Cindy Anthony On Caylee’s Body Found Wrapped Like Garbage in a Swamp: “We were going to cremate her anyway”

Yes, I watched the interviews. I needed to see if some grain of truth would come out of those people.

Some truths did indeed come out. One of them, is that Cindy Anthony is, to me, a disgusting human being.

Before I tell you why…

The interview went about as I thought it would. Cindy is, in my opinion, still a liar, and George is much more honest, made more sense, and doesn’t live in the fantasy world that Cindy does.

George was actually defiant to Cindy. George said he thinks Casey wanted a free life, drugged Caylee too much, and she died by accident. Cindy said it was the first time she heard him say that. The look on her face was pretty revealing. George probably got reamed when they got home.

Cindy says she believes Caylee drowned in the pool, but that George wasn’t home when that all went down.

Dr. Phil had plenty of opportunities to show Cindy police interview tapes where Casey denied that Caylee drowned, and the jailhouse tape of Casey laughing off the notion of a drowning. I don’t know why Dr. Phil didn’t present those tapes to her. Maybe his producers didn’t let it in. Maybe he forgot about that part of the evidence, I just don’t know.

So why do I find Cindy Anthony to be a repulsive human being?

Not so much because she excuses her daughter and blames Caylee’s death on Casey having “post-partum schizophrenia, a brain tumor, or seizures.”

Not as much because Cindy made it out to be trivial that Casey went out partying and dancing while Caylee was lying in a swamp. (Cindy says one of the girls didn’t show up, so Casey “reluctantly” filled in for her).

The reason that Cindy is a nauseating human being, and goes to the highest degree of immorality, is because Cindy said that even though Casey ‘might have been’ the one who threw Caylee’s body in the swamp, she doesn’t hold that against Casey.  She excused her daughter for burying Caylee like trash by saying, “Caylee didn’t die in the woods.” “We were going to cremate her anyway.”

Excuse me, but what a fucking bitch.

George is human, he broke down crying when thinking about Caylee’s body being treated that way. Through his tears, he said, “If this scenario that Casey had told her defense about Caylee drowning, why go through all this elaborate stuff to tape her up, to put her in a trash bag and bury her in the woods? I can’t comprehend a human doing that, especially a daughter doing that to my granddaughter. I can’t visualize that. I don’t want to visualize that.”

George clearly has more compassion for his grandchild and more morals than his wife.

Even though George says Casey is not welcome back in the home, Cindy says that she knows her daughter is innocent because she ‘prayed to God for closure that if Casey was guilty, she would be convicted.’ So Cindy says it was “justice for Caylee was when her mother walked.”

How arrogant!

Justice was served when her daughter walked free because she prayed for justice? I wonder if she also prayed for forgiveness when she committed purgery?

Justice huh? No one has been held responsible for Caylee’s death. How is that justice? Casey was the last person to see Caylee alive. Casey knew Caylee was dead, she wrapped Caylee in duct tape and trash bags, threw her body in a swamp, did not report her child missing, lied like no other liar on earth, and Cindy thinks justice was served?

Sometimes Mrs. Anthony, justice is NOT served because 12 unethical, ignorant jurors and a lying defense attorney are on a case. God gave human beings free will, and that means he gave mothers the ability to be murderers, and twelve jurors to be stupid, and that means that sometimes the guilty go free.

After seeing Cindy Anthony defend her daughter to the degree she has, I now know that Baez’s story is bullshit because he said that George found Caylee dead in the pool and screamed at Casey, “Your mother will never forgive you, and you’ll go to jail for the rest of your frick’n life!”

Baez’s opening argument is a fabrication because Cindy Anthony would have defended Casey to the end of time.


Dr. Phil Show

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15 Responses to Cindy Anthony On Caylee’s Body Found Wrapped Like Garbage in a Swamp: “We were going to cremate her anyway”

  1. little nel says:


    I don’t know how accurate this information is but I read that Cindy is supposedly communicating with Casey through Jose Baez or his staff. Can’t confirm.

    The article also stated that Cindy supposedly met with Casey and Casey told her “the truth” about the death of Caylee. This sounds fabricated to me.

    I don’t believe that Casey will ever tell the truth about Caylee’s murder.

    Also, I am starting to understand your thoughts about George and his part in this drama.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks Little Nel. Yes, I saw that Monday’s show is where Cindy says Casey communicated to her through Jose Bozo about what “really happened.”

  2. little nel says:

    I’m not sure if George has compassion or remorse concerning the death of Caylee. I think that it’s most likely remorse.

    His opinion is that it was an “accidental” overdose that killed Caylee.

    Accidental is when a child finds and/or opens the container and ingests the drug by themselves.
    Intentional is when someone provides the drug, and the child is fed or forced to ingest the drug.

    • Alethea says:

      Remorse about what? Remorse that he let Caylee be alone with Casey, who was irresponsible. Remorse that he believes he raised a child killer?

      What George is doing, is normal denial –the kind of denial where you take reality and try to make it a little less painful. ‘She was drugging her, and she “accidentally” gave her too much is normal denial. What Cindy is doing is arrogant, self-serving protection of a child killer.

      I also believe George because he said the drug Casey was giving Caylee was Zanax or something like it. He did not say “Chloroform.” If he had, then it would be less believable. But he used the name of another drug –a drug that was not brought up as the method of murder in the trial. He made it sound like there is inside information that Casey was using Zanax, which would explain “Zanny the Nanny.”

      The term, “Zanny the Nanny” is something a young woman would come up with to put a ‘haha’ joke on what she is doing to her little girl. I believe she used Zeneida’s identity, but put her own cute little spin on it; and every time she drugged her child, and someone would ask, “Where’s Caylee?” She would say, “oh, she’s with Zanny the Nanny.”

      • little nel says:

        Alethea, you nailed that one! You figured it out! You are brilliant! It fits.

        I too thought that it was noteworthy that George named the drug, but I didn’t put it together like you did.

        Yes, I believe that he has remorse for all the things that you stated. He surrendered leadership to Cindy, when she told him to “butt out”, after he questioned Casey’s lies and he tried to intervene because Casey was so irresponsible, indifferent, and reckless.

  3. little nel says:

    “We think that the body was moved because it wasn’t in the same place that Casey thought it was”

    Does Cindy think that Casey was telling the truth about where she “thought” that she dumped Caylee’s body?

    Cindy could not say “swamp” (she said, place) or “Caylee” (she said, the body) nor could Cindy admit that Casey hid Caylee’s body where she “thought” that no one would find her.

    So, according to Cindy, Casey was reasonable and rational, after she murdered Caylee? After all, they were just going to cremate her anyway?

    I bet that George and Cindy went home after the show and counted their cash.

    • little nel says:

      I ‘m not sure that the quote came from Dr.Phil’s show. It came from another source.

      Cindy does not believe that Casey committed a crime, so any information that she is aware of is “proof” of an accident.

  4. Stacy says:

    I can’t understand how you continue to defend that man. There are people with the uncanny talent of making themselves cry buckets on cue if it is necessary to “self preservation”. See his daughter as an example. And for some reason it just seems right that he would go on the attack of “wait until your mother gets home”…. cause gee, if he is this poor little brow beaten man, he is the one that is scared of Cindy and would threaten his children with her wrath (which washes his hands of any responsibility of consequence or punishment).

    I think if this sad pretender did “man-up” and tell the entire story, every truth, from start to finish…. he wouldn’t be able to cloak himself in others sympathy.

    But, I’ve posted enough to let you know I continue to see the WOLF under the suntanned perfectly put together sheep clothing George wears. He is pathetic and just gives me the hebejebes.

    • little nel says:

      Stacy, I agree with your observation of George Anthony. He is a fraud.

    • Alethea says:

      Stacy, for the last time…I do not “defend” George. But I do see that he is more honest with himself than Cindy. I see that he is not as satanic as she is. I use that word because her defense of her daughter is purely satanic in nature. * It is self-serving, self-protecting, arrogant, and she should be in jail for committing perjury. George is a liar too, but he is certainly more human and more truthful than his wife. That is not defending him, but seeing the truth about him and calling it what it is.

      I don’t see how you can continue to buy the bullshit story of Casey Anthony and defend her. Because that is what you are doing when you believe her attorney’s lies, and all of Casey’s lies.

      What I mean by “Satanic” is that if it was a stranger who was last seen with Caylee, who never reported her gone, who lied about her being abducted, who lied endlessly, who got the tattoo, partied while Caylee’s body was rotting, and who had the smell of a dead body in their car…then Cindy would have condemned them. But because it was her daughter, she excused her, defends her, lies for her…..THAT is satanic.

      • Alethea says:

        And Stacy, where do you think Casey got her cold nature from? Her mother –the cold-hearted woman who does not have an ounce of human dignity for her granddaughter’s body.

        Do your research Stacy, the evidence shows that Casey was drugging Caylee so she could be with her boyfriends without interruptions, and so she would be the center of attention, not Caylee. Do an image search for Caylee. You can see the dark circles under her eyes.

        The evidence shows that Casey probably killed Caylee out of revenge after the big fight with Cindy, and continued to live her “Bella Vida” without thought about her daughter’s body rotting in a swamp.

        • little nel says:

          I agree with your conclusions about Casey drugging Caylee. I believe that Casey was in competition with Caylee for attention (another reason for resentment). Caylee was a bother.

          Since the drugging of Caylee was deliberate and malicious (by the way Casey treated the body), it was not an accident, but a motivated murder.

          Revenge was sweet for Casey and we have the photographic evidence, tattoo, friends, and lovers to support it.

  5. Andre' says:

    Sorry but George has the duty and obligation to stand up to his wife, who I believe is a narcissist liar. This a problem with a lot of men is they dont have the balls to take a stand, they are door mats for some women. If more men spoke up and had some spine, this crap wouldn’t be going on. Unfortunately, we live in a very sick world. I really don’t get it.

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