Mother Murders Her Children, Family Calls Her a ‘Good Mom’

Society’s violence against children is perpetuated by those in denial.

“Last night, police were called to the apartment Chanthy shares with her parents and another sister. Police say she was acting irrationally and told them she stabbed and killed her eight-year-old son Savanna and 12 year-old daughter Savanna.”

“Mao’s husband, Cesar Rosado, says he believes his wife has bipolar disorder, that she was on medication, and that she, in fact, had tried to do something violent several times before while taking the medication. He also says that she absolutely loved her children, and that he is destroyed by the events of Wednesday night.”

Cesar is partially responsible for his children being dead. Who leaves children alone with a person who has committed violent acts before? Answer: a person in denial.

This is what happens when people suppress their inner pain with pharmaceutical drugs. The violence inside is repressed until something or someone triggers it, and then the innocent get killed.

“I would never thought she would do something like that. She loved them so much,” Chanthy’s sister said.”

Uh huh. She loved them so much that she just had to stab them to death.

“She is the most kind person I have ever met in my life. She never would even hurt a bug. She’s bipolar. She has been on medication, and…about a year or so ago, she tried to kill herself, also on medication…It is a shame. It is a shame. She’s a most loving person in the world, and she didn’t do this, and this could have been prevented..”

She “would never hurt a bug,” but she killed her children. She murdered them because synthetic drugs only push violent rage down inside the person.  She had violence in her mind but she was put on medication instead of dealing with that violence at the subconscious level. So because her family did not know how to help her, and because they wanted to believe she would never harm her children, they are dead.

This woman could have been helped, and her children could be alive today if  “modern” psychiatry would update itself to an intelligent degree.


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5 Responses to Mother Murders Her Children, Family Calls Her a ‘Good Mom’

  1. pamela judd says:

    killing her children,should have been herself she killed,father as much to blame,why would you leave your kids with wife thats voilent,bi poler or not she should be charged full extent of law

  2. Stacy says:

    Andrea Yates.
    Pharmaceuticals and the family dynamic.
    I’ve always had the opinion that Russell Yates should have been tried along with her.
    Maybe in a way he was.
    5 children in 5 years with a man that seemed proud to say he never once changed a diaper.

    • Alethea says:

      I agree Stacy. I too feel that Russell Yates was a contributor to the MURDERS.

      I don’t care what anyone says. She waited until she was alone with those boys and she systematically murdered them one by one.

      The Post-Partum depression excuse is NONSENSE.

  3. Andre' says:

    The thing is these drugs have never been proven to work, and tend to exacerbate the problems. while making billions for pharmaceutical companies.

  4. little nel says:

    Why didn’t her therapist, who prescribed medication, help her with her inner rage ?

    The most common answer is that she didn’t have the money to pay for the therapy or she would not agree to therapy.

    As for her family, it is easier to treat the patient with meds than counsel the whole family and educate them about the cause of the “disorder”.

    Modern psychiatry enables the family to deny the real issues by treating the “disorder” with drugs and a label.

    Denial is a wonderful thing for a lot of people.

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