Judge’s Daughter Pulled Back the Curtains On Upper-Class Child Abusers

Hillary posting the beating video to the world, shows the deniers how judges and other people in positions of power and respect, are capable of beating and brutalizing their children behind closed doors. Hillary opened many people’s eyes by posting the video. I don’t agree with how she got back at him, but something good sure came of it.

Here’s another person who saw a problem with how Hillary went about exposing her father:

By Dr. Susan Cornbluth, Examiner November 7, 2011

CNN — “New York reported 2 days ago that Texas Judge William Adams who was caught on camera beating his daughter will not face criminal charges.

Hillary Adams, 16 at the time, recorded the video of her father hitting her with a belt, but waited until she was 23-years-old to post it. A district attorney in the state says too much time has passed for any charges to be filed.

Hillary Adam’s told CNN’s Anderson Cooper she uploaded the graphic video as a way to reconcile with Judge William Adams. “I wanted to show my father, ‘Hey, I think you were in some denial about the way you are treating me and my mother.’ And maybe showing him this would make him see something he didn’t before,” Hillary Adams, now 23, told CNN.

In response to Ms. Adam’s post, Mr. Adam’s stated, “She’s mad because I’ve ordered her to bring the car back, in a nutshell, but yeah, that’s me. I lost my temper,” Adams told the station. “Her mother was there, she wasn’t hurt … it was a long time ago … I really don’t want to get into this right now because as you can see my life’s been made very difficult over this child.”

Judge Adam’s if you did not want to get into “it” perhaps you should not have replied to the reporter. It is also interesting to note that Judge Adam’s referred to his daughter as “this child” instead of “my child.”

Abuse is Abuse no matter when it takes place. The video that Hilary Adams uploaded to YouTube is another example of a child suffering terrifying abuse at the hands of his or her own parent’s hands.

In my professional opinion, the Adam’s family needs therapy: perhaps individually and together. What they do not need is to recreate more drama in the media. Dramatic impulsive behavior is often seen among abusive families when needs are not met. Family members often feel threatened when their needs are not answered and they tend to take matters into their own hands to gain such acknowledgment! It is sad that Hillary Adams had to go to such lengths to be heard by her father. 

Acknowledgment seems to be the key component to this case of abuse.”

~ Dr. Sue



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8 Responses to Judge’s Daughter Pulled Back the Curtains On Upper-Class Child Abusers

  1. little nel says:

    Alcohol “ism” is a family problem and my family is saturated with it. Although, I don’t abuse alcohol or drugs, the “isms” have affected my life.

  2. little nel says:

    “It is sad that Hillary Adams had to go to such lengths to be heard by her father”. Amen to that.

  3. Julie Jones says:

    I wonder what you think of Herman Cain. I still trust in him. i think that people throw things out to win elections. Also, I do not trust Gloria Allred.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Julie. I have not followed the case because it is adults accusing him of sexual harassment correct?

      I don’t like Gloria Allred in some cases, and love her in others. She does both good and not so good things. But I have never totally disliked or been angered by the way she has handled a case. Well, except when I approached her after the Michael Jackson case. I went to her offices in L.A. and asked that there be an investigation into the fact that the jurors could hear M.J. fans chanting “not guilty” outside the deliberation room window. I was a Calif. resident and had a right to complain because it was The People of the State of California against Michael Jackson. Allred was not in her office that day, but she wrote me a letter that basically said there was nothing anyone could do. I think that there had to have been a law that was violated but she was too busy to care.

      • little nel says:

        I grew up in Southern California and my close relatives worked in the entertainment/recording industry.

        Many people in the industry knew that Michael Jackson was being abused during his childhood and they spoke out against the “contracting agreements” and treatment of children in the entertainment industry.

        Many people knew that Michael Jackson would grow up to have severe emotional and mental problems, including substance abuse, because he was deprived of a childhood and forced into an adult working situation at a very young age.

        Celebrities can get away with murder and other crimes. We treat them like gods and pay them homage. They are never held accountable for their behavior by the “fans.”

        • Alethea says:

          Little Nel, I grew up in that entire culture and have/know many friends/people in the entertainment industry. I knew Debbie Rowe and she once asked me to go work for Dr. Arnold Klein with her, but I turned her down. THANK GOD I did.

          I believe M.J was severely sexually abused by his father as a child. I believe (and Latoya has said it, but she was silenced into a retraction) that his sisters were all sexually abused too. I believe M.J. was trying to drug himself into oblivion so he did not have to feel his pain. But I do believe that he was sexually molesting children. There was strong evidence that he was, but his stardom/family/fans protected him. I don’t care if someone’s childhood was stolen. Adults don’t need to sleep in the same bed with little boys every night in order to make up for a stolen childhood! My childhood was stolen too, and so was yours, but you and I don’t go around sleeping in bed with little girls every night.

          If we did, we would be arrested and convicted of child sexual abuse. But because it was Michael Jackson, he got away with it.

          • little nel says:

            I agree, Alethea. If you had gone to work for Dr. Klein, I dread to think about what you would have been exposed to.

            I agree about your opinion of MJ also. There is no excuse for his behavior.

            There is research that indicates that drugs and alcohol enable adults to ignore normal internal restraints that would prohibit them from sexually abusing children, as it numbs the ability to feel compassion for the victim.

            FYI, Debbie Rowe was a neighbor in West Palmdale in White Fence Farms. Small world.

            • Alethea says:

              Wow! It is a small world!

              Sure, studies show a direct link between substance and alcohol abuse, and child sexual abuse. My father had an alcohol problem. I can’t remember if he was an alcoholic because I don’t have much memory of childhood, but my sister says he was.

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