Daughter Gives Stepfather An Eyeful and Mom Enjoys It

This was published in the “Dear Abby” section in June 200o.

“Dear Abby: I have a beautiful 20-year-old daughter. She’s currently home from college for a break. She spends a great deal of time in our back yard sunning by the pool and swimming. This is fine, but my concern is that she’s doing it in the nude.

Now I am far from a prude, Abby, and do most of my own sunning and swimming in the nude as well. My concern is that I am recently remarried, and my daughter doesn’t bother to cover up when my new husband is home. She seems just as comfortable nude in front of him as she is in front of me. This seems odd, because this is only the third or fourth time my daughter has met him.

I am further conflicted because my husband obviously enjoys looking at my daughter while she’s naked. She has a great body. My husband has been constantly aroused, and this has been leading to some of the best sex I have ever had. When I thought we were falling into a rut, all of a sudden we’re making love twice a day. I love it!

My daughter is home for one more week. I’m not sure whether to say anything to her or not. I’m certainly enjoying the side benefit of her exhibitionism. Should I just enjoy this week knowing that she’ll be back at summer school soon?

–Confused But Enjoying”

Abby’s response:

“Dear Confused:

Speak up now. By allowing this to continue, you are playing with dynamite. While your daughter has probably learned the habit of swimming and sunbathing in the nude from you, the fact that she is doing this in front of your new husband — whom she has only recently met — is extremely inappropriate.

Consider the future. What if your daughter decides to spend other vacations with you? You won’t be able to let your husband out of your sight. And if he surprises you, and turns out to be capable of making love three times a day, it could mean the end of your marriage.”

My letter to Dear Abby,

“Regarding the woman signed “Confused But Enjoying” (June 23):

The fact that this woman quietly stood by when her new husband became aroused while staring at her twenty-year old daughter’s nude poolside activities, was unbelievable to me. Then she further shocked me by saying that, because of this, she was having the best sex ever and did not want to ruin it by saying anything to her daughter.

Abby I am absolutely amazed and disgusted at the ignorance of this woman. Does she not understand that while she is having “some of the best sex she has ever had” her new hubby is probably fantasizing about her own daughter? It is women like this who allow incest in their home. Yes this girl was twenty years old, but what if the husband was becoming aroused over her seven year-old daughter? Would she also say and do nothing so she can enjoy some of the best sex of her life?

Please sign me: “Welcome to Reality”


Chicago Tribune

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2 Responses to Daughter Gives Stepfather An Eyeful and Mom Enjoys It

  1. Barbara/Bon says:

    I can only concur with the sense of shock and disbelief that you felt upon reading thiis “mother’s” completely irresponsible and immoral behaviour. What sort of woman would even wish to be with a man who needs to watch ANY other woman nude in order to enhance her own sexual experience, but this is her “child” we are talking about! It doesn’t matter that she is twenty. She is a horrible excuse for a mother. She has taught her daughter that there are no boundaries. It’s no accident that her daughter parades around naked in front of this strange man. It’s not hard to figure out where she learned this is acceptable. If she were so concerned about her daughter’s safety and so surprised about her daughter’s lack of boundaries she would have discussed this with her immediately. Not only is this mother’s neglect of her daughter with regard to proper guidance and her acceptance of this practice as “normal and natural” endangering her daughter, she has admitted to knowingly using her “child” for her own pleasure. What’s next: pimping her out for financial gain? There’s really no difference. It’s disgusting and this woman should not have had any children. Sadly, because this daughter is above the legal adult age, there is little hope of any helpful intervention. Unfortunately, she may end up learning the hard way that her best interests were the last thing on mom’s mind.

    • Alethea says:

      Great comments Barbara. I wonder where the daughter got such no-boundary “free” ideas? There is a difference between freedom and total unawareness. Did her daughter learn that being naked in front of her mother’s new husband is perfectly normal because she learned similar behavior as a child? Where’s her real dad? Maybe the daughter was sexually abused by dad and mom let it happen, so her daughter thinks this is all normal.

      This reminds me of the old film “Lolita.” Maybe mom’s new hubby married her to be near her twenty -year old beautiful daughter?

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