Mother of Accused Child Molester Pleads Guilty To Witness Intimidation

This one hits home with me because I was threatened with death (or something serious happening to me) right after my father died when I was 12. The threats came from his mother (my grandmother) and my mother. The threat was that I needed to continue keeping the family secrets. They wanted to make sure I did not think that -just because my father was dead- I now had the ability to talk about the incest, or to disclose it to anyone outside the family. They kept his threats alive with their own threats. This reinforced my father’s death threats, and it worked. I didn’t dare say anything until I was 36 years-old.

It’s not just mothers who protect their child abusing boyfriends and husbands; mothers often protect their child abusing sons.

McALESTER — “The mother of a man, who is currently facing child sexual abuse charges, was convicted of making threats to witnesses called to testify against her son.

Katherine A. Harrison, 57, of McAlester, pleaded guilty Oct. 6 in the Pittsburg County District Court to a charge of intimidating and threatening a state’s witness, according to court records.

Court documents indicate that on Aug. 2, Katherine Harrison left the courtroom following a hearing for Walter Harrison, 37, of McAlester, and threatened a woman, and others, who were there to testify against her son. Katherine Harrison threatened physical or mental harm to the victim, according to court documents.

Katherine Harrison’s son, Walter Harrison, was charged on June 22 in Pittsburg County District Court with performing a lewd act in the presence of a minor.

Walter Harrison’s charge is in reference to an incident in which he allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl, an act which caused the young child to what appeared to be a sexually transmitted disease, according to court documents.

After pleading guilty to charges of threatening and intimidating a state’s witness in her son’s case, Katherine Harrison was fined $250 and received a deferred sentence of three years.”

A $250 fine, and no jail time for making death threats? That just about opens the door for other monsters to threaten and intimidate children and witnesses in child abuses cases doesn’t it? I wonder how they will sentence the son if he is convicted? Probably a month in jail.

Children have no chance in a world where they are silenced with fear and the courts practically reward the perpetrators and those who defend them.

One of my readers just commented about this story:

“Please read an article written by Rosemary Smith, Editor of the Navasota Examiner, dated April 20, 2011.

Judge McCaig of Grimes/Waller County, Texas, denied a brave little girl and her family any justice in a case where there was DNA, a confession, along with a forensic interview of the child. This Judge, who just happens to have been appointed by Governor Rick Perry of Texas in 2007, gave an admitted, convicted Pedophile of aggravated sexual assault of a 7 year old year girl:


And to add insult to injury, this Judge would not allow then Victim’s Impact Statement be read. He also insisted that this Child Molester, be monitored by his Pastor and Associate Pastor at the same church the victim attended.

The Child Molester had written in his Facebook Page that he wants to be a Youth Minister.” ~Randa Fox

Randa has asked that people check out her website, Not On Our Watch:


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3 Responses to Mother of Accused Child Molester Pleads Guilty To Witness Intimidation

  1. little nel says:

    What is it about families of asshole bullies who incest their children? They like to pick up the pace where the offender has left off. Do they think that the family tradition of keeping the incest/sexual abuse a secret is more important than the validation of the pain that it caused the child?

    Is it about saving the “image” of the offender to keep the family from feeling the guilt of not protecting the child?

    Fear of being called into question and publicly humiliated by persons outside the family?

    My family protected the abuser because, “He had all those children to support and we didn’t want them (the children) to have to suffer poverty because their dad was in jail.” And besides, “He would just lie to the police and say he was not guilty of anything.” “Then he would come after us and hurt us.”

    I stood up to the asshole bully in my family and now I have to take bodyguards with me to visit my mother at the nursing home. He was jailed for assaulting me but jail did not teach him anything.

    • Alethea says:

      Little Nel, I love how strong you are!

      Yes, in families like ours; keeping alive, a good image of the abuser, and a paycheck on the table is much more important than the health and well-being of the victim.

      • little nel says:

        Thanks for the validation, Alethea.

        Isn’t it interesting that the abusers just seem to get more cunning and aggressive as they age?

        They only seem to think that their own needs are important, and if the victim stands strong, then they determine that they need to step up the violence and intimidation to get “respect.”

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