Sister and Mother of Killer and Rapist, Joshua Komisarjevsky, Give Clues to the Mind of a Murderer

“ reports the woman testified her brother had sexually abused her for up to two years, ending when she was about ten and he was about 12, when she finally spoke out.

She told prosecutor Michael Dearington she saw the abuse ‘not as violence but an act of control’.

‘I know Josh is not a violent person in nature,’ she continued. ‘I know he’s not the kind of person who would decide to kill the Petit family.’

Miss Komisarjevsky said her father, Benedict Komisarjevsky, doubted her story and pressed her for details of ‘times, dates and locations of abuse’, asking her if she wanted to ‘break up the family and have us get divorced’, according to the Courant.”

Ah, so there it is, daddy didn’t want to believe the victim, and made her feel guilty because, by disclosing the sexual abuse, it meant the family would be ‘torn apart.’

“She testified that her brother came out with the admission later, stunning her father who did not know what to do.

The defence says Komisarjevsky’s religious family did not get him proper psychological treatment.”

Sounds more like he didn’t do anything out of shame and concern for his own welfare, not because of religion.

“Mrs Komisarjevsky took the stand for the second time today.

The testimony came after Joshua Komisarjevsky’s mother, Jude Komisarjevsky, took the stand and testified she suspected he was visiting hundreds of pornographic adult websites in the days before the crime.

His mother said his computer indicated he visited more than 900 adult porn websites and though she was unsure of the time frame, about five days before the crime, she saw him on the computer around 2am with an angry look on his face.”

“It was the second time Mrs Komisarjevsky had taken the stand.

She told the jury last week that her son changed after he was raped by ‘someone trusted’.

She said he grew angry and had satanic symbols in his room along with the words ‘death, die and suicide’.”

“Komisarjevsky was hospitalised a short time later after he set a vacant gas station on fire.

The psychiatric hospital recommended he be medicated, but his mother said she was concerned about the drug’s effects and that her son would abuse it.

‘I wouldn’t give that to an enemy,’ she told the court in New Haven today. ‘I’ve seen the effects of it.’

Doctors also wanted to put Komisarjevsky in a programme, but his mother said there were insufficient details.

During the hearing, Mrs Komisarjevsky, who adopted the killer when he was 14 days old, also detailed Christian materials she used to home-school her son.

The materials focused heavily on the importance of scripture, moral purity, idolatry and, on a section on rebellion, referred to Satan’s downfall.”

This guy was trained by the United States military, where they teach you how to kill without thought and release you back into society without de-programming that information. He was sexually abused as a child, abandoned by his birth-mother, and probably had the Old Testament shoved down his throat as a kid. All of this is a cocktail of danger for society.

Why do I include The Old Testament you might ask? Because that book is loaded with violence and Satanic sacrifices, murder, rape, and theft.

“The dramatic revelations come 24 hours after she told the court that he had molested his sister before the age of 12. Yesterday, she said her son initially denied it but then admitted to the attack during a family meeting.

Mrs Komisarjevsky said her daughter was cutting herself after the abuse but ultimately forgave her brother.

The devout Christian spoke softly during testimony but rarely looked at her 31-year-old son sitting just a few feet away.”

“The murderer’s father has already given his testimony in which he spoke about the ‘miracle’ of adopting his son and pleaded for him to be spared the death penalty.

Benedict Komisarjevsky told the jury how the excitement of adoption turned to horror when he found out that his son had molested his sister and was conducting satanic rituals.

But the 64-year-old devout Christian told of his pride after his son pulled his life together for a stage and graduated from Army Reserve basic training.”

“Komisarjevsky blamed his accomplice for most of the grisly murders. He said Hayes broke into the Petit home early on July 23, 2007 after Komisarjevsky spotted Michaela Petit in a grocery store and made her his target.

Later that morning, Mrs Hawke-Petit drove to a bank, where she told a teller her family was being held hostage and she needed $15,000 to pay off the captors.

A bank manager called police but when authorities arrived at the Petit home, it was engulfed in flames. The police have been criticised as being slow to respond.

The only survivor, Dr William Petit, was badly beaten and bound but managed to escape as the house was set on fire.

In the burning house were his daughters, who died of smoke inhalation, and the body of his wife, who had been raped and strangled. The younger girl had been sexually assaulted.

Hayley Petit’s body was found at the top of the staircase. Her sister’s body was found still in her bed.”


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