More Excuses For Female Sexual Abusers

LEBANON, Ohio — “One last prosecution witness will precede closing arguments in the trial of a former Mason teacher accused of having sex with five of her students. Stacy Schuler is charged with 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of providing alcohol to a minor. She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.Dr. Ken Manger took the stand Wednesday afternoon as Schuler’s defense team laid out its case. The forensic psychologist testified that he reviewed several pieces of evidence in the case, and conducted interviews and tests on Schuler to come to the conclusion that she was suffering from a “severe mental disease” when the sexual acts occurred that prevented her from knowing right from wrong.”

Ah! So she only has a severe mental disease when she is having sex with kids, otherwise, she is perfectly normal.

“When Schuler woke up the next morning, saw boys on her couch, at some point, she’ll realize she doesn’t remember? After the second, third, fourth time, isn’t it shame on her?” Hiett asked.”It could be if she understood the causal effect,” Plotnick replied.Manger also testified that Schuler suffered from polycystic ovarian disease — which can cause an increase in sex drive — and may have been suffering from B12 deficiency because of her vegan diet.”

An increased sex-drive doesn’t make you want to have sex with kids. She wasn’t caught screwing a bunch of men her age, she was caught having sex with kids! And those vegans had better watch out, they might find themselves sexually attracted to kids.

“Several past students and colleagues testified on Schuler’s behalf Wednesday to talk about her behavior in school.One student, identified only as TW, testified that Schuler helped him cope with the loss of his mother. TW said Schuler was also instrumental in giving him the strength to come out about his sexual orientation.”She helped me realize that I’m an amazing person and that my life is worth living,” TW said.Another student, DS, said Schuler helped him through his depression.”I think it is safe to say that had it not been for her, had I not had someone to talk to, I very well might not be here today,” DS testified.The students all dismissed suggestions from previous testimony that Schuler was flirtatious with her students, describing her as merely happy.Schuler’s former colleague Emily Shiverski agreed.”Stacy was always so upbeat, I could easily see how some students might interpret that as flirting,” testified Emily Shiverski, a former colleague who worked with Schuler for six years.Shiverski said Schuler treated all of her students the same and that they took to her because of that.”She mothered them, some girls liked her a lot because she would listen to them, mentor them,” she said.”

Oh, I’m sorry, but isn’t this what male sexual abusers often do with their prey? They mentor them, coach and encourage them, and serve as a replacement for their unavailable and distant parents. What makes this sexual offender any different? Oh right! She’s a woman!

“Of all the character witnesses who testified on Schuler’s behalf Wednesday, all agreed that hearing the allegations against her was a shock.”The allegations were very surprising, knowing her morals and values,” Shiverski said.”My immediate reaction was that’s not the Stacy Schuler I know,” said former students Maggie Ochsner. “That is not the person I grew to know. That is not the person I consider a mentor.”The defense rested its case Wednesday afternoon. The prosecution will next call a rebuttal witness, a psychologist who will refute the testimony provided by Manger.The trial is scheduled to resume at 9 a.m. Thursday. Then the case will go to the judge, who will make his ruling.”

Why would the judge allow character witnesses in to the trial? It’s as if history has taught the court system and society nothing. Many of the most violent and degenerate child killers and child molesters have been known as “a great guy,” “an upstanding member of the community,” “a respected citizen,” “a good worker,” or “a good neighbor.”

If you watch the video at the link below, it sounds more like she is on trial for being a bad teacher, not for being an adult who likes to have sex with kids.

Stacy was found guilty on all charges . She was sentenced to four years in prison, and five years of probation.

Yipee! Some justice served.


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6 Responses to More Excuses For Female Sexual Abusers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Supposedly these young MEN were all about 17 when this “abuse” occurred. This is yet another joke. This woman is NOT a “child predator.” These young MEN were certainly old enough to know right from wrong and to have made a decision. In Bible times they ALL would have been stoned to death. These “children” were old enough to drive a vehicle but not to make their own decisions about sex!? What a joke. What about all the other sexual relationships they most certainly engaged in with young adults closer to their age? Aren’t they scarred and traumatized by these encounters as well? The parents could have cared less if their boys had a relationship with another teen their age, but they are outraged because they had sex with an older woman – a societal taboo. It sounds like there were other motives here on the part of these young MEN to come forward about this teacher – I don’t know maybe a free ride through college or a hefty paycheck. The teacher had no morals herself and did break the law as it stands in our time period and culture, but to make it seem like these young MEN were victims and not willing and happy participants who will be scarred for life is just a joke. When I was in school in the early 90’s one of my teachers who was about 24 dated a senior who was about 18. They married a few years after he graduated. There is nothing wrong with this. This whole issue is not one of child predators it is one of many people who have absolutely no morals – teacher included. Courtney Stodden was in her mid teens when she started a relationship with a much older man. I believe she got permission to marry him, so I guess this reversed the idea in your eyes that she was being sexually molested by this man because she was under a certain age, since she received “permission.” It is all in how you look at it. According to the “law’ this woman is guilty, but according to GOD’s law, they are ALL guilty. There is no one innocent here – all fornicators. Like it or not.

    • Alethea says:

      and a couple of more points:

      She is a 33 year-old woman, who had sex with the boys/teens at school, and gave them -all minors- alcohol and marijuana in her home.

      “She told me that if anybody ever found out that she already had her defense planned out and she would try and say that she was insane,” one of the students said in court.”

      This shows that, not only did she know what she was doing was wrong, but that she is devious.

      “One of the victim’s fathers testified at the trial of how his son was negatively affected by Schuler’s actions. “He suffered from depression, loss of motivation … almost didn’t go to college — he was angry at home and he didn’t want to be around family or anyone — my son was not who he used to be,” the father said.”

      If this 33 year-old has sexual boundary issues, then who is to say she would not also be capable of sexually abusing even younger boys. She is in prison where she belongs.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not believe for one minute that this one particular young man whose father spoke on his behalf was traumatized and suffered from “lack of motivation… etc because of Schuler’s actions.If he suffered at all it was due to his OWN actions. This woman did break the law, and does have issues and should be held responsible for everything she did, but these young MEN should also he held responsible for what THEY have done. It is total BS that they are being viewed as “victims.” They were old enough to know right from wrong and to be held accountable. This is a fricking joke that there parents are acting like these 17 year old young men are little babies who were led astray. If a teenager can be held accountable for sexting and sending naked pics of themselves or others and charged with distribution of child pornography, then they should also be held accountable for engaging in sex acts with their teachers and using drugs!

        • Alethea says:

          Translation: It’s the kid’s fault for having a penis, raging hormones, a need to be accepted by their peers and a good-looking older woman, for having a teenage-minded need to smoke pot and drink alcohol, and for having a physiological inability in their brain (unlike their adult perpetrator) to fully understand the consequences of what was happening.

          Your ignorance is very helpful to child abusers. I’m sure they love you.

      • ash says:

        How do you feel about Courtney Stodden?

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