More Special Treatment For Miss Anthony

“Judge Belvin Perry ruled earlier in August that Anthony had until Aug. 26 to return to Florida to serve 12 months’ probation for a check-fraud conviction, upholding a sentence by Judge Stan Strickland.

By the conditions of her probation, Anthony can not drink in excess, break any laws, and must report periodically at a time determined by law and the officer. She is also forbidden from leaving the jurisdiction without specific written permission.

Due to security concerns, Anthony has been granted a waiver stating she will not have to obtain employment. Instead, she must attend school, which “will be online,” according to Baez.”

Court system to society: Go ahead, steal checks and money from your friends while they go away on vacation, murder your child and don’t report her missing to authorities –just party and go shopping, and you’ll be treated like a celebrity with special protections when you get caught.


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  1. pamela judd says:

    poor casey.gets so much all child killers get this in america.she tells so many lies,she believes them

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