Husband and Wife Torture Their Cousin To Death, With the Help of Grandma and Auntie

Samantha Allen and her husband, John Allen admitted to locking their 10-year-old cousin, Ame Deal, in a tiny footlocker. Ame died there. The two have been charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit child abuse, and multiple counts of child abuse.

Ame’s murder was the result of punishment for “stealing” a Popsicle.

Ame’s aunt, Cynthia Stolzman, and her grandmother, Judith Deal, have also been charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

Prosecutors might seek the death penalty against the Allens.

Below, you will see the family of degenerates.

Some people might say, “Oh, but they were abused too as kids, you should feel sorry for them.”

No, I shouldn’t. I feel sorry for little Ame. My heart aches for her. She was an innocent child who was repeatedly abused, beaten, and tortured by these four people.

Ame was frequently locked in the footlocker, forced to eat dog feces, beaten with a wooden paddle, forced to sleep in a shower stall without a pillow or blanket, had hot sauce poured in her mouth, and beaten for wetting herself.

According to authorities, Ame was the only one of 12 children living in the home who was tortured. Court documents state that the other children intentionally did things to get Ame in trouble.

Some people might say, “you should feel sorry for those children, they were victims too.”

No, I don’t feel sorry for them. If they were age seven or older, I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Sometimes, siblings can be nasty, mean, self-centered, jealous creatures.  I believe it’s very possible the other kids weren’t being abused. At least not in the way that Ame was. There are many cases where only one child is mentally tortured and physically assaulted. Often, the other kids are left alone, because they aid in the abuse of their sibling in order to protect themselves.

Of course it’s possible the other kids were being sexually abused, and of course they had psychological issues from being raised with such vile adults, but there is something in the soul of all humans that knows when harm is being done to another person, and that it is not okay. If a child is torturing an animal and has no guilt about it, their soul is disturbed. If children torture their sibling, enjoy seeing her punished, and do nothing to help her, then their soul is warped.

Ame is at peace now, no more suffering. She can run, play and feel joy. Ame is in Heaven with the Angels and experiencing unimaginable love.

I hope that those who tortured and killed Ame will be in hell on earth by having to sit on death row.

God Bless Ame.


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13 Responses to Husband and Wife Torture Their Cousin To Death, With the Help of Grandma and Auntie

  1. little nel says:

    Alethea, my mother used to tell me that I deserved punishment and neglect because I did something bad in a “past life.” (She was convicted of child neglect in a court of law).

    She even took me to a “past life therapist” in Los Angeles to prove to me that I had past bad karma, so she was entitled to abuse me. She told me that I “picked” her and my father as a parent before I was born to work out my past karma. I did not believe any of it then, nor do I believe it today.

    She was told by a “past life therapist” that she was a Chinese queen in a past life and that was why she was so controlling, bad tempered, and impatient.

    Not once did any of her past life therapists tell her that she came from an alcoholic home.

    My father used to tell me “I gave you the breath of life and I can take it away anytime I want to.” He believed that he was entitled to kill any of his children on a whim. I did not believe him then, nor do I believe it now.

    His father was a batterer who attacked his family when he needed to vent. He was a deputy/bailiff in the Sate Supreme Court.

    • Alethea says:

      Little Nel, let me be clear…I am a Catholic, not a “new age” person. But I am very open-minded and not a “religious person” in the sense of ‘it’s this way, or the highway.’ Jesus Himself was not a religious figure, although the world has tried to make him into one.

      There are many unethical people who call themselves therapists, so I don’t base my beliefs on anyone’s “past life therapy.”

      Reincarnation is not just a new age belief, or one of the hippie’s ideas. Reincarnation is mentioned in the bible and believed by many highly spiritual people.

      I never said that God tortures people, or that your parents were entitled to abuse you because of reincarnation. That is NOT what I am saying.

      Have a beautiful weekend.

      • little nel says:

        Alethea, thanks for the clarity.

        My mother told me that reincarnation was mentioned in the Bible also.

        She said that John the Baptist was Elijah “come again.” I rebutted that notion by explaining to her that Elijah was with Jesus at the transfiguration, so John the Baptist was not the same person or “entity” as Elijah.

        My mother believed in new age mysticism, as was common in the entertainment industry, in Southern California.

        I accepted the Catholic faith in 1978. My whole family disowned me for my choice, but it did not seem to bother me as much as I thought that it would, because what I gained was life changing and profound.

        Today, I am grateful for all my teachers, good and bad, including my parents.

  2. little nel says:

    This story brings to mind a “prisoner and jailer” psychological situation. This child was the “prisoner” who suffered unfounded abuse at the hands of her “jailer” caretakers who were her adult family members.

    The children (prisoners) are pitted against her in an effort to avoid cruel consequences for themselves while trying to live in a home filled with controlling, reckless, indifferent caretakers (jailers).

    Ame was the object of disgust in that house, even though she did not deserve it. If the other children were forced into accepting Ame’s abuse, then we have more children who learned the behavior directly or vicariously.

    • Alethea says:

      True Little Nel, but some children do enjoy seeing other children be punished or abused. Some children abuse other children just to gain favor from the parents.

      This is evil, I don’t care how old you are.

      • little nel says:

        “Some children abuse other children just to gain favor from the parents” is a true statement.

        Why does a child need to abuse other children in order to gain favor from the parents? It’s a parent controlled game called “effort and reward.” This is evil.

        The children are systematically desensitized to the suffering and abuse of another child by the parents. This is evil.

        Children learn what they live.

        • Alethea says:

          I think the soul’s karma plays a big part. Some kids defend the abused child or allow themselves to be abused instead of becoming an abuser. One little boy walked a long way in the freezing cold to get help for his little sister who was being tortured (he was not being abused).

          I think the more evil the soul has in it, the more inclined the child will be to become a part of the abuse, and to gain from it.

          • little nel says:

            Alethea, are you stating that the child indentifies with the abuser because of karma? reincarnation?

            I think that perception, age, gender, development, and experience have the most influence.

            Karma and reincarnation versus generational evil. There is research that indicates that generational attitudes are passed on to the children, both good and evil.

            • Alethea says:

              If generational attitudes are passed on, both good and evil, then I would be a self-centered, violent, sexual degenerate. I am not. And my parents did not pass anything good down to me.

              The transformation of the soul requires choices for good. Every soul has a choice, and if the soul is still clinging to selfishness (evil) then it will lean more towards evil (selfish) choices. The soul is eternal. When we are born, we bring with us many experiences from many lives.

              Our soul’s journey is to learn to choose to live a life of altruism. ‘The self’ will always destroy itself.

              • Little nel says:

                Your parents were toxic and damaged, just like mine.

                You found a way out of the pain and shame, so did I.

                We are are the fortunate ones because we wanted answers and sought recovery for what ailed us.

                I was blessed with a keen intellect and so were you. I chose the path of peace, prosperity, and health, so did you.

                Our parents were duped and stuck with the “family tradition” of violence, abuse, and denial, so were their parents. It was a belief that they were “entitled” to behave like they did towards their children.

                I have to believe that reincarnation is not a reasonable answer to the age old problem of child abuse, but that changed attitudes are the crucial to solving it.

                I am not what my parents were, either. I made different choices.

              • Alethea says:

                I do not believe in a God that would give one soul a life of torture and hell, and another soul, a relatively beautiful life with loving parents. I do not believe in that kind of God. My soul needed to do its karma with my karmic parents.

                No one likes to think that their soul may have harmed someone in another life, but to think that we ‘just happen’ to get shitty parents and other people get loving parents, is to me, nonsense.


              • little nel says:

                I have never been tortured by God.

                I was abused by my parents and they thought that they were entitled because they were taught that.

  3. I hope that those who tortured and killed Ame will be in hell on earth by having to sit on death row.

    i agree.

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