Casey Anthony Jurors Names Released: Media Hears Nothing But the Sound of Crickets

“A Florida court has released the names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony murder trial, giving identities to people who have thus far been the subject of only unfocused public outrage.

And, no surprise, the media began beating a path to jurors’ front doors shortly after the Orange County Superior Court in Florida released the information.

The Orlando Sentinel described its efforts bluntly: “Sentinel reporters and a photographer have been knocking on doors throughout Pinellas County today, searching for the jurors. Many knocks went unanswered, and some neighbors said their juror neighbors had left town.”

As of midday Pacific time Tuesday it did not appear that any of the outed jurors were speaking publicly.

In the wake of [Casey’s] acquittal, jurors largely declined to meet with or talk to the media. But the jury foreman, who insisted on anonymity, told Fox News that jurors had no choice but to acquit because the prosecution failed to prove its case. The husband of another juror, meanwhile, said his wife quit her job and left the state for fear of being attacked by coworkers if they learned of her involvement.

A spokeswoman for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office told the Orlando Sentinel on Tuesday that officials were prepared to respond to any complaints or concerns from jurors, but that so far that had not been necessary.”

I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for the jurors. It’s all cause and effect for their decision to give Caylee less than ten hours of their deliberation time, to acquit her mother of all the charges related to the death of her child, and all because they wanted to go home after being sequestered and because a couple of them had vacation plans.


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17 Responses to Casey Anthony Jurors Names Released: Media Hears Nothing But the Sound of Crickets

  1. Andre' says:

    question – what was the smoking gun/s ? What tied her directly to the murder ? One thing I know, I would have subpeoned all of Casey’s phone records for the last year. You know she was using a cell phone, making calls and probably with a big mouth. Any evidence of phone records ?

    • Alethea says:

      You should know that the vast majority of criminal cases do not have a smoking gun. Most all criminal cases tried in our court system, are based on circumstantial evidence. In this case, there is not one or two things, there were hundreds of very telling, very serious pieces of circumstantial evidence. If you wait for a smoking gun in every case of child murder or child sexual abuse, then all perpetrators will go free and be allowed to continue to commit crimes against children, over, and over again.

  2. Andre' says:

    “jurors had no choice but to acquit because the prosecution failed to prove its case.” I have to agree. The prosecution failed to make its case. There should not have been a trial without evidence. It was the DA’s who screwed this up. They had no standing to prosecute, but they went a head anyways. This goes on all the time.

    • Alethea says:

      Scott Peterson sits on death row and there was just as much evidence in that case.

      The law is beyond a “reasonable” doubt, not beyond ANY doubt.

    • little nel says:

      The jurors could have refused to acquit. Then there would have been another trail.

      • Andre' says:

        Lawyers at the beginning of a trial screen who is going to be on jury. They probably profile the stupidest people on the planet that dont know how to ask questions. looking over evidence isnt rocket science, esp with 12 people in the same room. 99% of Americans lack critical thinking skills

        • Alethea says:

          I blame Judge Perry in part because he allowed people on that jury –PEOPLE WHO SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO SERVE ON ANY JURY.

          • little nel says:

            What is the difference between “screening” jurors and jury tampering?
            Did Casey get a jury of her peers or were they hand picked for their lack of intelligence?

            • Alethea says:

              “What is the difference between “screening” jurors and jury tampering?”

              In the Casey Anthony Case, not much.

  3. DNA fan in Boston says:

    Personally, I think they were lazy and uninformed. There were other charges they could have resorted to. They could have asked for clarification. They could have really, really considered the term “reasonable doubt”.

    It’s sickening that she’s free in our streets.

    • Andre' says:

      At the end of the day, the lawyers screwed it all up. Jurors can only work with what you give them. If there wasnt enough evidence, you cannot convict. The thing with DNA, thats sketch too, because I dont think really anyone can prove/understand how DNA works, people just assume that some picture of chromosomes, means something. Technically its ‘hearsay’ . From all that I was hearing evidence was nebulous at best, nothing tied Casey with hard evidence to the case. Was she irresponsible ? Absolutely. As a mother she F’ed up big time, but there still was no concrete evidence she murdered her daughter. There are other things/people at play behind the scenes going on, like covering it up for some reason.

      • Alethea says:

        I’m not going to get into the case with you because you sound like you defend her. It also sounds like you did not watch the ENTIRE trial like I did.

        The only covering up that was done, was BY Cindy and some by George BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT IF THEY DO NOT DEFEND HER, AND EXCUSE HER, THEN THEY WOULD BE GUILTY OF HAVING RAISED A CHILD MURDERER. They defend her out of self-protection.

        • Alethea says:

          and the attorneys did a very good job. I just wish they had allowed more evidence to come in. Like Casey’s jealousy over Cindy’s love of Caylee. Like when Casey broke up with her ex-fiance,’ he asked why she was leaving, and she said it was because he loved Caylee more than her. Like the party friends she used to hang with, who said they told Casey that they enjoyed Caylee more than Casey. And the people who say Casey and Caylee were more like sisters, not mother and daughter. Like the (alleged haha) huge fight Cindy and Casey had the night before Caylee was murdered.

          Oh, and the boyfriend who said Casey would get up in the middle of the night and take Caylee out of the bed (the guy said she was sleeping in the same bed with the boyfriend and Casey) and both mother and daughter would be gone for a couple of hours. When Casey returned, she did not have Caylee with her.

          The only problem is that the prosecution did not think they would be up against such unethical, ignorant, and self-occupied nincompoops.

          If this case had been tried in the 1950’s or 60’s, Casey Anthony would be behind bars. Morals and ethics have all but disappeared in most human beings.

          • Andre' says:

            The lawyers screwed up as to your admission “I just wish they had allowed more evidence to come in” They didnt and they are incompetent. GOOD lawyers know what solid evidence is. These knuckleheads dont. And “Oh please” Im NOT defending Casey. The lawyers blew it, as they usually do. They dont care they get paid either way. Ill bet you Casey even “serviced” all of the parties involved. The thing is jurors are not told what their rights are and what latitude they have. They CAN over ride a judge IF they knew how. Jurors have more power than the judge, they just dont know it.

            • Alethea says:


              • Alethea says:

                and thank God the Peterson jurors were intelligent people with more ethical values than the C.A. jurors.

  4. little nel says:

    The only thing that really makes me angry about this jury is that they could have refused to reach a verdict instead of letting the child killer go free because they thought that the prosecution did not prove it’s case.

    I think that the Anthony jurors need to run and hide for what they did. They are a disgrace.

    I would have loved to have seen a retrial or two for Casey Anthony.

    The trial for the murderer of Michelle O’Keefe was held three times before a conviction was reached. There was more evidence for conviction in the Anthony case than there was for Michelle’s murderer.

    The jurors in Michelle’s murder case did not want a cold blooded killer to be set free in Los Angeles because they thought that the prosecution could have done a better job.

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