Google my name every day to see if anyone has figured out who I am. The few people that do know haven’t said anything, but one of my friends told me that his wife forbid him to talk to me. My own sister cussed me out. It has ruined my life.”

Ruined your life? Sorry man, but Caylee Marie’s life was ruined, destroyed, snuffed out.

“We took the first vote on first-degree murder,” says the juror. “We were 10 to 2 to acquit. So we talked for about thirty minutes, and the two decided that they were willing to change their votes, so first degree was off the table pretty quickly.”

Yes, it doesn’t take long for nincompoops to be swayed by other nincompoops to go against any common sense they might have in their little finger nail.

“Next up: aggravated manslaughter. “We did our first vote and it came out half to acquit, half to convict,” says the juror. “And we talked about it for a while, going through the evidence. I’d say that some people got intense, but there were no personal attacks, no real yelling. And we talked for a while, then it was 11-1 to acquit. And the guy who didn’t want to acquit basically looked at us and said, ‘O.K., whatever you all want.’ He knew he wasn’t going to convince us.”

And there it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People-pleasing. No moral backbone, no degree of self-confidence or understanding of what is just. That juror basically said, ‘I don’t want to be attacked personally. I don’t want to be disliked, or be the odd man out. I just want to go home anyway, so I’ll just go along with the crowd.’

“And then we sat there for a few minutes and were like, ‘Holy crap, we are letting her go free,’ ” he continues. “Everyone was just stunned at what we were about to do. [One of the women jurors] asked me, ‘Are you okay with this?’ and I said, ‘Hell, no. But what else can we do? We promised to follow the law.'”

And did the People Magazine interviewer ask this moron about the charge of aggravated child abuse? No.

There was no evidence of a drowning accident. Casey said Caylee had been abducted, yet told no one about it until Cindy forced her to. Caylee could have been raped, molested, starved, or otherwise abused during those days with the “kidnapper.” Casey Anthony knowingly and willingly did not report her missing child to authorities for 31 days. Casey is GUILTY of Aggravated Child Abuse.

“I know people are mad at us, but we did our jobs, and I think we did them to the very best of our abilities.”

Bullshit. You wanted to get the hell out of there and you didn’t even go over any of the evidence tapes, or look at any pieces of evidence at all. You should never have been given that job because you were all too stupid to have sat on that jury in the first place.

I blame Judge Perry in part for this verdict. He allowed people with no moral ethics, and little common sense to sit on that jury. He had even considered allowing homeless people on the jury. This was a complicated case, you can’t allow just anyone to sit on a jury. Hell, maybe the homeless would have deliberated longer and looked over all the evidence so they could stay in the nice hotel and be fed.


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14 Responses to Maybe the Homeless Should Have Sat On The Casey Anthony Jury?

  1. pamela judd says:

    i totally agree,we need jurers who no the laws,that will take notice of whats going on in cases,if caseys jurers new what they were doing she would have gotten life,all her lies,noing were her daughters body was,saying at babysitters,out haveing good time,nothing but lies,lies and more lies

  2. tiinateal says:

    This case is a prime example of why I do not believe either in our supposed ‘justice’ system, nor in pulling everyday people off the streets as our jurors. In a few other countries, they have professional jurors who study to do this as a job – they know the laws inside and out and have the education, knowledge and experience to be able to carry out their judgements expertly. Being convicted by a ‘trial of your peers’ is laughable. Its like having a plumber come over to do your taxes…Even if there was a tiny, remote possibility that her death was an accident, they ALL covered it up in some fashion, I believe (esp. her father). Someone should have taken the responsibility, at the very least, for her death. As several people also stated above, Casey now is absolutely validated in her lifestyle & actions – she gets rewarded for being a habitual liar, thief, criminal, master manipulator & possible murderess. And, she now gets special protection and treatment and probably a lot of money as well from this whole crime, while good, regular working people must toil day in and day out just to get by. While a horrible human being like her doesn’t have to work a day at all (and hardly has in her entire life) and is treated like a celebrity. I am not one to wish negative things on others, but these jurors need to be called out for the mob mentality and fake ‘intelligence’ that they pretended to use while on the case. Common sense has been long ago lost to people whose petty egos want to be validated – its like reality TV. People want their 15 minutes of fame and they will do anything to get it, they have no more shame or honor – these jurors and many of the participants acted in the same way while trying to pretend that they were just following the rules of law…But the ‘law’ is not a human being, nor is it a brain that can think, nor is it a heart that can feel and empathize and yes, judge. These people let down all of the best qualities that humanity should have been proud to express that day.

  3. beverley wilkins says:

    My thoughts are all the above. Lets all just say together and not support any news, book deals or anyone that may pay Casey for anything. We have the power to make her life miserable. Do not buy any product that may sponsor any news network, and let these companies know our feelings. Thanks for letting me vent off today.

  4. Ashley W says:

    I don’t condone harassing jurors at all. It’s already a thankless job that most people try to get out of. Why make more people leary of serving?

    • Alethea says:

      After the Casey Anthony verdict, I think that the job would be better done by professional jurors.

      Is it “harassment?” Or exercising one’s right to voice their anger at injustice?

      • Alethea says:

        Death threats are of course illegal, and I don’t condone that. However, I feel that a business owner has every right to refuse service to anyone they like. I think business owners who pay rent, or own the property, and who pay employees and who run their business legally, have the right to say “I don’t want to serve you” –no matter what their reason. To me, it’s kind of like not allowing someone in your home that you don’t want there.

  5. pamela judd says:

    i had same feeling someone was paid in the jury,how else would there be no conviction,also what really annoyed me was the protection,casey has gotten,i wonder how she feels being the most hated person in the world,the person who is helping her keep low profile is as bad as her,why would any one protect a child killer,why would you even want to be around her,is she under protection order change her adentity put in another state,who no,s were she is,she is not type to hide she likes to party,i only hope she never gets chance to have another child,people like her should be sterilized,all child abusers should suffer same fate never be allowed to have another child

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Pamela.

      I don’t think the jurors were paid off or threatened, but merely a group of people who maybe approved her lifestyle and identified with her. The men on the jury could even have been attracted to her so much that they subconsciously excused her. I know there was at least one single young guy on the jury.

      I also know that one of the jurors had a sister who had kidnapped her own parents at gun or knife point. The man said his sister had ‘changed since then.’ But Judge Perry should NEVER have allowed him on the jury! The guy practically excused his sister’s violent behavior.

      Then there was the woman who was let on the jury who said she “Doesn’t like to judge anyone.” She was very adamant about it but Judge Perry let her on anyway. It was reported that she looked bored during the trial and acted as if she could not wait until it was over.

  6. Andre' says:

    The problem is, the LAWYERS, DA’s, Prosecution didnt make the case and present conclusive proof, like they should have. Also jurors have all the power in the courtroom, they CAN over a rule a judge. But jurors dont really know their power or rights. Lawyers dont care because they get paid either way. Lawyers exist because Americans cant think critically, so lawyers filled that vacuum of ignorance. Its not an improvement.

  7. pamela judd says:

    i as a person believe jury did not do there job,a blind man could see casey was guilty,she has gotten away with murder,if i was one of jury that took no notice of evidence would hang my head in shame,i am so disgusted with outcome,why say Caylee with babysitter when she new exactly were she was,out partying noing her little girl dead,even if she truly didnt no were she was would you be out enjoying yourself,dont think so,you would be so stressed,this is one case that should be re tried,barred from resturants good scared people will find who you are good,jury should go in hideing,they should be ashamed,no justice for Caylee,i hope they carry this shame rest of there life

  8. Dorcella says:

    Its still hard for me to understand the jurors logic in acquitting Casey in the murder of her daughter Caylee. I believe jury tampering was involve and one of the jurors were paid to influence other jurors to acquit Casey .

  9. little nel says:

    You go, Alethea! I was thinking the same thing about those jurors.

    They treated Casey as special. They validated her belief that if you lie long enough and hard enough you can murder your child and walk.

    Was Caylee is just a prop without any value as a human being? Just an object that Casey used to prove that lying is powerful and useful when a jury is listening.

    I agree with you. I won’t believe that any member of that jury has a ruined life as bad as that of Caylee Anthony.

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