Casey Anthony Ordered to Pay $97,000 for Lying to the World About Her “Missing Child”

“Casey Anthony will have to pay back some of the costs related to the investigation of the disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, but not the entire amount.

In all, agencies said the investigation into Caylee’s disappearance cost them more than $515,000.

Perry ordered Anthony to pay $97,676.98.Here is the reimbursement cost amount by department:

  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement: $61,505.12
  • Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation: $10,283.90
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office: $25,837.96
  • State Attorney’s Office: $50

Perry said in his order he may require Anthony to pay back additional costs to OCSO. Perry said that several reports were not adequately broken down. Perry gave OCSO a deadline of 4 p.m. Monday to file additional expense reports. Perry said he would enter an amended order after receiving the information. Perry said he needed more information on how OCSO employees spent time on the case in 2008, including investigators Yuri Melich, John Allen and others.The State Attorney’s Office, who said the case cost more than $141,000 to prosecute, received the least reimbursement. Perry said the costs incurred were for prosecuting the more serious charges Anthony faced, not the four misdemeanors on which she was convicted.”

Good. I hope Judge Perry ends up slapping her with the entire bill. I hope she has to pay a million dollar settlement to Zeneida Gonzalas, and I hope she has to pay the over $100,000 to Texas Equusearch. Roy Kronk get in line.


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15 Responses to Casey Anthony Ordered to Pay $97,000 for Lying to the World About Her “Missing Child”

  1. Stacy says:

    Personally, I think it is all sorts of wrong for the prosecution to try to get the defendent to pay anything. If they had won their case, the person would be in jail, every one would high-five and go home. Now, If the prosecution LOSE’S a case, the person charged (even though now by the verdict handed down is not guily) must pay them for their time?

    It’s like the robber that breaks into someones house, get’s hurt and then sues the homeowner.

    The woman was found NOT GUILTY. So since everyone and their dog still THINKS she is guilty, she should pay up and cover the cost of those that prosecuted her?

    It just doesn’t sit right….

    • Alethea says:

      Stacy, the woman LIED LIED LIED about her child being missing. She took the time and money away from REAL missing children. She committed fraud. What do you think, that she should get a medal for committing fraud and for deceiving thousands of search and rescue workers, and police?

      In my world, people pay for what they have done that is outrageously wrong to do to other human beings.

      Since you believe her bullshit story, maybe you should start a fund called, “I believe Casey Anthony went into a partying, pathological lying, don’t give a shit about my daughter’s body, trance –all because her father sexually abused her” to help Casey pay her bill to the State of Florida.

      • Stacy says:

        In this it really doesn’t matter if I “think” or you “think” who is guilty or innocent. It will matter down the road for others (justly or falsely accused) if the prosecution is able to recoop the money lost for their own lackadaisical conduct that resulted in a “not guilty” verdict. It sets a precedence. It could be argued that Mr. Jones believes Mr. Smith stole a candy bar and brings suit, resulting in a trial against Mr. Smith. The case is heard and the jury finds Mr. Smith NOT GUILTY. Now, it could be o.k. for Mr. Jones to sue Mr. Smith for the the legal expenses. THAT is WRONG.

        and THIS…. I seriously hope these so called journalist do one day have to pay for the lynch mobs they create and lead.

        nothing in that article that is not true… and the main truth of that trail can not be denied.

        This prosecution tried to put this girl to death even though they had . . .

        no proof of what actually killed Caylee (just a theory)
        no witnesses to the crime
        no DNA evidence
        no direct evidence connecting Casey to the crime
        no evidence of how Caylee got to the swamp or who put Caylee there

        • Alethea says:

          And what about the lynch mob against George Anthony, which includes yourself Stacy. There was ample evidence that Casey Anthony is guilty as charged. But there was ZERO evidence that George sexually abused her, caused her to go into a lying trance, and then made Casey dispose of Caylee’s body like trash after Caylee accidentally drowned.

          From the article Stacy posted:

          “What I suspect actually happened is Casey Anthony used the duct tape and chloroform to keep the child quiet in the trunk of the car while she partied. She came back to the car later and found Caylee dead, accidentally. She then disposed of the body, tried to come up with various stories as to where Caylee was, and pretended nothing was wrong. ”

          Anyone who drugs a child for nefarious reasons has committed murder in their heart if the child dies. If this scenario is true, her actions and evil intent, killed her child, not the accidental overdose. If this scenario is what went down, she committed murder the minute she began to drug her child.

          • Stacy says:

            but there in lies the rub, just because I THINK, you THINK, Orange County PD THINKS, the entire world THINKS she committed murder is out the window. After it’s all said and done, a court of law, a jury unanimously (all in agreement) declared her “NOT GUILTY”.

            NOT GUILTY. NOT PROVEN. I don’t think it’s right for the state, the prosecution, whatever, whoever, to come back and want the defendant to pay the expense.

            And I’ve never led a lynch mob against George Anthony. And it wouldn’t matter how much my gut tells me he is guilty of incest, or murder. If he had been the one on trial and found NOT GUILTY, the charges NOT PROVEN, I would not be lining up to make him pay the expense of defending himself.

            I personally think O.J. Simpson was guilty as heck. I thought he practically had blood dripping from his hands all throughout the trial. He was declared NOT GUILTY. The family of the murdered man brought a civil suit, there he was found guilty and told to pay up. To me that is like the double-jeopordy thing that isn’t suppose to happen.

            THAT is the part that is wrong. Can you understand that point of view?

            • Alethea says:

              Double jeopardy is for criminal charges. The law FULLY allows for CIVIL charges against a person –regardless if they were found guilty in a criminal trial.

              I think you are disingenuous to say you defend Casey Anthony ‘only because she was found not guilty in a criminal court.’ I think you only defend her about the money because you believe her bullshit story and think she was a victim of her father.

              • Stacy says:

                You’re twisting my words.

                I think I’ve been very frank and straightforward.

                You might see that if you could separate the object of your anger from what is generally called “playing fair”.

                And you can call me out all you want on believing her bullshit story…. and I’ll call you out on believing the bullshit her father spews…. and in the end the entire family has proven to be the liar kings to beat all liar kings.
                But then there are some things people really don’t KNOW unless they’ve been exposed to it… sorta like sleeping with your bra, under a tshit, under another shirt, under a robe and that many layers over your panties as well. What a weird thing to do… nobody would EVER do that. :/

              • Alethea says:

                I have not twisted anything Stacy. I am reading your words and comments, and applying them as I see them.

                You see your father in George. You are applying your own anger towards your father, so don’t tell me to separate the object of my anger. Your anger towards your father is, in my opinion, causing your bias towards George.

                As I have stated MANY times, it is not that I don’t think he might have sexually abused her, it is that there is ZERO proof of it, and… EVEN IF HE DID, I still don’t believe her story of the poolside trauma.

              • Alethea says:

                Oh, and Stacy, why don’t you help raise some money for Casey to pay the defamation of character lawsuit made by Zeneida Gonzales –the woman whose identity Casey stole in order to have a fictitious nanny –a nanny that Casey claimed had Caylee all those times BEFORE Caylee’s alleged poolside drowning.

                Where do you suppose Caylee was when Zanny the Nanny allegedly had her, BEFORE the “drowning incident?”

              • Stacy says:

                The concept you can’t seem to GET is that I am defending the PROCESS…. I’m not defending the PERSON.

                The PROCESS. The very idea that failing to get a conviction, the courts or police departments or whatever agency or lawyers that are applicable can come back after the fact and make ANY defendent that was declared NOT GUILTY pay for the trial.

                If George Anthony would have been tried and NOT CONVICTED, aka NOT GUILTY, I would not go to the other side of the fence and cheer that he should pay up. I would still be on this side of the fence saying “um, that’s wrong to do that”.

                I have no problem whatsoever with Zenida Gonzales bringing suit for defamation of character. That’s a different animal.

                and, really, what’s up with the “maybe you want to raise money for Casey” drivel? Does the fact that I have a different point of view irritate you so much you feel the need to insult my opinion and try to instigate anger? It makes you sound like a 12 yr old instead of someone articulate, intelligent and FAIR MINDED trying to help incest/rape/abuse survivors.

              • Alethea says:

                My irritation with you is that you can defend, believe, support…whatever you want to call it…a child murderer. Your belief of her is supporting a lie, defending someone who makes accusations of child sexual abuse from an armchair, and is an injustice to the REAL THE VICTIM, Caylee.

              • Alethea says:

                and I would still love to know where you think Caylee was when she was supposedly with the fictitious nanny –BEFORE the “drowning accident.”

  2. pamela judd says:

    casey should be made to pay all the money,the bitch new were caylee was

  3. little nel says:

    Casey isn’t worried…somebody always picks up the tab for her. She is a cute little celebrity with special friends.

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