Book On How To Abuse Your Child, Aids in Death of Little Girl

The authors of the book, To Train Up a Child, Michael and Debi Pearl, should be arrested for child abuse, child torture, child endangerment, and conspiracy to commit child abuse. And, during the interview, check out the stupid smile on the face of Debi Pearl.

Isn’t it typical that the man who killed his adopted daughter got 22 years, and his accomplice wife, only received 12 years.

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3 Responses to Book On How To Abuse Your Child, Aids in Death of Little Girl

  1. little nel says:

    Anyone who kills their child is not believable. I don’t believe that this couple read the book that they stated that they read.

    They were just trying to “pass the buck” for the death of this girl. Child killers lie, just like Casey Anthony did. Casey blamed the nanny, then she blamed her father. Any excuse or story to avoid responsibility for the death of a child is OK to a killer.

    • Alethea says:

      “Casey blamed the nanny, then she blamed her father.”

      You know, Little nel, this reminds me that she and Cindy also tried to blame Jesse Grund for the murder of Caylee. I find Cindy Anthony to be an accomplice to the cover-up of the murder of Caylee.

      Have you seen the clip of the interview with Dr. Phil? They make it sound like the Anthonys have come up with another theory. It will be interesting to see if George is on board with it. As much as I know he lied about the affair, I think he is the only one in that family who is honest with himself about Casey’s involvement.

      • little nel says:

        Cindy’s actions indicate that she does not believe that Casey killed Caylee Marie.

        George’s actions indicate that he believes that Casey is responsible for the death of Caylee.

        I believe that George does not want to “rock the boat” that Cindy and Casey float in. If he does, he will suffer the consequences of a traitor to his wife and daughter. He is stuck. It’s a loose-loose situation for him because, even the jury, concurred with Cindy and Casey.

        Truth is not an issue within this family, I don’t foresee anything new on Dr. Phil’s Show that would deviate from this family tradition of deceit.

        I hope that you are correct about George’s honesty within himself about Casey’s behavior. He seems to be the most emotionally affected by Caylee’s demise.

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