Woman Gets Probation in Teen Rape Case, Her Victim Gets Death

I think I have had just about enough of women virtually being excused in child sex crimes.  This case is really disturbing, because the victim killed himself when his perpetrator told him their relationship was over.

I always wonder if sexual perpetrators of children would still commit their crimes if they were given a video tape of all the physical, emotional, and psychological damage their victims will experience, and for some victims, the suicides.

~Cañon City, CO. “…Brenda Harding was sentenced to lifetime probation with a minimum of 10 years Monday for sexual assault on a child.

The charges are the result of an investigation into the suicide of 15-year-old Tristen Hagen of Buena Vista in April, who was reported missing April 2 by his father…”


“Harding, 30, was charged in May with one count each of sexual assault on a child, sexual assault on a child as a pattern of abuse, sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and sexual assault on a child by person in a position of trust with a pattern of abuse. “

If this had been a 30 year-old man, who raped a 15 year-old girl, he most likely would have received a number of years in prison, but gender was in this sexual predator’s favor.

“His stepfather, Marlo Padilla, and father, Mike Hagen addressed the court. Hagen said his son’s death was a direct result of his relationship with Harding. “We found his lifeless body on a hill,” he said. “She was told by me and other people to leave him alone. We dont want to see this happen to anyone else.”

“Tristen could not deal with the relationship and the relationship ending, and within 24 hours, Tristen was dead, LeDoux said. This is the perfect illustration why we have these laws to protect young people in the community. LeDoux also read a letter from Tristen’s sister, Tiara Roberts, who said Harding was told on several occasions to stay away from my brother.

Harding’s mother, Deannette Knight, pleaded with the court for an opportunity to bring her daughter home so she could have a chance in the adult world. Harding addressed the court before her sentencing, apologizing to Tristen’s family and taking full responsibility for her actions.

“I’m sorry for what has happened, not only because his life is gone,” she said, “he was a friend of mine, and it went beyond that.”

Yes, you stupid bitch, you were his babysitter and you broke a position of trust and violated a position of authority.

“Judge Julie Marshall said she was not sentencing Harding for Tristen’s death.”

Well she should have! If sexual predators were all sentenced based on what kind of pain their victims go through, then most of them would be in prison for life.

“Harding will serve 90 days in jail, beginning Monday; serve lifetime sex offense specific probation; and is to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18, including her own two children, until a risk assessment can be completed.

Investigators found a condom wrapper on Tristen’s body that matched a box spotted at Harding’s home; his music player was there, too. Harding told cops she’d last seen Tristen on April 1, the night before he disappeared. The theory: She’d told him the affair was over, and he took his own life out of remorse.”

Did Tristen leave the condom wrapper on his body, on purpose, to symbolize that the sex abuse killed him? Did Tristen’s self-indulgent perpetrator have sex with him one more time before telling her victim that she was ending the relationship (sex abuse)?






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10 Responses to Woman Gets Probation in Teen Rape Case, Her Victim Gets Death

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me? This young pubescent man was old enough to engage in consensual sex. He most certainly was not a “child” being molested. People married younger than this in the past!! If it were a 15 year old girl with a 30 yr. old man, she also would have been a consenting partner to the sex. If these so called “children” of today’s society are allowed to watch porn, R-rated sexually explicit movies and engage in all other types of “adult” behavior, then there should be no problem with them engaging in consensual sex without it being considered “molestation.” The only people to blame in this case are the parents for raising their child with such low morals. Obviously their kid had serious emotional problems that would have come out sooner or later in his life. You can hardly blame the 30 year old babysitter for having sex with him for his death! This is ludicrous. Don’t act like today’s teenage boys of the world are innocent, virginal angels.

    • Alethea says:


      If you read the post linked below, you will see that I agree with you. *My point* was that she is a sexual predator, she has committed a crime, and she has gotten away with it because she is a woman. But don’t over-estimate a teenage boy’s emotional state. He obviously could not handle an “adult” relationship with this THIRTY year-old WOMAN. And he was 14 when she seduced him.


      • Anonymous says:

        You cannot label this woman a “sexual predator” because our society has decided that 18 years of age is the legal age to have sex. Societies standards are always changing. As I said before, in the past it was not uncommon for people to marry in their teens and this is also the case in many cultures today. Does this mean that all of the people who did this in the past in this country or who are doing this in other cultures today are “sexual predators because man’s laws have changed? This is ridiculous. These “kids” are not being taught morals or responsibility and because of this we are seeing teenagers having sex not only with one another, and with younger teens, but with older persons as well. These acts are hardly acts of child molestation. These teens have adult bodies and 3 year old brains because they are watching nothing but garbage on television and on the internet and are NOT being taught morals by their parents. This goes for these women who are having relationships with teenage boys. They are mentally the age of teenagers. I did not have great parents but I certainly would not have gone off as a teen and engaged in sex with an older man – Why? – because I was TAUGHT that this was wrong. Teenagers are fully responsible for their actions and cannot blame another – other than maybe their parents for not guiding them. Go out to Amish country and you will see what teenagers are capable of. The young adults in this country are a disgrace as are most of their parents.

        • Alethea says:

          If this is the same “anonymous” who has been defending all women as victims, and that they don’t act without being coerced by a man….. then I would say to you, that this message above makes it sound as though you might be a sexual perpetrator yourself. You defend women who sexually abuse kids, and in the same breath you say kids aren’t taught responsibility or morals! Ha!

          If you think that a 30 year-old woman, who was supposed to be babysitting her friend’s 14 year-old son, but instead, has sex with him and begins a sexual relationship with him… is not a sexual predator, then YOU “anonymous” are the one with the problem. YOU are a person with no morals and who holds no woman responsible for her actions.

          • Anonymous says:

            You have serious issues if you think I am a child predator based on my comments. I hope that you never serve on a jury of any kind. You completely missed my point. I am not saying it is okay for the woman to have had sex with the 15 year old, but it does not make her a child predator – he was not a “child” he was old enough to reproduce. Like it or not I am correct in everything I say and you cannot stand it, so you resort to name calling. Real mature. You never did respond to the fact that in the past and in many cultures today people married young and are still doing so. Look at Courtney Stodden. She has been having a relationship with a man much older and she is a teen and engaged to be married. I guess her fiance should be arrested because Courtney has been being molested for sure! She was only about 16 when she started the relationship.

            • Alethea says:

              You don’t deny that you are the same “anonymous” who has been defending women who sexually abuse children because you think women are all victims, and think they only commit sex crimes because a man has seduced them into it. So, my statement remains as is.

              You might label it “name calling” but you have to take some responsibility for yourself. If you defend women as you have, and do not get the fact that a 30-SOMETHING TEACHER WHO IS CAUGHT ENGAGING IN SEX WITH SEVERAL OF HER STUDENTS, HAS A PROBLEM WITH USING HER POSITION OF AUTHORITY AND A PROBLEM WITH HER SEXUAL BOUNDARIES, then you had better be prepared to look at yourself as someone who IDENTIFIES WITH CHILD AND TEEN SEXUAL ABUSERS.

      • Alethea says:

        Thanks Serieve.

        She wasn’t even charged with accountability to rape, like the man was! How is offering a child up for sex, in exchange for money or drugs, not being accountable for her rapes?!

  2. Cengiz Temi says:

    unfortunately we live in a world full of corruption
    guilty people walk free innocent people are either locked up for years on end or constantly harassed
    the only way for it to end is to end all corruption which i don’t see happening

  3. little nel says:

    I agree, Pamela, this boy’s family will suffer with the loss for the rest of their lives and “Brenda the perp” gets a slap and another “opportunity” at child seduction in the “adult world” with her mother’s blessing.

    Good luck trying to keep this woman away from children! Can a leopard change it’s spots?

  4. pamela judd says:

    15 years old most probally thought end of world when this women broke up with him,and yes if man in same situation would have been charged sex with a minor and jailed,why courts have gone easy on her will never no,should have gotten same sentence as a man would have,she has taken advantige of minor,i feel for his family,there lost son,she gets slap on wrist

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