Judge Was An Abuser, So Was the Mother, and Hillary Was Wrong

I am posting this because I feel that the other side of things needs to be spoken.

Hillary and her mother appeared on the Dr. Phil show today to talk about the videotape showing Hillary’s father, Judge William Adams and his wife, beating their daughter.

I am not a big Dr. Phil fan, but I actually liked him today. He was fair and balanced in his interview. Not only did Dr. Phil, not allow Hillary’s mother to excuse herself with “I was brainwashed,” but he also pointed out that Hillary was not okay in her action to post the video on Youtube.

The interview revealed that Hillary did NOT show her father the tape beforehand, and she did NOT try to show him his abuse in a private manner. Hillary has publicly stated in other forums, that her father dared her to post the video, but Judge Adams told her, “Post it if it will make you feel better.” This is hardly a man daring his victim to expose him. It appears Hillary was adamant about publicly exposing her father and he was not going to be able to stop her.

Judge Adams declined to be on the show, but he did ask Dr. Phil to ask his daughter a few questions. One of the questions was if Hillary thought about the fact that she has a 10 year-old sister and how this would affect her. The Judge asked if Hillary thought about the fact that he would lose his job, income, and health insurance, and how that would affect the entire family. Hillary replied that she had not thought about her little sister or the family income and health insurance. I did not think about that either. I wrote in a previous article that I felt the Judge should be removed from the bench, but I was wrong. This Judge should have had his previous judgements on child abuse cases looked into, and maybe he should be removed from all future child abuse cases, but he should not lose his job.

As far as the mother goes….She remains in denial about her role and her abuse of her daughter. She says she saw a “witch” when she watched herself hitting her child with a leather strap, but that’s not the same as taking full responsibility.

Dr. Phil asked Hillary’s mother why she beat her child, and why she did nothing to stop her husband from doing it. Her excuses were:

“He was a judge and was I looking to him for guidance.” You need guidance from a child abuser to tell you that you should not beat a child with a leather strap?

“When I beat her, my anger was at him, not her.” Oh, okay.

“I wanted to show him that [the beating] is one time and that’s it.”

I wonder if he got that message before or after she took the strap from him and beat her child?

If you watch the video, Hillary’s mother uses just as much, or even more force, in the lashes as her husband did.

Hillary is in denial about her mother’s role. She said her mother “tried to diffuse the situation by going along with it.” That’s like saying, “my mother tried to lessen the rapes by going along with them.”

Then it came out that Hillary’s mother used to hit Hillary on her own, and shoved her against a wall. Hillary admitted that, on more than one occasion, Judge Adams actually stopped Hillary’s mother and protected Hillary.

Judge Williams has been called a monster, but if that is true, then Hillary’s mother is also a monster.

I personally find Hillary to be a disingenuous and vindictive person. Dr. Phil asked her at the end of the show if she thinks this ruined her father’s life. Hillary laughed, and said it probably did.

This is what happens when an adult survivor of child abuse does not seek help for their rage and resentment. They end up hurting a lot of people, and themselves, by taking rash action that can negatively affect many people.


The Judge has released a statement, via KRIS-​TV,

“My name is William A. Dudley. The statement which follows has been reviewed and approved for circulation by Judge William Adams.

The seven year old video presently circulating the internet and now made the basis of international media attention, showing two parents disciplining their 16 year old daughter, who had been caught, by her own televised and internet reported admissions, engaged in repeated criminal activity, was posted for reasons other than as professed by the publisher.

It is regrettable that Hillary Adams, a bright and gifted person, would include in her post that she is or was a disabled or a special needs child. As multiple media appearances clearly demonstrate, Hillary Adams is articulate, possesses a superior IQ, and is capable of functioning as a productive adult in today’s complex society. No one should take the affliction of cerebral palsy lightly. Hillary’s parents did not. Hillary’s condition was monitored as a child and her medical needs met. However, neither should a perfectly capable adult try to use an affliction as a device for media sympathy. It should now be apparent to the world that “disabled” was mislabeled.

In response to the internet post, the media has appropriately attempted to understand why Hillary Adams chose the present time to disseminate the video. To many, her answers to those questions have been confusing and hollow. As she has said by recent interview, she “hoarded” the secret tape for future use, but has not explained, even now, for what purpose. Very few people find palatable her claim that it was to “help” her father.

Perhaps Hillary Adams should explain, if she felt she was raised by a tyrannical father, a claim shared with no one until five years after adulthood, why she insisted on living with her father and not her mother from the time of her parent’s divorce, until she moved out on her own. Hillary Adams has been living on her own for some time, and has been an adult for almost six years, so why post the video in late 2011?

William Adams is of the opinion that Hillary Adams is an extremely bright, highly functional, adult. The media has described her as a piano prodigy, who has competed at Carnegie Hall on multiple occasions. As one of Hillary’s long term teachers noted in the press, Hillary, so close to accomplishment, has of recent “inexplicably dropped out, just two classes shy of completing her [college] studies.” The video in question was recorded well before Hillary graduated high school. If the public must know, just prior to the You Tube upload, a concerned father shared with his 23 year old daughter that he was unwilling to continue to work hard and be her primary source of financial support, if she was going to simply “drop out”, and strive to achieve no more in life than to work part time at a video game store. Hillary warned her father if he reduced her financial support, and took away her Mercedes automobile, which her father had provided, he would live to regret it. The post was then uploaded. The public may wonder if this is the tyranny of which Hillary Adams speaks as her reason to disseminate the video seven years after it was recorded, and five years into adulthood? Is this the reason she “hoarded” the video for seven years?

William Adams regrets the interruption and inconvenience his daughter’s post has caused to the Aransas County, Texas community. Judge Adams is confident that when the dust settles and international media attention has passed, and the work ahead, whether civil, criminal, or administrative has taken it’s full course and has been fully developed, with an opportunity for all sides to ask and answer relevant questions, it will be concluded that Hillary Adam’s actions in 2011 were misguided and misleading.

Judge Adams regrets, if true, that his daughter believes he is in need of healing from the family divorce. Divorce is certainly traumatic, and takes a significant toll on all, especially children. Judge Adams is of the opinion that Hillary’s gesture is little more than a much needed but hard to believe explanation of why she chose to post the video. If this entire event was a plea for help and healing, the methodology is certainly unorthodox. Judge Adams, who among other reasons, still has a minor daughter to consider, chooses to involve the media as little as possible whilst personal family matters are sorted through. The public may ponder what consideration Hillary Adams gave her little sister before subjecting the entire family to world-​wide microscopic scrutiny, and permanent consequences.”



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34 Responses to Judge Was An Abuser, So Was the Mother, and Hillary Was Wrong

  1. R Cassell says:

    This was way way over the top of dissaplenning a human being of any age. This man is clearly abusing this girl. The mother joined in becaz she had a cushy life style and was not giving that up. These women sicken me. She is just as bad as her husband. The mother had lots to gain, money wise and prestidge. Terrible situation for the girls.

  2. little nel says:

    Hallie Adams just got a restraining order against her ex-husband citing years of physical, emotional, and other abuses plus alcohol and drug abuse, so that “the judge” cannot see the 10 year old daughter without the mother present.

    This is getting more dramatic. “The judge” must have embarrassed his peers or made some serious errors in addition to the video evidence.

    Do you suppose that he stated in an earlier deposition that he never physically abused Hillary? I hope that he didn’t lie to another judge.

    This is so sad.

  3. little nel says:

    “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day”

    No, this is not original. I was told that it was an old saying.

  4. SurvivorSunshine says:


    Interesting perspective that Judge Adams is a sociopathic abuser and one I agree with wholeheartedly. He wasn’t too worried about his younger daughter hearing her sister’s screams that night (shers in the corner of the screen in the beginning of the video) but is worried how the media attention is affecting her now? Please! Classic blame-shifting from abuser to victim. Also, why did she have to sleep on the couch? Maybe because it was easier for him to go sexually abuse her there, wouldn’t be detected in her room for an extended period of time by the mother? I believe the mother participated because, in typical abusive home perversion, she was trying to maintain control and diffuse her husband. Not excusing her because a healthy mother would’ve protected her child and called the police if he didn’t stop. I personally could feel the mother’s anxiety but need to involve herself in the abuse, perhaps because she was projecting her own need to just accept it and take the abuse until it was over ? They are all sick but is that surprising in the home of a violent abuser? I was sick and deluded until very recently to all of the abuses I had suffered as the “scapegoat” of the family. Hillary is obviously the scapegoat and just now getting the courage after being discarded by her father’s care financially (which was probably used to manipulate her silence) that she spoke out. Funny how so many people are scapegoating her now, instead of seeing she grew up in a distorted environment her WHOLE life, so of course she’s not going to look exactly like what we perceive as victims based on our own circumstances. Some of us are strong enough to leave immediately and never look back, some of us enable the abuser forever never standing up to him/her and others are in between- finding our way when we are ready to heal.

    • Alethea says:

      Sunshine, why why why do you excuse the wife as being an unhealthy mother, as being full of anxiety, and her need to just “accept it and take the abuse until it was over?”…..but you don’t give the man the same courtesy? Why don’t people also understand that the judge was most likely just repeating what happened to him as a child? Is participation in child abuse, any better than being the lead abuser? NO! Especially not if you are the mother. The judge has mental health problems, the mother has mental health problems, and so does Hillary. None of them are mentally healthy. This does not give ANY OF THEM permission to go around abusing each other.

      “Funny how so many people are scapegoating her now, instead of seeing she grew up in a distorted environment her WHOLE life,..”

      And the father most likely grew up in a dysfunctional distorted, abusive family his entire childhood.

      • SurvivorSunshine says:


        I agree with you that it’s a sick, twisted cycle that repeats itself. The father probably was abused, maybe even more violently than he was abusing his daughter. So I’m NOT excusing the mother but not him. I said- “They are all sick but is that surprising in the home of a violent abuser?” Please make no mistake that I’m not excusing that mother in any way! I was only expressing my opinion and insight into the dynamics of the family in the video after viewing it. Now, with more info coming out, I’m going to say the mother is probably a Narcissist going up against a Psychopathic father so Hillary and her sister are going to be the TRUE victims when all is said and done. And that’s the story of my life, so this story triggers me.

    • Alethea says:

      Sunshine, I forgot to say that I thought the exact same thing about the couch, I just didn’t say it because I don’t want to accuse the Judge of that which there is NO proof and no accusation. But if you listen to the mother when she beats Hillary, she says, “take it like a grown woman!” Freudian slip???

      • little nel says:

        Sunshine and Alethea, you two have hit on something that probably needs to be examined closer.

        The couch and the mother’s statements that seem so out of place, in that beating video, to me.

        I hope that Hillary was not sexually abused, and can’t bring herself to admit it, so she did the next best thing, in her denial, by posting the video.

        • Alethea says:

          Little Nel,

          I saw Hillary on Dr. Phil calling her father “a gorgeous man.” That’s all I will say. Read into it what you like.

  5. littlepitcher says:

    Why does the excessive-force rule exclude judges, when police are held to that rule? Why are women and children less protected than enemy soldiers, who are subject to Geneva Convention rules?
    My sis and I lived that and worse. Disingenuous? Practice at behavioral strategies to evade violence will get you that way. So she used him financially: think of it as financial damages, paid under the table. The fact that little Allison has no problem makes it obvious that partially-disabled Hillary was dealing with two bullies, and bullies always look for weakness. Audit the man, subject the substance and child abuser to the same rules of law governing officers of the law and of the courts, impeach, convict, and disbar him.

  6. This no longer has anything to do with an abuse victim. I have come to the conclusion that Hillary Adams is a manipulative spoiled brat, who will end up destroying herself.

    I have blogged my opinions on my blog and have another post to add.

    • SurvivorSunshine says:

      Per this insightful commentators reply on yahoo, you can’t argue with the FACTS regardless of why she posted the video, so yeah it all definitely has to do with ABUSE.

      “You are absolutely right, everyone should have an opinion on important matters like this, and we can talk about motives and such and have a good exchange of views — on things that actually ARE a matter of “opinion.” But nobody is entitled to his/her own FACTS. So I’m wondering if you saw the full 7 minute, 35 second version of the video. That Adams hauled back as far as he could to give maximum force to his blows is there for all to see: it’s NOT a matter of opinion. That he shouted “Lay down or i’mma spank you in your f**kin’ FACE!” is a fact, not a matter of opinion. That even AFTER beating her with many hard strokes, he came BACK and seethed “I ain’t got my LICKS in on ‘er yet!!” and continued the extremely HARD lashing, is a fact, not a matter of opinion. That he shouted his intention to BEAT HER INTO SUBMISSION (his words) is a fact, not a matter of opinion. That he grabbed her by the hair and shouted into her ear “ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??? HUH???” and that “you don’t deserve to live in this f**kin’ house!” while she was a quivering, weeping wreck is a fact, not a matter of opinion. It’s all there for you to see. So whatever her motive was for posting the video, and whatever she might have done to warrant punishment, how does it mitigate or negate these FACTS?”

      • Alethea says:

        “So whatever her motive was for posting the video, and whatever she might have done to warrant punishment, how does it mitigate or negate these FACTS?”

        It doesn’t Sunshine. But the beating does not negate the fact that Hillary seems to have grown into a passive-aggressive, vindictive, calculating, selfish person with not so good intentions. The old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is not just an old saying. I am not saying this because I think she is “going to hell.” I say it to make a point.

    • little nel says:

      Yes, Duchess, Hillary may be a manipulative spoiled brat, but she has video evidence that shows that she was a victim of child abuse.

      She chose to share her video with anyone who wants to look at it and examine it.

      There is no guarantee that Hillary will “end up destroying herself.” If she does, you can bet that the contents of that video will give her license to blame her parents.

  7. little nel says:

    This is truly a family in crisis. I see Hillary’s actions as a way to force a solution since her actions were so extreme. Desperation is what I see base balling between father, mother, and children.

    A broken home is the result of faulty attitudes and hurtful behavior. The drama continues in the media and public humiliation is the method of choice.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You are all wrong! Dr. Phil should have never of put the abused victim of child abuse on the defense. All he did is make try to make her feel guilty for exposing a horrific crim. Amerians need to stop hitting their children.

    • Alethea says:

      Yes, God forbid anyone should speak the truth to one another! Did you even see the show? He handled it tactfully, and he spent most of the time talking about how badly her father abused her and how wrong that was.

      Hillary is an adult and she made an adult decision. Abuse survivors need to hear the truth as much as anyone else.

      • little nel says:

        Go, Alethea!

        “Abuse survivors need to hear the truth as much as anyone else”

        A true statement that enhances the victim’s chances of healing and finding peace.

        The judge created this family dilemma when he lost his temper and exceeded the boundries of normal discipline. Hillary is just reacting to the extremes that she was exposed to. Hillary is in danger of using the abuse, when needed, as an excuse for future misconduct or failure.

        “As the head goes, so goes the house”.

        • little nel says:

          I agree that the judge should not lose his job.

          He became abusive when he lost his temper with Hillary. People do things in anger that they normally would not do when they are not angry.

          With all the considerations that the judge is concerned with, such as, insurance, financial support, and the well being of the young sister, this mother and father seem to be “divorced to each other” versus divorced from each other.

          The judge has a better chance at changing his attitude and actions than Hillary or her mother who have been examined by Dr. Phil and his viewing audience.

          • Alethea says:

            “…this mother and father seem to be “divorced to each other” versus divorced from each other.”

            Good observation Little Nel. I think this is more about the mother and father’s divorce proceedings, and the mother wanting to get back at the judge, than with Hillary wanting to “help” her father.

        • SurvivorSunshine says:

          I think he’s hoodwinking a lot of people. Don’t agree he merely “lost his temper” but we clearly witnessed him in a Narcissistic Rage. He grabbed her face while expressing profanities, he beat her repeatedly even after she was crying hysterically. He left the room and came back. I’m a mother of two who has lost her temper but it broke my heart to hear her sobs. The mother fed into the situation, instead of stopping it, and I think she was projecting her own anxieties and deflecting her abuse at his hand onto her daughter. Hillary never once talked back or fought back (like I would have). She kept repeating ,”yes, sir” over and over until he finally left the room. It was disgusting and most certainly, NOT just discipline. She kept that video because it was proof of the monster she knew he could be. Don’t we all wish we had a video to PROVE our abuse, especially against sociopaths who charm their way out of any situation?

          As for Dr. Phil, he has been proven to have sociopathic tendencies and I don’t take for truth anything he says. He’s so slimy and disingenuous. Surprised they even went on there, but they may be after a paycheck. So sad.

          • litle nel says:

            Hi Sunshine,

            Hillary said that she was “stressed and angry” when she released the video.

            The judge looked stressed and angry on the video. The mother looked stressed and angry on the video.

            Being “stressed and angry” is a destructive cocktail for a family. While Hillary’s reaction was extreme by reasonable standards, I cannot hold her as responsible as I can the head of the house.

            He’s the very powerful judge who could easily hold the CPS at bay if Hillary had told a mandatory reporter and let them view the video.

            I think that Hillary has a fantasy that somehow, some way, her family will magically get healed and everything will get resolved, if she exposes the problems publicly and then sees what the feedback brings.

            I don’t think that she considered the enormous consequences or what was best for everyone concerned. She just reacted in the same manner as her father and mother.

          • Alethea says:


            “The mother fed into the situation, instead of stopping it, and I think she was projecting her own anxieties and deflecting her abuse at his hand onto her daughter.”

            and the father was projecting his fear and whatever he endured as a child, onto his daughter. Why is a woman’s anxiety and being abused, any more excusable, than a man’s fear/anxiety and his once abusive childhood?

            And, I am not so sure that Hillary did not scream and wail more because she knew the tape was rolling. It is possible that she did. The only reason I say this is because her persona has been shown as a calculating, vindictive person.

            “As for Dr. Phil, he has been proven to have sociopathic tendencies and I don’t take for truth anything he says. He’s so slimy and disingenuous.”

            Like all human beings, Dr. Phil is capable of speaking truth sometimes. We all have good and bad inside us. Even Charles Manson has made some public statements that are the truth.

            • little nel says:

              You really hit the mark with your reply, Alethea. Dr. Phil and Charles Manson have made some truthful statements, great observation.

              Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

            • SurvivorSunshine says:

              Hillary may have some N fleas, and is acting out her own rage with this expose’ on her father. Any victim of a disordered parent is most definitely going to have to fight the subconscious modeling of the sick behaviors they witnessed in their childhood. That’s why it is so important to take responsibility for your own actions, stay in therapy to work out years of conditioning and have absolutely NO CONTACT with the disordered parent. That’s nearly impossible for most of us unless the parent is dead or in jail, so we learn to adapt and function in the unhealthy, destructive environment. I think that’s what we’re seeing in this family.

              As for any S or P, I will NEVER believe anything they say because their intent is never for truth (even if it is) but to use it to DECEIVE us eventually. Been there, done that. Proceed with caution.

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe it was because the perpetrator of the crime was a ‘pillar of society’ so-called. A judge who judges others’ actions. Hillary did the right thing, and she has nothing to feel guilty about. Those who side with the judge, need to take another look at the video. That wasn’t a spanking, but a vicious beating. I won’t be watching Dr. Phil again. If that had been an ordinary person who was caught on video, you would have seen a different show.

      • Alethea says:


        I hope you realize that any criticism of Hillary is not synonymous with “siding with the judge.” He, and his wife, beat his teenage daughter and that was a crime. But that does not give Hillary the right to do anything she wants, just because it feels good to her.

        • little nel says:

          I have a feeling that Hillary’s decision to expose her father to public humiliation is going to come back and bite her in the a** later when she realizes that she acted out of thoughtlessness and anger.

          • SurvivorSunshine says:

            I don’t think that’s why she should be worried. It’s her P father that I would watch out for because they hate being unmasked to the world. Trust me, he is probably plotting his revenge against her because they don’t ever want to lose. Which makes it more frustrating to see people falling for all of this blame-shifting he is perpetuating. I hope she protects herself going forward. Associating so closely with her mother is not going to help, either. I feel so sorry for those daughters.

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