The Strange Case of Susan Powell: Missing Mother, Suspicious Husband, Perverted Father-in-Law

Susan Powell was last seen December 6, 2009 when her husband, Josh Powell says she vanished from their Utah home.

Josh says he took his two boys, ages 2 and 4 at the time, on a last minute, middle of the night, camping trip. Josh says he and the boys went out in sub-zero temperatures on December 6th, just after midnight, and when they returned home the next day, Susan was gone. Their 4-year-old son verified the camping trip.

Susan Powell’s cell phone and purse were left behind, as was her car. She has not contacted anyone since the night she disappeared, and there is no trace of her.

Josh Powell has been continuously watched and investigated since then, but he has never been arrested and remains only a “person of interest.” According to police, Josh has not cooperated with them.

In January 2010, Josh moved from the Salt lake area, to Puyallup, Washington.

After a police raid on the home of Josh Powell and his father Steve Powell, it was revealed that Susan had allegedly wrote in a journal about having a relationship with Steve. Powell claims that he and his daughter-in-law were falling in love with each other before she disappeared. Powell quoted Susan’s journals- written when she was a teenager- and states that she was “mentally unstable.”

Isn’t that what perpetrators always do? They claim the victim is mentally unbalanced.

Josh the Today Show that he didn’t know about the alleged affair between his wife and his father.

Steve Powell was quoted as saying, “Frankly sometimes I wished that we had done a little bit more than we did.” 

In another article also dated Aug. 26, Steve seems to contradict himself when he told KING 5 News, “Maybe a year or two, a couple of years of her approaching me and being the one initiating things and trying to titillate me and get my attention and so on,” said Steven Powell.

“Yeah,” Steve said. “I became very interested in her and I will say it probably developed into maybe an obsession, I admit, on my part.”

Inside Edition reported Wednesday that Steve told the Today Show, “I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity with this beautiful woman, even though she was my son’s wife. I’m sorry – she is just a wonderful person – and, I enjoyed it.”

He and his son have both indicated that Susan was “very sexual” and that she might have “run off with another man.”

On September 22, 2011, Steve Powell was arrested for possession of child pornography, which included photos of neighborhood girls, taken without their knowledge, while they were changing their clothes or while using the toilet. Police say there were thousands of images of young girls and women. The images also included voyeuristic shots of Susan Powell.

Susan Powell's Father-in-Law Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Steven Powell, 61, pleaded not guilty plea on Friday. He is being held on $200,000 bail, and was fired from the Washington Corrections Department.

Although police say Powell’s arrest isn’t tied to Susan’s disappearance, Susan’s family are convinced that Powell is connected, but say they were shocked at the child pornography and voyeurism photos.

Susan’s father told The Associated Press that his daughter claimed that “something had happened” years ago between herself and Steve Powell. He said that Steve had wanted Susan “to be a common wife for him and Josh.” (they must be Mormon)

Josh and Susan Powell’s sons have been taken into protective custody. Susan’s parents are seeking custody in family court.

Was there a relationship between Susan and her father-in-law? If so, was Susan and Steve’s relationship sexual enough to anger Josh? It’s an interesting case. If anyone has any informative updates on the story, I would appreciate it.


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5 Responses to The Strange Case of Susan Powell: Missing Mother, Suspicious Husband, Perverted Father-in-Law

    • Alethea says:

      Yes, thank you so much. I did hear. I am not shocked. Anyone with two degrees of intelligence knows he killed the mother of his children. The scum bag didn’t even have the guts or slight bit of compassion to leave a note as to where her body is.

      I wish these people would just kill themselves, and leave the innocent children alone! Those poor boys must have gone through fear just before the end.

      • wildninja says:

        Northwest news outlets have started reporting that Charlie and Braden were killed by blows to their necks with an axe or hatchet. The cause of death is listed as that and carbon monoxide poisoning. For this and other reasons it’s increasingly apparent that Josh Powell planned his sons’ murders in advance and attacked them as soon as they came in the door.

        • Alethea says:

          Thank you WildNinja. We live in such a brutal world. Children victimized, brutalized, terrorized and savagely murdered by their own parents.

  1. little nel says:

    Susan Powell was the gainfully employed spouse of Josh Powell, who did not have a job.

    Men who don’t work outside the home have a high incidence of domestic abuse as compared to those who have a job.

    I think that Steven Powell’s perverted behavior was “uncovered” by his own words that disparaged Susan as sexually adventurous woman when her friends have stated otherwise.

    Both Josh and Steven Powell have gone public with accusations that imply that Susan was a slut who ran off and left her family, when she has no voice to counter the slurs.

    Men like Josh and Steven Powell make me want to vomit. They have a flashing red sign over their heads that states, “guilty” in my mind.

    Susan’s children have been removed from Josh’s dangerous home and put into a safer place.

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